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History The 1932 Ford turns 90 years old in 2022

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. My roadster from New Zealand - 57 Corvette 283, with Hurst shifted 4-speed, Winters QC on Model A spring, 5" I-beam on hairpins with Buick brakes all round...

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  2. Lil32
    Joined: Apr 4, 2012
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    Nice one Greg
    Wish we could leave our fenders off in Aussie
  3. Thanks - it is getting a bit tougher here with various things!
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  4. Blake 27
    Joined: Apr 10, 2016
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    Blake 27

    My brothers Deuce when it was only 50 years old. 32 ford and Angela 035-2 (2).jpg 32 ford and Angela 038-2.jpg
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  5. I remember when Zenith wires were all the rage! HRP
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  6. nor6304
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    from Indiana

    Mine at Detroit this year Had a really good time IMG_7939.JPG
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  7. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

  8. dlw1932
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    from Nebraska

    Mine with 35 wires and steelies with 46 Merc caps.
    IMG_0880.JPG IMG_8078.JPG
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  9. Lil32
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  10. Cooon
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    90th day of the 90th year in NZ here today so a few of the locals got out

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  11. guy1unico
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  12. guy1unico
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  13. grumpy32
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    from Australia

    Here's our 90 year old....

    1495 FUEL ROADSTER.jpg

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  14. Donut Dave
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    Donut Dave

  15. 32partsguy
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    from DFW,Texas!

    Mine currently. Did without for over 25 years. 7 years to build. I think I'll hang on to this one.

    AT CHUY'S 2.jpg AT CHUY'S .jpg
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  16. rod1
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  17. jackandeuces
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    thumbnail-169.jpeg As my friend Hamtown Al Said never thought there would br a 32 in my driveway....But I kept trying...
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  18. jackandeuces
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    1932 cabrilot.jpg thumbnail-95.jpeg Ill try again...
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  19. jackandeuces
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  20. Kiwi 4d
    Joined: Sep 16, 2006
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    Kiwi 4d

    As @COON posted above , on the 90th day of the 90th year out side a hotel built in 1932 a few 32s gathered in napier NZ. 588259C0-9C9D-470D-9D28-2CECCE113E43.jpeg
    027D235A-B2EA-4BAD-BB58-92822D66CC2E.jpeg 579F618A-9E07-4ADA-B265-7688896695D1.jpeg 4CF8C4CD-97C2-4357-AFFA-A12EDE5C6E11.jpeg C1B160F6-B4BE-4160-A169-E28B1B4A83EB.jpeg A387FD0E-2186-474E-BE31-E8A67329136D.jpeg 83297963-19AD-4759-9C12-89342F73AB43.jpeg B729971F-BD61-41FC-B3D5-0D3E14DA48CC.jpeg DA82B218-C5A9-42E2-8D88-752A61FA63D4.jpeg 5D265E31-D25F-4ACF-BCE9-4B6E2420F3D9.jpeg 512DB1BE-9F6A-4DA8-BBE7-E44E5835E02F.jpeg 588259C0-9C9D-470D-9D28-2CECCE113E43.jpeg
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  21. jnaki
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    We have been following the Vulcan’s Car Club 32 Vicky sedan since the early days at Lion’s Dragstrip.
    upload_2022-4-13_4-21-55.png old Friday Art
    When we first went to Lions, that car was one of the nicest ones racing on those days. Of course, it was sponsored by our favorite, neighborhood speed shop owner, Joe Mailliard. This speed shop had its hands in a lot of race cars that we saw at Lions. It was good business competition between Reath Automotive, Mickey Thompson, and Joe Mailliard.

    From the early stages of a cool looking stance on the 32 Vicky, it progressed from fast to faster with specific upgrades, maintaining the wonderful Purple color during the progression.

    Back in early 2012, Hot Rod Mag did an article on a different version of the 32 Vicky. Changed from the original, but still the overall look was still evident.

    upload_2022-4-13_4-33-25.png to newish upload_2022-4-13_4-31-3.png

    Many years later, after we had seen it with the famous twin aircraft carbs that were used on several other local Long Beach racers and their cars, it turned the last chapter by using the 671 supercharger. In the original grand opening of the Lion’s Dragstrip museum in 2017, it was shown in a nice display near my color drag racing films being played on the big screen monitor on the wall.
    movies on the wall monitor


    The most recent news is the total rebuild of the purple 32 Vicky Sedan, being done by the folks at the Price Transfer Automobilia complex Lions Foundation.

    New memories to go along with old memories just sits well with most of us old drag racers and former hot rod teens.

  22. metalshapes
    Joined: Nov 18, 2002
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    Tech Editor

    Me too.

    Because there is no way he said that.

    'Ol Henry died in 1947, the SBC was introduced in 1955.

    He had no way of knowing how popular that engine in his early cars was going to be...
  23. KoolKat-57
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    from Dublin, OH

  24. Bill Rinaldi
    Joined: Mar 23, 2006
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    Bill Rinaldi

    HRP--Hi Buddy --Had chance to go to THE Grand National Roadster Show this year. There is series of 6 or so buildings with a few with a bit of open ground between them. In honor of the 90th anniversary of the 32 Ford--- There was 90 (more or less, I'd guess more) 32 Fords in the openings!! At least 1 of every style of 32--Some were iconic cars you recognized immediately all of them were real (maybe a glass car or so, but who cares at this show of honor) I took a lot of pictures, but as it's been from day one, my computer won't show them on the HAMB. I personally counted over 50 but I lost track. The 2 things that really blew me away was the organization it took to get them ALL there and the crowds of owners trading stories and enjoying the day.. THAT-----Was asight to see! Bill Rinaldi
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