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TECH: Easy Disc Brake Covers

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by D-Russ, May 24, 2007.

  1. 32 hudson
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    32 hudson

    Thanks for the reply D-Russ
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  2. Jeff Norwell
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    Jeff Norwell
    Staff Member

    I missed this TechThread..... simple outstanding @D-Russ
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  3. Ha! It was 2007 when I posted it – I think you were still "Brush".
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  4. lostone
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    from kansas

    I'm with Blues4U on the heat issue.

    Again he is also correct that they cool from the center fins out. So I wouldn't want anything to get in the way of air flow. Of course I drive my hot rods hard....
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  5. @D-Russ , I am about to start on this backing plate project. My question is how you decided to finish the backing plate, and the faux brake drum.
    Painted like wheel?
    Painted like axle?

    Thanks, just looking for ideas,
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  6. I painted mine!! IMG_20200802_172851926.jpg
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  7. Koz
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    Just shot mine in black as well. Unless you're really looking most folks just think they're early Ford. Holes are drilled to get a little extra heat out. May or may not actually work but didn't hurt. Great tech by D-Russ! I made a similar set for the rear to cover the discs on the 9" but you really don't see them so I might just leave them off.

    PXL_20220828_185158847.jpg PXL_20220331_204941985.jpg
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  8. I painted the backing plates, faux drums and calipers gloss black like the rest of the suspension on my car, mostly to make the brakes go away visually. In other words, I didn't want the covers/disc brakes to attract attention. Because of this, I think most people looking at the car don't even notice the disc brakes.
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  9. Thanks for the ideas.
    My O/E Ford backing plates arrived today.

    My rod has chrome/polished everything on the front. It's all P&J /Superbell stuff. The current backing plate/caliper bracket in flat polished aluminum.

    My current thought is to paint Ford backing plate and drum red, like my wheels. If that doesn't feel right I may leave backing plates red and repaint the drums black.

    My third choice is to send it to the chrome shop, then paint the brake drums black.

    We'll see. I'll try to remember to take before and after photos.
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  10. @2deuces64 , could you share some info on your faux brake drum, pictured above?
  11. I used 46 backing plates, installing louvers cut from an industrial hood (14 gauge material). The brake drums are from a 36 ford, they have the ribs on the outer edge. I don't have pix of the build on these. They are assembled like the aluminum finned ones I did. backing plates3.jpg backing plates4.jpg
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  12. You each chose to mount the caliper to the rear, I get that.
    Did you try mounting them below an imaginary horizontal centerline through the center of the backing plate, rather than above?
    Or does this create interference with the steering arm?
  13. The caliper position on my brake kit (Speedway) was dictated by the manufacturer. I simply mounted them in the position the instructions suggested and where the caliper mounting bracket (that came with the kit) would allow.
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  14. ^^^^^^^ exactly
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  15. Canuck
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    These were done about the same time as D-Russ posted his build, similar process, brake drum appearance made with rolled flat iron.
    Painted satin black the same as suspension and chassis.
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