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TECH: better late than never, easy 235 hei conversion

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 55 dude, Jun 16, 2007.

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    Watch for oil leaks around the clamp
  2. 12bjoshu
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    from Kansas

    Anyone running an HEI make sure to keep the little void on the bottom side of the module filled with dielectric grease. Otherwise, it will run like a champ in good weather, maybe a little miss sometimes, and then when it gets humid enough or if its raining, you won't be able to get it to run well if at all.
  3. Are you saying the kid is a dizzy wizz?:D
  4. rampant150
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    Sorry for bringing this back from the dead but I am in the middle of this and have a question. Some sites say that the oil pump drive tang must also be shortened so the drive gear is in the proper position (at least for the old 216). Is this something that must be done as well, or is it just for the older engines?
  5. Hmmm, I have a 75 nova with a 250 and HEI in the drive way and a 235 on an engine stand. haha.

    One thing I will say is that the coil/module on my '75 isn't mounted on the cap, like the one you have shown. Just mention it because I figured some might be turned off to doing this because the distributor looks way too late model for them. Granted my 75 cap still looks very late model it might look more at home in a rod.
  6. just follow the tech and the 250 dist. drops right in. nothing wrong with seperate coil, same setup. you can pm me with your number and i will be glad to answer any questions about this tech.
  7. roddinron
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    I used one from a v6 S10 on my '54 235. Takes some machining, but it looks more at home I think. I'll be changing coils, I just used the stock one here to be sure it worked ok.

  8. looks great! when i built the 1st one it was for the ease of starting engines that had been sitting for extended periods. having that and a rebuilt carb in my "engine field kit" helped cut down the time to see if old engines were any good making startups kinda "plug and go" plus i always enjoy the shock factor!
  9. just got a few pm's on this so BTTT!
  10. Thrift-King
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    Does it have to be an inline distributor or can I use a V6 one? Like from an odd-fire 229?

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  11. Thrift-King
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    Just a quick follow up:

    No, you cannot use the V6 version (at least not as easily). They are too short, and don't have the correct shaft sticking out.


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  12. malcolm1943
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    Curious how do you go about moving the module out from under the cap and mount remotely? For some reason can't wrap my senile brain around this idea. Pictures would really help me to understand!
  13. cfmvw
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    Years ago I had an OT 1982 Pontiac J2000 (think Chevy Cavalier with a Pontiac nose job), and the ECU had a stroke. The stupid ECU was more than what the car was worth, so I got creative. Took a SBC points distributor and mated the upper half of the distributor body to the lower half of the J2000 distributor body with a sleeve. Did a little mixing and matching to use the J2000 HEI pickup and added an MSD 6A box I had. Recurved the mechanical advance and added an adjustable vacuum advance, used every other terminal on the V8 distributor cap, and it was pretty lively after that.
  14. Great tech. I have been thinking of going this route for my '58-62 235. I am looking at a new dizzy with the coil in cap.
    But other than these mods to the 250 hei dizzy, what other changes would be needed to the stock 235 setup?
    New plugs, or just re-gap the existing ones?
    New wires needed?
  15. JeffB2
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    from Phoenix,AZ

  16. Thanks for the links JeffB2. That first link looks like a good one at a good price, but I do have one question. In their product description they state,
    "This distributor will not fit 261, 235 & 216 engines. Damage to your cam gear will result from using this dist. in these engines. This dist. will actually fit in the mentioned engines and run for a short time, only to cause major damage to the cam gear and possibly the complete engine. Be sure of what engine you have before purchasing this dist. If you're not positively sure of what engine you have, it would be advisable to match up your old dist. to this before installing."
    Is this only true if the modifications to the shaft collar are not made as described in this thread causing the dizzy gear only partially meshing with the cam gear? Thanks.

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