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Art & Inspiration The Aloha Photo Contest!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ryan, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. Johnny99
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    Yes I'm jealous. Makes it hard to cope!
  2. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    guess that the old timers in Hawaii have not seen this thread - there are some seriously Cool rides over there that need pics shared here -
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  3. hotrodjack33
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    I dunno...I'd probably go in this direction...but I'm a dirty ol' man...:D zhaw1.jpg zhaw2.jpg
  4. SilverJimmy
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    My parents lived in Kapaa from 2000-2014 and my wife and I went over every winter for years helping them with their place. Many years we only saw the beach twice, landing and taking off at Lihue Airport! But my favorite place on that entire island is so cool I tried to go there every time I could. At Port Allen is Glass Beach, real cool how Mother Nature cleans up our trash. If you’ve been there you know. But farther south is the real gear head vintage gold, or at least Iron Pyrites! These pictures are from around 2010….
    A38F8E7F-C605-44C7-92EA-44C65265E66F.jpeg Nice Jimmy 6, look out Flat Heads!
    Speaking of Flatties, she’s a builder!
    And then there’s the King, yup, this beach has a Hemi!
    There is so much automotive iron everywhere and the sea is slowly turning it back into nothing. I was told the sugar cane plantation just dumped everything into the ocean back in the day. I even saw a 348-409 and a dual quad Hemi motor getting the treatment. If you haven’t been, go, and definitely bring a camera!
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  5. Ryan
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    Staff Member

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  6. Rolleiflex
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    Sweet that's awesome!
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  7. Not sure of DPI but cool Aloha photos.
    1957 Madera, CA, Aloha Dairy 2.jpg

    1957 Madera, CA, Aloha Dairy.jpg

    0 Aloha U Faka shirt.jpg
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  8. Taken in 2007, Kihei Maui

    Hawaii 1.jpg
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  9. Austinrod
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    from Austin

    4D273CEE-5FC8-449B-863D-2E5DEFAB00C3.jpeg 0CA8C968-448C-4F3E-85BD-F36E9CE33417.jpeg D2219579-F881-48A3-BD88-71640C40D26D.jpeg F86055E4-27D9-480A-8E7C-27F8A717E5E1.jpeg 401BBFE6-31A8-4CA9-90F9-3D831BC0FD82.jpeg D8DDED4F-5D37-4594-AF0E-6C41E846ED5D.jpeg 62B81A15-0301-4C57-943F-AA0B5CED4E2F.jpeg D4A88D01-4B10-49E4-BC11-2D995773C889.jpeg 6C684FC1-E6A1-4A31-B836-254B46344805.jpeg 46103650-8C91-454B-B9C4-ACDC22F9A472.jpeg EE063D2E-E2F0-4B0D-A45A-FAE292CBF238.jpeg 66AFAD92-5F12-4669-889E-1A3FF86AED38.jpeg 979D42E7-4BE6-4099-B158-91639D619BFA.jpeg
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  10. How about honoring Hawaii's racing history? Roland Leong's Hawaiian

    upload_2021-6-26_14-0-50.png upload_2021-6-26_14-2-41.png
  11. 296ardun
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    hawaii drag racing.png

    lee henry hawaii.jpg

    Henry Lee set the Hawaii speed record at 160 in his Chrysler powered dragster, but tragically went off the end of the strip at Kahuku Air Strip, Oahu, Hawaii, and hit an ironwood tree, November 1958. He died at Hickam AFB hospital. He served as a base firefighter there.
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  12. badshifter
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  13. Paul
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    HOT ROD Oct '59

    PXL_20210707_222810987.jpg PXL_20210707_222819111.jpg PXL_20210707_222830687~2.jpg
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  14. 340HilbornDuster
    Joined: Nov 14, 2011
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    My 30 Sedan Down at the Aloha Tower Pier...
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