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Tech tips - bolting 28 steel roadster to 32 frame

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by AV8-Rider, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. AV8-Rider
    Joined: Jan 31, 2002
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    I am looking for some tips regarding mounting my 28 roadster body to my Deuce frame.

    I have covered all the main tech here.
    Framehorns is cut in the rear
    Rear end of the subframe has been modified to fit the Deuces kick up,
    A slice at the bottom of the cowl has been taken out.
    Frame is not pinched.

    Anyway I have a gap between the body and the frame, and the subrails is not quite aligned with the framerails sideways of course.

    What I am actally looking for is some tips on how you fellas have made the slice of wood that goes between the body and frame.

    Should it be one long piece?
    Is thick plywood something to use?? I have acces to up to 4" thick
    Have you used smaller blocks located around the bolts and covered the gap in other ways??
    Suitable material for shiming

    May sound like a stupid question .....but I'm starting to plan a bit ahead here so I can save some hours of speculations.
    Can not reember to have seen this minor issue covered anywhere.


  2. SUHRsc
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    i pulled the back of my frame (behind the k-member) together when i did mine so that may have made the difference.
    but i took a pie cut from the cowlsides..i forget how much?. and then cut out the rear subrails for it to sit down over the 32 frame...i shortend the rear of the frame so that the ends were inside of the rear cross piece of the sub frame then i made brackets for another body mount on each side at the back...
    i didnt have any noticible space on much of a gap do you have?

    can you cut the rear subrails out farther front to let the back of the body go lower and eliminate the gap?

    i always assumed that people put the wood in there so they didnt have to cut the cowl sides?

    good luck
  3. The slice of wood bit is an old - and rather crude - way to do it.

    It's simply a piece of hardwood cut to shape on a bandsaw.
    A couple pieces of 3/4" veneer plywood glued together would give you a 1 1/2" wide block of wood.
    Lay that on it's side so the ply layers are not visible and cut to shape.
    You could probably retain the plywood/hardwood block with a couple of tabs welded to the frame and then use sheet metal screws to hold the block in place.

    In any event, it's generally not done today.
    Most builders opt to bring the body down over the frame to the point where the gap disappears.

    The pic of the flat black 29 is a touch dark, but if you could lighten it up in your photo program you may be able to get an idea of what was done.

    Pics of the green 29 may help as well.

    The pic of the purple roadster - not my pic, but a good example of the genre and more importantly a good clear photo show how well the frame was fit.
    It looks like the frame was not pinched up front.

    Frame pinches to match the grille shell look nice, but they take away from room in the engine bay so it's something you want to think about.
    The standard 32 or 31 on 32 rails engine bay can be tight with some engines.

    The last pic of Art Chrismans very good looking roadster is an excellent example of the 29 on 32 rails cars.
    Not too many of them look as good as this car does.
    Chrisman had an eye for stance as well as being an engine builder of some repute.
    If you ever heard one of his iron Chryslers run, consider yourself fortunate....

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  4. Do a search for the Wescott web site.

    They have frame blueprints with measurements on the site and one of them is the 32 frame set up for the 29 body.

    Some guys elect to bring the frame rails out flush with the body sides.
    I'm not sure if this blueprint sets the frame up this way or not.

    To my way of thinking, frame rails flush with the body don't look quite right.
    Better to have the frame rail sit inside the body lines a touch and that should give you some room for a mini-channel (2/3" - 1") of sorts which will help remove the visible gap.

    I did it that way on my 31 on 32 rails roadster.
    Admittedly, the 31 on 32 rails car is an easier project than the 29 on 32 rails.

    I'm not saying this is the way it has to be done, just that I like it done that way.

    All about choices, my way's not right or wrong, it's simply my way....

  5. AV8-Rider
    Joined: Jan 31, 2002
    Posts: 909


    Thanks fellas

    My body has been modified on a deuceframe. (not by me).

    Have carried the body around i the shop and it may have been bent a bit out of shape but I need to use some blocks, that's fer sure.

    I am looking to do things the old way so I don't mind a slice of wood.

    I have to look into this more in detail. Will get back with some pics later on.
    Pinching the frame is not an option here.


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