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Projects The Anti-nowhere coupe. Banger to Av8 build

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by carbed87, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Next I put my front spring together then test fit my spindles. My buddy Bryan at Deluxe Speed shop did an awesome job getting my kingpins all set up.

    After that I started looking at all my
    Steering components and realized something. Since I had done all my mockup with a stock axle, I never bothered to drop my steering arms for my drag link or tie rod.

    So I pulled my kingpins apart and removed the felt and bearing then proceeded to get my steering arm in the right spot.

    After that I fooled around with the spindles so my tie rod would clear my wishbones (not pics of that sorry).

    One thing worth mentioning is when I was heating up the arms on my spindles, the spindles fit a little tight after they cooled down. To get rid of any binding I but everything together with a little metal polish (of all things) and worked it in until everything was smooth again. The polish did a great job against the brass kingpin bushings (or whatever they are made of).

    Hopefully I'll have some more to update tomorrow, I am still shooting to have it a roller by this weekend.
  2. Mr48chev
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    Well you have me hooked, Since I am putting a similar engine in my 31 Vic backed by a T 5 and ??? rear axle I am going to be following along.
    On the engine install, is it set up so the radiator will be in the stock spot for a Model A radiator? That has been a point of pondering for me. I don't mind modifying the firewall but don't want to push the radiator forward like you see in some rigs.
    That Maroon on your coupe is growing on me too, The Door I bought for my Vic is the same color. Damn near paid as much for that door as I did for the body and frame though.
  3. When I measured everything it looked as though my radiator would be VERY close but it was going to work. If I need to scoot it, it won't be by much. I will be running a 32 grill though so my situation may be a little different.
    It also depends on the flatty you are running. A 59ab will fit a little better from what I heard.
  4. Got some more done today. Look at that zero turn radius:
    Here's the rear end

    And it's a roller, wheels are just my old 19's, I'll be throwing my staggered setup on it later.

    I have to tie up some loose ends...also order a tie rod from speedway since the one I have had been messed with way too much (tie rods welded and stuff). After that I will be dialing my brakes in, I also need to make some spacers for my rear spring clamp since I removed a few leafs.

    After that I will be cleaning up the motor, throwing it in and getting the castor dialed in. From there the motor will come back out and I will fab up my wishbone mount. Then suspension is done!
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
  5. So i figured I had pushed this back was time to really give this motor a good cleaning.
    The wife needs to park in here at night so here's what the whole operation looks like when it's packed up.

    Like i said, I got this motor as a runner out of an F6 farm truck. I pulled the intake on it and was pretty stoked on the condition. Not nearly as much sludge as I thought there would be:

    So it was time to clean it up with a wire wheel, then go behind it with my steam machine and some all purpose cleaner.




    I still have to get under it. I think my plan with that is to get it on my cherry picker for better access. I'm thinking I'll be painting it the same green as the stock banger. Guess we will see.

    I received all my bushings and seals for my steering and pedals, but I'd like to get the motor to a point where I don't have to touch it again. For that reason I think that progress may slow a bit (or I just won't be checking stuff off my list as quickly).
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates, even though it's hard to tell if anyone is even following. Nevertheless, the motor ended up looking just how i had hoped it would with the green paint. A little bonus was upon dropping the oil pan, it looks like the bottom side of the motor is in just as go of shape as the top side.

    I think the only mistake i made here was that i installed the crank pulley after putting the pan back on. This was met with a little bit of resistance from the new rope seal. Hope i didn't pop it out of it's little groove (hard to believe since it sits in there pretty deep). I guess i will find out pretty quick when i start it up.


    oil pan all ready to go

    And done deal. Very happy with the way it turned out:


  7. Binger
    Joined: Apr 28, 2008
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    from wyoming

    Great looking build. I remember your car from the Hillclimb. I barely got my car together to make it there also. LOL I am partial to bangers too but I picked up a mercury motor and may be doing the same thing you are. Subscribed to this one!
  8. Thanks man! If you remember my coupe from anything it was probably the time I went to leave the starting line but stalled it and then my battery was dead. Glad my car stayed together that weekend.

    I plan on using my banger chassis for a cheap t Rpu build or something
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  9. trey32
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    I'm watching, and this is fuckin sick
    Keep pushin...
  10. 1951Biff
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    Great work man! Very fun to follow through the process! I must say though... your welds are amazing. What welder are you using? How long have you been welding? The devil is in the details. I truely believe things like welds, build progress and your shop layout are simply inspiring and get me out working to perfect. Thanks for taking us on ur journey!
  11. waxhead
    Joined: May 11, 2013
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    from West Oz

    I'm still following.
  12. Since i was still waiting on some parts that would allow me to drop the motor in, i decided to get my column knocked out. While these F1 columns come apart easy and only have a few things that need replaced, i struggled a bit getting the sector shaft bushing reamed out enough for the shaft to fit through. My advise is inspect the bushing upon dis-assembly because i really don't think mine needed to be replaced.

    Ordered some spares in case i fucked something up...which i did
    Simple as can be: IMG_4176.JPG
    Bushing is in.
    And put back together

    I will take some pics of the whole thing painted. any extremities that you see (brakes, suspension, starter...) have been painted with that duplicolor acrylic enamel. The stuff is just awesome (like i said before).

    Turns out the parts i ordered last week haven't shipped yet, so this weekend i will probably be messing with the pedals and getting my suspension dialed in (i have to switch out the nuts on my front shackles for some castle style nuts, plus make some spacers for my rear spring).
  13. Thank you so much man! Been working on it pretty steady now. I think the build thread kind of adds some accountability.

    My welds? wow thank you dude, been welding since highschool so like 13yrs. I have a Miller passport that i have put miles of wire through. The thing just wont give up. The only downside to this machine in particular is that since it is meant to be more of a "portable" welder it has a really compact design and thus a very low duty cycle. I think it can weld as thick as 3/8 though.

    Kind of funny to hear my garage setup has actually been noticed. It's about 21.5X20, but to cut down on clutter i keep anything im not using at the time in my shed. Things like my bead roller, metal brake, planishing hammer, and various parts to the car get locked away until i need them.

    One thing i will say though is that spending time at the end of every day to put you tools away and sweep up keep the garage a nice place to be.

    Thank you man! love your pickup! like i said im hoping to make a little pickup project after i switch chassis. Just a low-buck gow job type of thing
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  14. Have you sourced pedal bushings for your F-1 pedals yet? Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough but I can't find anybody who sell them.
  15. Ya I think I got mine from sams vintage ford
  16. Correction, looks like i got it from Mac's
  17. 1lucky1
    Joined: Apr 19, 2009
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    from Morgan NJ

    Great work,Will be following , How much is the car chopped,Nice Old NJ drill press,Keep up the great work,Lucky
  18. Brian Lundgren
    Joined: Jul 16, 2016
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    Brian Lundgren

    Really enjoying this build thread as i collect parts for my own av8

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  19. Thanks guys. Car has about 5" out of it.
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    How many leaves in your rear spring? Do you have spring in the rear or is it stiff ?
  21. Man. So many threads like this start out with similar titles, but few end up with such fantastic results. I love it. Great posts, awesome timeline. Stellar ride. Thanks so much for sharing. This coupe is frekn' badass.

    I'd of opened it sooner if it was titled "Smashed My Nutsack Building This AV8". :) .... just sayin'.
  22. Haha thanks bro. Smashed the shit out of my thumb last weekend...sack has been safe so far
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  23. I pulled like 3 or so. I'm actually a little worried about the stiffness. I may need to back out my shackles a bit because they may be binding. Did the same thing on the banger chassis (removed some leafs and greased+painted for ease of movement) and it is way softer.
  24. So this weekend I decided to knock out my pedals. With the way my steering box went, I was under the impression this would be a struggle. Turns out it wasn't (not that I'm complaining)


    Not sure why, but the pedal pads were a completely different thread pitch than the pedal assembly. Worst case I guess I can drill out and put a nut on the other side.

  25. Another thing I did was fill and re-drill the clevis for my clutch
    And of those "awe shit" moments when the hole wasn't perfect, still good though.
  26. Didn't get too far on my wishbone mount, but this will give you an idea of what will be happening.



    The idea with this is that the winglets will be bent up in order to enhance strength.
    Hopefully by next week I will have this part all figured out.
  27. Pete
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    Great build and nice step by step photos.
  28. revkev6
    Joined: Jun 13, 2006
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    from ma

    looking good, the pedal pads are pipe thread! they are supposed to thread in and lock into the arm. I made the same mistake my first time :oops:
  29. Great thread. I'm enjoying watching this one come together. Keep up the good work!

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