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History The 1932 Ford turns 90 years old in 2022

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Mr cheater
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    Mr cheater

  2. qzjrd5
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    from Troy, MI

  3. Here's the seven Deuces I own right now.

    My old reliable pickup, always runs and has been everywhere.

    On Route 66 near Williams, AZ
    On the "Road to the Sun" in Glacier National Park.
    The Fordor before I decided to put fenders on it.

    The Fordor is getting close to getting back on the road.
    The 53,000 mile original '32 5W Coupe built in St. Paul, MN at Arizona Deuce Day in 2017.
    The Deuce 3W Coupe in 1976 and now.
    The Vicky project from Bill Steil's estate in Seattle, WA.
    The Deuce 5W Coupe powered by 355 Chevy and Muncie 4 speed apart for paint.
    The Brookville Roadster project.
    The Deuce Cabriolet "Tree Car" Project.
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  4. JimSibley
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  5. My 32 cabriolet that is leaving Texas headed for new owner in New Zealand soon. 27119A9F-63E7-4C4B-9406-C91F5B122966.jpeg D47AB65A-B7E3-40AF-B1C1-B6410F45C203.jpeg 12354888-3008-444F-A4BD-A5C196F96076.jpeg C5D9E50F-0BDB-41DD-BCDD-CBA861FEB849.jpeg 5FBB63DE-4929-4085-8BD4-F7773EE3E637.jpeg
  6. alfin32
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    from Essex, Ma.

  7. I will try to do this in order of first to last!:rolleyes:
    Jim323 001.jpg IMG_8415.JPG 1932 Sedan.JPG IMG_6640.JPG IMG_8328 (2).JPG IMG_7833.JPG
    Just finished this one and still own the Tan Roadster.:)
  8. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    You continually give me reason to question whether your 32 or your 55 are my favorites.
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  9. clem
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  10. I feel very fortunate to still own the two I have built ….

    There are so many great 32s here on the HAMB that’s for sure …. picking one favorite would be impossible!
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  11. Kiwi 4d
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    Kiwi 4d

    There is a small run in NZ on the 90th day of the 90th year.
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  12. Joe Troilo
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    Joe Troilo

    My current drivers are the 5 window and the cabriolet. The sedan is at the upholstery shop and the sport coupe is still in mock up state. All Henry's. Great thread.

    IMG_6141.jpg rear view in driveway no bumper.jpg IMG_8230.jpg IMG_9297.jpg
  13. jnaki
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    Having taken several photos of old hot rods and station wagons, there was a feeling that the 1932 Ford was special. Actually, from the time we were little kids, only a few of the 32 fords were seen cruising around. Later, it was found out that the value and cost of the 1932 Ford group, was the highest cost of all those hot rods still left in backyards to salvage and rebuild.

    For someone to put a 32 Ford above all other cool Ford coupes, sedans, and sedan deliveries was odd. It did have a “first.” “The Model 18 was the first low-priced, mass-marketed car to have a V8 engine, an important milestone in the American automotive industry.”

    The key words were low priced. That did not last long into the 50s and 60s. The 32 Ford became sort of on a pedestal as far as retail value for the young hot rod guys/girls all over. The Model A had a better overall look, the 33-34 fords had the cool swept back grille and styling. But, for some reason, the 32 became valuable in the hot rod world. It was a one time, one year build, had a huge grille that blocked wind like no other, it just stood straight up… But, was valued by all , including two brothers from Long Beach.


    We were budding hot rod/drag race teens and wanted the cool aspect of buying/building a cool hot rod for our drag racing adventures and becoming a daily driver to school. The choice was a 32 or a Model A coupe. We bought the Model A coupe and it was solely based on looks, style and low cost.
    But, many years later, my wife and I wanted a hot rod to rebuild and make it our daily driver. Those 32 Ford hot rods in all stages of build or scraps, were way overpriced and out of our league. So, we started our own direction all for the better in our lives.

    As part of the photographic series during those heyday times, how could one not like a great build and look of a 1932 Ford Phaeton? It was set up on a wonderful location during one of those very cold to freezing weather winter days in So Cal for a photo shoot. It was highly anticipated as one of a kind and for the past zillion years, has been a reminder of being a cool hot rod daily. How?
    upload_2022-3-14_3-48-2.png Jim Lattin

    It has been my home computer screen saver ever since I learned how to upload photos for preservation. During the hot So Cal summers, the look just allows the current temperatures to be lowered many degrees into cool So Cal comfort. Remembering those times in the area, of very cold to thick jacket/gloves weather during the photo shoot, was always a great memory and to this day, a good way to keep the hot rod spirit alive.

    Jim Lattin’s two toned 1932 Ford Phaeton was one of a kind and well-built to boot. It looked like a museum piece/show car and was a daily driver back then. Despite the cold, the ride inside of the custom Phaeton was thrilling… Thanks, Jim…

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  14. Jeff Norwell
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    Jeff Norwell
    Staff Member

  15. My pal Steve Martin's 1932 pickup. HRP

    Before -


    After -

  16. birdman1
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    My wife's grandpa called the V8 ford's death traps. Too much power! He didn't approve of the way I drove My 63 fastback galaxie
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  17. birdman1
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    I was in the third grade when I read in the paper that the 1932 ford was twenty years old and was declared a classic antique. Have wanted one ever since, but I haven't gotten one.
  18. It's Goodguys time here in the valley, so since I haven't been to one in a long time, out came the little car to join in the fun. When I got there I parked with the cool kids...
  19. Of course there were lots of '32s there, and I captured a few of them.
  20. And since my back was crying for mercy from walking a whole 15 steps, I cruised around in the car and found...
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  21. verde742
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  22. nochop
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    from norcal

    That truck inspired the stance on my 5 winder.
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  23. nochop
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    from norcal

  24. jailhousebob
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    from Illinois

    My current 5/W and my old roadster. 20181022_170704 (1).jpg 85133 (1).jpg 85133 (1).jpg 85133 (1).jpg
  25. More from AZ Goodguys...

    A gorgeous green RP
    Although it just hit me that this is an A, not a '32...sorry 'bout that!
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  26. Steinnegger & Eshenbaugh were a pair of Top Fuel Dragster racers from PHX.
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  27. I really dig phaeton's...maybe some day.
  28. I just realized that I don't have any shots of my car from ran great (64 miles round trip) and it cruised through the "bowl" without any cooling issues. And my tan is bitchin'! :D

    Here's an old shot...
    (It's not brown!)
  29. Lil32
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