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tbucket for desoto need opinions

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by daveymac405, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. daveymac405
    Joined: Jun 14, 2010
    Posts: 94


    I'm thinking about letting go of the t bucket and bringing this 53 desoto firedome 2 dr home after thanksgiving, I'm having a tough time with this, he is asking 7000 for the firedome, no hemi, it has a chy 360 installed, opinions?? i like the car and think it would make a cool kustom. can't find many pictures of 53 desoto firedome kustoms. what do you think?

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    Last edited: Nov 23, 2011
  2. Heo2
    Joined: Aug 9, 2011
    Posts: 661


    I say keep the bucket
  3. daveymac405
    Joined: Jun 14, 2010
    Posts: 94


    I also know some of you will tear apart the wheels and tires i expect that, besides reverse chromes and wides whites might make its way to the christmas list.
    the bucket is a fair weather car and we have not had much of that lately. I'm play with my retirement here so i need to becareful. is this car a good investment? can these cars have the roof lowered? i have never seen one chopped. thanks guys.
  4. Jantrix
    Joined: Oct 28, 2010
    Posts: 85


    Well it has the benefit of being a rather unusual two-door, an appealing body style (at least to me) and it seems like its in good shape. If it is pretty rust free (go over that paint with a cloth covered magnet) I don't think it's a bad deal. And you might be able to sell those silly rims/tires for enough to cover the cost of something better.

  5. windsor mike
    Joined: Feb 23, 2007
    Posts: 77

    windsor mike

    if u do it get different rims. personally, i would go for it. i have a 54 desoto 4dr and i love them.
  6. brad chevy
    Joined: Nov 22, 2009
    Posts: 2,627

    brad chevy

    You are not swapping for it are you ? Kind of a high price for an unfinished car.
  7. bill s preston esq
    Joined: Feb 1, 2011
    Posts: 315

    bill s preston esq


    my ex gf's dad had a t-bucket back in the early 90's. we went for a ride in 40 degree weather, once. not fun.
  8. windsor mike
    Joined: Feb 23, 2007
    Posts: 77

    windsor mike

    ive seen them chopped. if u dont use a different back window then u have to sink the original one. windshield is pretty easy to cut for being a curved windshield.
  9. an early hemi between the fenders would make it an easier decision, but a 360 is a good dependable motor (and wheel selection aside, props to the guy for keeping it all MOPAR). and even though the "T" looks like a blast, I can see the practicality of a closed car. what's the interior like?
  10. flathead okie
    Joined: May 22, 2005
    Posts: 1,480

    flathead okie

    I'd keep the T-bucket. Look for something else. If you wanted to sell the Desoto later, you wouldn't get as much compaired to a chevy/ford of the same year. also body/suspension parts are not as plentiful.
  11. Davy
    I am not familiar with your T bicket so let me just give you my thoughts on the desoto.

    I think there are some things that I would change about it. Wheels, maybe a mild chop and french some stuff. I love those desoto grills in about everything but a desoto. Mabe a different grill treatment to make it a full on custom.

    The 360 can be good realiable engine, depends on the condition of it. The T bucket is a fair weather vehicle where as the desoto can be at the very least a 3 season vehicle and maybe 4 season depending on your driving skills.
  12. farmer12
    Joined: Aug 28, 2006
    Posts: 7,717


    I say go for it, and ask a Hemi for Christmas.
  13. daveymac405
    Joined: Jun 14, 2010
    Posts: 94


    it would not be a direct swap car for car, someone made me an offer on the bucket.
    the desoto interior is not bad, looks like tweed. its lowered but not bagged so the trunk is not all cut up, he said it has vintage air that comes with it, just needs installed.

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  14. rustednutz
    Joined: Nov 20, 2010
    Posts: 1,580

    from tulsa, ok

    I'd go for it. I don't know how tall you are but I know there's not a lot of room in a bucket. You could load all your friends for cruise night in the 'Sota.
  15. adamshumard
    Joined: Jan 18, 2007
    Posts: 1,380


    I really dig the car and it has alot of potential as a kustom. BUT in this economy and in the Midwest I think its a bit over priced. If there is any negotiation in the price I would definitely consider it. Also selling the grille and wheels would give you a decent kustomizing budget.
  16. tcat55371
    Joined: Mar 11, 2009
    Posts: 51


    I just traded my Bucket off for a 60 Falcon and yeah it needs alot of work to make it the way I want it. I miss the bucket but my back, knees and butt don't. lol Also it's hard to get used to having a large steering wheel again. Seems to take forever to turn. :)
  17. Stevie Nash
    Joined: Oct 24, 2007
    Posts: 2,999

    Stevie Nash

    I like it, but I like unusual cars that look cool. This fits into that category once you lose the wheels. Love the suede.
  18. rdrunner1974
    Joined: Apr 20, 2011
    Posts: 63

    from Vermont

    Loose the wheels and grille. Put in the A/C, chrome reverse with 60's on the rear, 75's up front.
    I see many T's at car shows but few if any Desoto's. You won't need to worry bout getting caught in rain, I see a lot of +++'s for you.
    That's my thoughts. It's really what you and your family want that matters.;)
  19. 49ratfink
    Joined: Feb 8, 2004
    Posts: 18,027

    from California

    that doesn't look like a $7,000 car to me.
  20. chuckbob
    Joined: Aug 5, 2009
    Posts: 145


    Keep the T Bucket.
  21. Rusty O'Toole
    Joined: Sep 17, 2006
    Posts: 9,454

    Rusty O'Toole

    The DeSoto would have to be awfully nice to get that kind of dough. True value probably less than half.

    I like DeSotos and would have it in my driveway but to most buyers, the value is not there.
  22. MemphisRaines
    Joined: Jun 9, 2011
    Posts: 96

    from Texas

  23. Squablow
    Joined: Apr 26, 2005
    Posts: 14,815


    Me either. It is a neat car, but the lack of a Hemi and the fact that it looks to be very much unfinished to me makes me think that's way too much to be paying for that car.

    If you've got the cash, there are some unreal deals out there right now, and as an investment (your words), the DeSoto is a poor choice. I'm a total whore for 50's Mopars and even I'm not seeing that much money there. It's not even a Sportsman.
  24. paintcan54
    Joined: Oct 27, 2007
    Posts: 1,100


    Keep your bucket, you'll be glad you did in the end.

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