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T5 to torque tube

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by modeltsteve, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. That's right- another T5 post. I want to connect a T5 trans out of a Jeep 4 wheel drive to an early Ford torque tube. I know it can be done. I have seen a car with this conversion at the LA Roadster Show next to the H&H booth. What universal joint do you use? What about a bearing to support the output shaft. Anybody make a kit? Help!
  2. jetmek
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    hey steve, sorry i dont have a name for you, but there was a guy at hershey this past fall converting jeep or f150 4 speeds(3+ od). it looked like a fabbed up adaptor at the back with the ford rear brng retainer bolted to that. not shure what he had for the output shaft, maybe the stock one resplined ? i believe they were around 2200! whew! see ya on the salt
  3. Cool! Flat Ernie has been researching this as am I. I dont have all the parts needed yet but have a good idea how to pull it off. If someone already has an adaptor..........well that would be cool.
  4. Stovebolt
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    Steve Stribley who trades as "Buffalo Enterprises" in Wa. has the conversion on his "to-do" list. I haven't spoken to him for a while - maybe he's under way, or needs a customer to get him into it.
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  5. Somebody really needs to get off their ass and do this! I have a friend who will do the pattern, casting, and machining- just really need the u-joint. There was a guy in Fla selling Jag conversions who had u-joints, but I can't find him.
  6. gas pumper
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    gas pumper

  7. We have a guy up here that does this conversion. Trans. is very expensive, getting hard to find, and has a bad gear ratio spread between 2nd and 3rd like a stock model A.
  8. jetmek
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    i know what ya a honks in 1st and 2nd then falls on its ass when i go to high with the stock trans
  9. My reply above pertains to the F150 trans
  10. Flat Ernie
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    Flat Ernie
    Tech Editor

    Well, I'm in the "collecting parts" stages of my conversion. It will use the stock early Ford U-Joint.

    The back of the Jeep T5 mates to the Dana300 transfer case & has an odd spline pattern & requires an external surface for a seal - so it will look more like a slip-yoke at that end. My plan is to machine/weld the Dana300 input shaft to the early Ford trans output shaft.

    Mine is going into a '40 Ford, so I'm using a 33-34 Torque Tube & driveshaft (modified at the banjo end for bearing clearance & oil drainback). This gains me about 6" from memory. The T5 adapter & T5 is about 4" longer than the early Ford 3spd (these are all rough, rounded numbers). So I plan to machine a flat-plate aluminum adapter that bolts to the T5 transfer case rear of the Jeep T5 and the stock early Ford rear bearing retainer/u-joint bell on the other end.

    The Dana300 input/Ford Output shaft will be machined appropriately, but will use the early ford output shaft bearing.

    Only part I'm lacking right now is the Dana 300 input shaft. I haven't contacted any of the big U-Joint/driveline folks yet, but there may be a yoke that will work with the Jeep that could be adapted...

    Although I'm semi-actively searching for a reasonably priced Dana 300 input shaft, the project as a whole is on the back burner until at least spring.

    And while I've never seen this specific conversion done, it seems relatively straight-forward enough that it would surprise me if someone hasn't done it already. As mentioned, I've heard of that Ford truck conversion, but it didn't appeal to me.

    The Jeep has a crummy gearset (4.03 first gear), so I'm using an Astrovan gearset (3.50 first - probably the best NWC gearset in terms of ratios), but the later S10 (3.76 first) could be retrofit as well (as could any other NWC gearset).

    I'm pretty sure 5th gear can be made into any of the available ratios - WC or NWC, but I have to investigate more. Maybe snarl knows.
  11. continentaljohn
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    I have one of them F-150 3+1OD 4-speeds in my early bronco 1973 and the main shaft had to be changed . This is still a fourwheel drive but the rear of the trans is a odd ball spline. Mine now mates to a Dana 20 and with the correct spline .
  12. LaVerne Nance the sprint car builder had a conversion kit that adapted the Ford tourque tube to a muncie 4 speed. There was one on Ebay last week, It included the shaft, u-joint, torque ball, and mounting plates.

    Does any of the newer torque tube stuff for todays sprints fit or work for this application?

  13. Hmmm......worth looking into!?

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