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Technical T5 and tremecs now traditional ??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by wood remover, Mar 11, 2019.

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  1. The guy that installed the c-clip eliminators in my 8.8 said I wouldn't be able to remove the axles without his help. He's about 600 miles away so I guess I'll find out if he's right. The unit has an Eaton posi with 31 splined hardened axles but is too wide for my 56.
  2. upspirate
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    I wish the cold weather and cabin fever would go away.....
  3. This. Can we please keep this tiny corner of the internet pure?(as possible).
    The entire WWW is available for discussion of Toyota and Explorer parts. Facebook maybe?

    I have late model parts on some of my rides. BUT I don't post them HERE. Why is that concept so hard to grasp?
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  4. F&J
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    One thing a lot of guys on hamb can find easily, is...excuses.

    a scant few of us want their old style rod to feel and sound like the old days. ...and I know some will fire back with some blanket statement like they are undependable, or don't ride or handle good, can't run highways, or a (decent brand of) top shift 3 speed will blow up...all nonsense.

    "Don't base every traditional rod by your own limitations."

    Oh, I bet Mark is ready to close this thread :cool:

  5. My 2 cents ;
    If you drive your model A 10,000 miles a year with 373s out back and 3 97s up front on a sbc , you want to get the best rpm range you can along with fuel economy . you will never get that with a Muncie or 3spd automatic

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  6. prpmmp
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    This ^^^^!! I think sometimes we forget what this Forum is about, its not about the better or cheapest way to build, its about the way it was before 1964. It took me awhile to realize this. To me Iron Trap and his you-tube videos( and other members) show the old way. If you ever watched The Woodwright's Shop on PBS, Roy Underhill beats the crap out of himself woodworing the traditional way,there is a better and faster way but that's not what the show is about! My three cars don't meet the traditional rules but I love this place and the traditional ways. Pete
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  7. blowby
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Speaking of which, just yesterday a young guy checking out my heap asked me why I have two 2 barrel carbs instead of one 4 barrel. I explained that the era that my hot rod represents precedes the general use of 4 barrels. He also looked inside at my gear shift lever, no questions asked.

    The two 97s work as well as a 4 barrel, I think. Compared to my old 3 speed, I can shift the T5 into first and reverse without stopping, accelerate from stop lights as fast or faster than the other cars, downshift for engine braking with ease and loaf down the highway with 4:11s. No questions asked.

    I pulled it out of an S10 at the boneyard, laying on my back in the dirt. Just like in the old days..
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  8. henryj429
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    A T5 is a lot more traditional than a 700R4. Hot rods are for banging gears.

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  9. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    I think the word traditional is often misunderstood. around here it means hot rodding 65 and older cars with 65 and older parts in the same manner that they did back then. with that said there are a few "hidden" parts that don't take away from the vintage style build (trans, air ride etc) that are allowed here but shouldn't really be the focus of posts on your ride. With that said I am closing this thread. the dead horse has been beaten.....
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