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Art & Inspiration The 1960s Art of Big Daddy Ed Roth

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, May 7, 2019.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Jive-Bomber submitted a new blog post:

    The 1960s Art of Big Daddy Ed Roth


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  2. One of my favorites......
    Ed Roth.jpg
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  3. Kevin Lee
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    Kevin Lee
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    And it shouldn't be overlooked that he was also a curator/creative director. Plenty of that work may not even be from his hand. Ed Newton, Robert Williams and others did a LOT of "Roth" artwork.
  4. Thanks, I can't say that Ed Roth, was the only reason that I became a HOT ROD NUT. But at least he's was a big part of it. As a kid, I drew sketches like his in school for my friends. I guess I liked the irreverence of his art work. Ed, was one of the first persons that I heard use the term, { If you have to ask, you would't understand anyway! } Witch really does explain most of his Rods and, art work. I got to meet Ed only once. It was one of my best days ever! Reality is okay, buy a great imagination is just a lot more FUN. Here's one I did while in high school {1969 } of Ed's { Rebel Chevy } Ron... 1734.jpg

  5. typo41
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    I had the opportunity to work on some of 'original' Roth art, doing stickers for Reno Roth, his son. Where the copy right logo was it was possible to lift it and see the signature of the real 'artist'.
    I was told that many young artist would sent art to Ed and he would then become the 'owner' of said art and the young artist would be over joyed to have his work used even if their name might not be visable.
    Von Franco was another of the artists that did work for Ed, they were friends, and the style for the slicks that was used in many of Roth art was set by Franco.
    And not to trash Ed, he was just like the famous Civil War Photographer Mathew Brady many of "his' photos were done by his assistants.
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  6. Murphy32
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    from Minnesota

    Ed was the Salvador Dali of the Modified car world - he was a force of nature.

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  7. 32Stoker
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    from CA, WA

    Roth is a national treasure and AS important as any of the other big name 20th Century ‘Pop’ artists...Warhol, Hockney, Haring, Lichtenstein, Blake, etc. Their work wasn’t particularly sophisticated either, just completely new/original/unique...and marketable.

    My guess is Roth will likely never be recognized like his contemporaries because he didn’t run in snobby New York art circles. If the MOMA or Smithsonian haven’t already featured him in their permanent colllection, they should!
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  8. Stooge
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    I never had the chance to meet Ed Roth, but he's always been someone I've really held in high regard with his car creations, his art and just being a cool guy, and someone that weirdo kids can relate to, and I absolutely agree he deserves to be recognized along with other pop artists, outside for the rat fink character a lot of people "know" of. I may not draw and paint in his style, but I probably do draw and paint the way I do because of him. I've also been slowly been building up a little modest collection of art, waterslides and old toys the last few years

    the latest addition to my toy collection

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  9. Murphy32
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    from Minnesota


    Tom Wolfe, in an essay in Esquire in 1963, was one of the first to elevate what insiders call ''Kar Kulture'' to this higher level. He called Mr. Roth ''a surrealist in his designs, a showman by temperament, a prankster.''
    ''He not only developed the iconography for the subculture of hot rods, but also contributed to the attitude and the whole outlook of many young artists,'' Ms. Donnelly said, mentioning the underground comic illustrator Robert Williams, among others.

    Mr. Roth, a huge man with wild clothes and sunglasses who spoke in beatnik jive, looked very much like someone who would give life to bizarre visions.

    ''The kids idolize me because I look like someone their parents wouldn't like,'' he said in 1964.

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  10. Stooge
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    Cant forget the impact he had on The Beave

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  11. Flathead Dave
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    Flathead Dave
    from So. Cal.

    "Mr. Roth, a huge man with wild clothes and sunglasses who spoke in beatnik jive, looked very much like someone who would give life to bizarre visions."

    "Beatnik Jive"...Cool man, Cool...(bongos playing in the back ground with fingers snapping)

    A very cool way to explain the culture of then.
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  12. Stogy
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    It's interesting this man so entrenched in the Big Picture we celebrate here. Popular but at the same time not so.

    As a Artist of sorts myself I think he was very accomplished in a very multi faceted way...from paper to Mechanical Sculpture to business.

    He was also a businessman and seems to have utilized others to climb his mountain much like many non Artistic places of employment...I think of another Artist when I read this about him...Mark Kostabi...employs others to execute his ideas.

    I find joy in seeing his wild influence still being applied to Hotrod and Art in the Period we celebrate here. I dislike seeing those who try to discredit his influence...

    He was not perfect but most every one of us are neither..

    May your spirited Art and influences live on Big Daddy...You were Cool Beyond Cool.

    Thanks for showcasing this Giant in Hotrod @Jive-Bomber
  13. 54BOMB
    Joined: Oct 23, 2004
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    He’s a huge inspiration on how I view hot rod history.
  14. An older cousin of mine showed up one day, mid 60's wearing one of Ed's air brushed T-shirts and I was scarred for life. I wanted one of those shirts so bad. Couldn't convince my parents to buy me one so I figured I would learn how to make my own. I did using markers, which were crude back then. I was a nerdy kid growing up, comic books, Hot Rod mags, model cars and drawing Monster Rods and making Weirdo t-shirts. I made a lot of friends doing artwork and t-shirts for them. Got paid in candy bars and cokes. I even got in trouble when one mom got irate over the scantily clad large breasted girl I put on her sons shirt and came to the house to complain to my parents. My Dad confiscated the shirt. Mom liked that I was artistic but didn't understand where I was coming from or where I was headed for that matter. "Why cant you do something beautiful or cute instead of all these hideous creatures and monsters?", she would say. Surprising, that year for my birthday I got a Badger air brush set up and it was on! By then I had been honing my skills off the likes of Roth, Mouse, Newton, Trosley etc.. I had a lot of fun that year and got pretty good with the air brush. Then it all came crashing down.

    I discovered girls !

    So, yeah I'm definitely a disciple and true believer of the Big Daddy. Owe him a lot. Love him beyond words.

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  15. Moriarity
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    Kind of an understatement to say he has been an inspiration to me....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Colin HD
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    Colin HD

    image.jpeg Same here!
    Just loved his free form way of sculpting cars.
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