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Tell Me About a 292 Ford

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BZNSRAT, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. I keep hearing that the cause of the dry rockers was the oil back in the day. yet in 58 ford came out with the FE and those engines didn't have any rocker arm oiling issues? and the overhead valve six engines did not have any rocker oil problems? Of all the engines made back in the day the only ones I knew that had whidespread rocker arm oiling problems where the Y blocks.
  2. Not all Y-blocks had the dry rocker problem. I never had to install outside oiling on any of mine, and I suspect that many got the lines installed when they didn't need them. These were solid-lifter motors and were inherently noisier compared to hydraulic lifters and not everyone understood that....
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  3. southcross2631
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    I have owned several Y block powered cars and trucks. If maintained they are as good as any.
    the exhaust note on a Y block with glass packs is some sweet music. Lost my last one a 57 Fairlane 500 4 door hardtop in a divorce. Sure glad she is gone, sure miss that Fairlane.
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  4. A Seabee
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    A Seabee

    One more breath of life to this thread...
    I saved my '62 longbed Unibody from death in a field about a year and a half ago. I have very little knowledge of the insides of the 292 in it. Compression is 120 +/- 10. It starts, idles, and runs well considering the shape it was in when I found it. problem is after I drive about 30 minutes around town, shut it off then restart, it will run like shyt. It coughs, sputters, will barely make it home. After the episode, I let it sit for an hour or 2 and it starts and runs fine again.I have replaced/repaired the following:
    cap, rotor,plugs,wires
    coil, points,condenser
    fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel lines
    carburetor. engine had iron 312 4bbl intake. replaced Carter AFB with new Holley 600
    valve adjustment 2-3x just to make sure
    engine oil and filter
    ignition wiring from switch through firewall
    battery and engine grounds.
    I turn the engine back and forth from the crank snout and watch the valves to gauge the timing chain slop. It appears to have very little wear.
    exhaust is not plugged. It has headers and old blown out glass packs

    I love the way the engine looks and sounds, and am in no hurry to tear it apart on a wild goose chase. Everyone I know just tells me to try things I have already tried, or just sell it or put a modern engine in the truck. I really want to keep this old Y block on the road. any ideas?
  5. F-ONE
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    from Alabama

    Really this deserves it's own thread instead of tacking on to this long dead one.
    If we can have a "featured thread" on changing a guys oil with more than 100 responses maybe..........never mind.

    my first thought....condenser, these can be bad out of the package.
    Re check everything you have listed.....It's a hunt you have to find it. Y block.. FE, SBF or Cadillac...makes no difference.
  6. Dave OHara
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    Dave OHara

    There is absolutely a good motor to work with. My current one has 186K on the clock and runs and purrs. The oiling issues on the top end are easily overcome. Mine had not been started since 1992 and with some minor attention, runs great. Some blow by, but nothing serious. Many miles and lots of easy maintenance will be in your future. And yes, a Ford Y Block separate thread would be very useful for many of us,
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  7. 03GMCSonoma
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    The only thing I want to add is to be sure to install two glass packs. How sweet the sound! Y-blocks have a sound of their own.
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  8. loudbang
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    There are a few Y Block threads on here just have to find them. :rolleyes:
  9. King ford
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    King ford
    from 08302

    Greetings A Seabee! You could have voltage to coil issue, Ford used a resistor wire to knock the voltage down to 9 when key is in run position. Also any distributors with vacuum advance have a ground wire from the breaker plate to the dizzy body, make sure that's good.third hook up a timing light and stick it under a windshield wiper and get a feel for the " wrythem" of the flashing when running well and see if it changes when it runs poorly. Also if you run the truck for a longer period of time without shutting it off does it start to run poorly?...check these things and GET BACK TO US!!
  10. sunbeam
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    So why did Ford have a service bulletin on falcon 6s for no oil to rockers
  11. the falcon six came out in the early 60,s . I was referring to the rocker shaft sixes like 223's and 262's ect. Falcon 6 engines used a pedestal rocker arm. And was the cuprit on the falcon Deemed to be the crappy oil back in the day?? The oiling problems on the Y block where not only widespread but cronic. Several HAMB members seem to think it is caused by the center cam bearing being not wide enough and when it gets a bit of wear there is internal leakage.
  12. mgtstumpy
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  13. v8flat44
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    Here's my limitted .02 worth. Know two guys who owned 292s and they were both GR8 engines. One was "built"; hot cam, 3 carbs in a 57 Custom 300. Blew the doors of lots of Chevys. Took a lick'n and kept on tick'n. Neither experienced the valve train oil problems because the owners knew how to deal with it. Have fun! mike
  14. sunbeam
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    Falcon rockers like this The oil came up around the left rear head bolt. the fix grind a flat side on the bolt for more room for oil.

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