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Hot Rods The 40 is leaning?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by vintageauto, May 17, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    Over the winter, I put a Waldron's dual exhaust system on my 40 Sedan. To do the job, I took it to a friend's garage with a lift to make the job easier. After a couple of hours the job was done it sounds great.

    But, I had 2 problems. The car didn't have tailpipes prior to the install. The previous owner had mounted an electric fuel pump near the gastank. After the new tailpipes were installed, I noticed that the pump was right over the left side tailpipe where it went over the rear....No big deal..just move the pump.

    So I get it home, and the next day I jacked it up, placed jack stands under the frame in front of the rear wheels. That way the rear hangs down and gives me easy access to move the pump over more to the center of the car. The job didn't take long overall, but it was winter and cold, so I didn't complete the task all at once, so the car stayed on the stands for nearly a month.

    Yesterday I finished the work, took the car off the stands...and now the 2nd problem...The car is leaning to the right side, I figure about an inch and a half more or less. It didn't lean before the work (see rear wheel photos of each side) I took it for a quick ride but its still leaning to one side and I can't figure out why this happened.

    I'm going to look at the spring shackles tomorrow and take it to a show Saturday...a 60 mile round trip..with the thought that it will settle back down. In the meantime, If any of you have any ideas of what my have caused the leaning...please pass on you thoughts...Thanks


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  2. Maybe it reverted back to the days it was a stock car????
    Check your rear spring shackles, one may have "flipped"
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  3. Check those shackles for sure. Even if the one didn't flip it could just be "frozen" and in need of some coaxing and lubrication. Can't remember if those stock shackles have zerk fittings or not. If not, hit 'em with some silicone spray or other appropriate lube, helps minimize strange noises as well. Worse case scenario, and I hope this isn't the case, check those rear frame kick-ups for any rust or rust repair that may have allowed the frame itself to sag. Good luck, see you Saturday.
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  4. Thanks Don...The frame is good...checked that when I got the car......See you this weekend!
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  5. Shackles and shock mounts are uniform on both sides/ends. I have it outside on the grass and it looks normal. I'll let it sit there today and will hit the shackles with some lube. I really think it will settle back down after the 60 mile ride Saturday to the Jalopy Showdown.
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  6. LBCD
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    It should settle after the drive...your 40 looks great by the way!
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  7. I checked the shocks again...and it appears that the right front is/was a little tight...Pete and Jakes fronts. I sprayed some Gibbs lube and moved was definitely a little tight...its moving now...we'll see. Thanks for the input and the compliment lbcd.
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  8. Looks like the having the same problem....
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