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Features Survivor Hot-Rod goes to Sweden.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by John 79, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. John 79
    Joined: Aug 13, 2006
    Posts: 926

    John 79
    from Sweden

    Picked up my 29 roadster pickup today.
    If anyone got any info on this old Hot-Rod please let me know.
    Its built in CA, dont know when.
    Feels great to finally have it home :D




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  2. 117harv
    Joined: Nov 12, 2009
    Posts: 6,590


    WOW, good looking RPU!
  3. general gow
    Joined: Feb 5, 2003
    Posts: 6,273

    general gow
    Staff Member

    that thing is awesome!
  4. John 79
    Joined: Aug 13, 2006
    Posts: 926

    John 79
    from Sweden

    Thank you.
    I dont wanna brag but its a real killer in reality,from every angle.
    I just love it.
    And that its still got the tuck n roll on the runningbords is pure porn ha ha (took them off when i drove it home on the truck so the wouldent fall off).

    Crashhead here on HAMB helped me with the deal and shipping.

    Some pics from today.






  5. Nobey
    Joined: May 28, 2011
    Posts: 1,171


    Don't know the car,but it sure looks great with those 30-31 fenders.
    Did you get the hood with it? I'm not quite sure if I like the sag in
    the windshield though. None the less it's a really good score. Have
  6. John 79
    Joined: Aug 13, 2006
    Posts: 926

    John 79
    from Sweden

    I got the hood but not the hoodsides sadly.
    Joined: Feb 1, 2007
    Posts: 483

    from Cincinnati

  8. 2935ford
    Joined: Jan 6, 2006
    Posts: 3,465


  9. JeffreyJames
    Joined: Jun 13, 2007
    Posts: 16,612

    from SUGAR CITY

    Great looking RPU!!! That's awesome man!!!
  10. John 79
    Joined: Aug 13, 2006
    Posts: 926

    John 79
    from Sweden

    Thank you all,it feels alittle unreal.
  11. Damn. That rules!
  12. +1 to all the above.
  13. Lookin' fine......nice score.
  14. Wow!

    Amazing how NOTHING has changed on that thing.


  15. John 79
    Joined: Aug 13, 2006
    Posts: 926

    John 79
    from Sweden

    The things i know thats been changed is a modern alternator,the seat has been redone (now red,used to be white).
    The wheels/caps,they also relocated the steeringbox sometime and changed the angle on the column.
    I also think that the mastercylinder was mounted on the firewall from the beginning.
    The firewall got some cuts and primer and i think you can se a mastercylinder just above the hoodsides on the old pic.

    Im going to relocate the steeringbox (the bracket is done later and ugly as hell) and fix the column,and of course change the alternator and modern wiring.
    My goal is to get it as close to the "original" look as possible.
  16. 296ardun
    Joined: Feb 11, 2009
    Posts: 4,287


    Very cool car, grew up in SoCal in the 50s-60s, never saw it, but there were lots of cars there then, hope you find some history on it
  17. Dog Dish Deluxe
    Joined: Dec 23, 2011
    Posts: 778

    Dog Dish Deluxe
    from MO.

    Thats a cool RPU. Congrats.
  18. schaefer
    Joined: Aug 8, 2003
    Posts: 187


    Great looking RPU!
  19. Dr.Kerry
    Joined: Aug 22, 2005
    Posts: 448


    Sweet lil hot rod there. Love the look of it!!!
  20. Race City Rodz
    Joined: Nov 29, 2010
    Posts: 466

    Race City Rodz

    Really like that RPU, damn they are growing on me, especially with fenders!
  21. That RPU is one of the best. How did you find it? CONGRATULATIONS……
  22. Man, that thing is soooo rad!!!! Congrats on such a great ol RPU!!
  23. I keep coming back to this kickass little pickup! How about some interior/dash shots?? Please!
  24. hooliganshotrods
    Joined: Dec 2, 2010
    Posts: 607

    from Calgary

    Bitchin! RPU's are starting to grow on me, especially with the fenders!! This is another great example of why. Congrats on getting such a cool ride!!
  25. Awesome!, Man, you plucked a good one from this side of the world!
    Congrats, enjoy!
  26. showrod
    Joined: Feb 8, 2007
    Posts: 713


    kinda looks like Tom Pollard sitting in it in that early picture.
    nice looking truck!
  27. KustomCars
    Joined: Jul 31, 2011
    Posts: 3,457

    from Minnesota

    Awesomee car! Looks sweeeeet!
  28. That is so rad! Would be bitchin' to run the wheel covers that used to be on it as well!
  29. chevydave1965
    Joined: May 2, 2010
    Posts: 370

    from Iowa

  30. brianj
    Joined: Jan 1, 2012
    Posts: 92


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