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Motion Pictures Take Two Grand and a Time Machine...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. At the 1:20 mark, next to the building on the corner of Hollywood and Highland, there is a bar called The Powerhouse. I'm sure I saw Jimi Hendrix there in 2000......
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    from IDAHO

    There Was A Moment When These Were Two Grand....For Both.. 5403551107_dfce1940aa_b.jpg
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  3. Truck64
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    from Ioway

    A pound is still a pound, a foot is still a foot, an hour is still an hour, 32° F. is still freezing, acre of land doesn't shrink. What the hell is wrong with the Dollar??
  4. jnaki
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    I was able to purchase a new 1965 red El Camino in late 1964. My choices were limited since the El Camino had different options than the standard Chevelle coupes and sedans. Since I could get a bigger high performance motor that was new to the 65 Chevelle in everything except for the El Camino, that was my first choice. A two door 65 Chevelle station wagon with a new 396 motor and 4 speed + Positraction was my hope for the form of transportation.
    But, the limited budget, impending college expenses and longer wait time for the station wagon, with extras, was going to take too long to arrive. I had to be in Northern California by the Spring Semester starting in February of 1965. So, the standard red El Camino was a quick order and delivery within a week or two. Plus, it fit my budget and I was somewhat happy. But, still longing for that station wagon.


    If I was given $2000 in 1967, that would have purchased a used 1965 two door wagon with at least a 327 for power. But, by that time, we were 20 somethings that needed a very reliable car that was paid off (65 El Camino… was) and would not give us problems while finishing college. So, we were happy with what we had (for 11 years and 125k miles of trouble-free El Camino ownership)…although that 2 door wagon has always stayed in our minds.

    Our 1965 El Camino in 1967, Westside, Long Beach photo by vnak

    Of course, if there were options. Our coastal neighbor purchased a 1967 empty Ford van. He liked the V8 and it had tons of room in the back. He tried to convince us to get a similar V8 Chevy van and fix up the inside, like our old surf-mode VW vans. Baja road trips would be comfortable and fast with the "newish" v8 vans. (and the boards would fit inside)

    In 1967-71, the So Cal area was beginning to get over run with plenty of vans for various uses we can’t print in a family oriented webpage. Fancy paint jobs, wild interiors to bare mattress interiors and of course the ever present funny smoky aroma floating around seemed to be a factor. So we were satisfied with the El Camino for the time and that paid off original cost was definitely a factor for us 20 somethings, struggling, but happy…


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  5. 1ton
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    Just send me the two grand now. I'll find something to spend it on.
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  6. 2935ford
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    I lived in Torrance in '67 and drove that road many times. In '66 I bought a new '66 Fairlane 500 HT. Put an awful lot of miles driving those freeways and streets! :)
  7. I would grab that 1932 roadster and have money left over. :D HRP
  8. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    From the cars I saw in the vid, the white '58 Plymouth Belvedere convertible is head and shoulders above the rest. Lots of interesting stuff on those streets!
  9. I kinda wanna go into that antique shop we passed on the right...

    ...what was antique in '67 would be right up my alley for decor today!
  10. Two Grand that is half of the asking price Connie Kalitta's complete 1964 Bounty Hunter in the classified in the 1966 Hot Rod I was looking at Sunday!

  11. I'm pretty weird, I like that USPS '58 Ford Ranch Wagon and the '55 Ford Bell Telephone truck.

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