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Features Surfer Style Wagons

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Shawn F., Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Patrick46
    Joined: Nov 26, 2008
    Posts: 565


    Here's my panel truck. When I was surfing, I carried my boards INSIDE the truck. hey, I had plenty of room inside muh truck, and they'd be outta site, and outta danger hiding inside. (plus, I could wisper sweet nuthings to her (my love boat) while I drove ;)
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  2. These are technicaly wagons
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    Joined: Dec 26, 2005
    Posts: 1,020


    I like it. ALOT! Cruz that to the Beach? Oh yeah!

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  4. Skate Fink
    Joined: Jul 31, 2001
    Posts: 3,472

    Skate Fink
    Member Emeritus

    "Woodie" by Johnny Ace...

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  5. dale48mrc
    Joined: Mar 15, 2008
    Posts: 82


    Just a pic of a woodie owned by a guy I know.
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  6. Jay71
    Joined: Sep 15, 2007
    Posts: 853


    Hey SMF Speed and Custom, My wagon is very similar to the colors you are thinking about. Its green with a pearl wht top. Its the one in my avatar. Theres also more pics of it on my profile, I just cant figure out how to get them to this post. Check it out, it should give you a good idea of what your wagon would look like.
  7. Shawn F.
    Joined: Mar 14, 2005
    Posts: 590

    Shawn F.

    Guys, these are great looking wagons, panels and suburbans. I like em, so keep them comming! Jay71, I got your PM and message I love the color combo and think I may go with it on mine. Mind telling me the color code or make and model of vehicle it came from? Thanks.
  8. [​IMG]
    The real deal.... San Onofre 1963

  9. Shawn F.
    Joined: Mar 14, 2005
    Posts: 590

    Shawn F.

    Those are some awesome pictures! There is a nice looking falcon wagon above in blue it looks like in the beach one.
  10. Boones
    Joined: Mar 4, 2001
    Posts: 9,560

    from Kent, Wa

    Skate, thanks for showing a picture of that again... you know its my favorite surf ride..

    Kiwi, I think that picture of the panel is a true surf wagon, just not a hotrodded one. I think it was RJ that did some surf wagon pictures a few yrs ago. and of course the woodie is and always will be considered a surf wagon, regardless of its look.

    to be a surf wagon, it needs to look like it came from the heyday of surfing, the 60's..
  11. The Wrong-Un
    Joined: Oct 8, 2004
    Posts: 407

    The Wrong-Un

    Just found another picture of my girlfriends wagon from an Ace Cafe event we went to earlier this year. I think it looks like it could have been around in the late fifties, early sixties. It's got a few minor custom tricks done already, mostly tidying up the front end but we've had a bunch of people telling us to go tiki with it, which we're not going to do. All we plan to do is "woodie" it and give it a general tidy up where it's needed, any more would spoil it.

  12. plywude's '51 Plymouth Savoy "Woody Surfer Wagon":


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  13. Okievoodoo
    Joined: Jul 12, 2007
    Posts: 253


    These are two of the bad assest cars I ever done did see... Man these are way too cool... yeah i know done did see is not proper english...hehe
  14. j.r. Nice
    Joined: Sep 23, 2008
    Posts: 89

    j.r. Nice

    mine - '65 Falcon - maiden voyage from Columbus Ohio to Ocean City Maryland (Endless Summer Cruisin) 525 miles.
    65-501 OC.JPG

    65-500 OC.JPG
  15. cgaswillys
    Joined: Oct 5, 2008
    Posts: 1,076

    from New Jersey

    My 64 Nova Wagon before I took it apart. Going to be a low budget build. Will be fun to take the kids to the beach in this one.

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  16. That 52 plymouth woody is awesome...those studebaker wagons were cool...I had one for a short time but it was more rust than I wanted to deal with at the time
  17. Waaaa, there's no surf in Cleveland!
  18. That's true but the rivers used to catch on fire so that has to count for something
  19. The Hop Walla
    Joined: Aug 19, 2007
    Posts: 427

    The Hop Walla
    from Dallas

    I had a buddy in high school here in Texas with a Falcon surf wagon. We'd drive it to Daytona or Jacksonville on occasion.

    We called it the BongMobile.

    I'll try to find and scan an old pic of my Alfa squaretail with my surfboard strapped to the decklid.
  20. 1959cac
    Joined: Nov 22, 2008
    Posts: 287


    Sorry guys, but I wouldn't drive one of these to a dog fight. I'd be as eager to build a surf mobile as I would a Smurf mobile. I couldn't imagine diggin' through the very best Smurfets to mount in my grille. Guess I share John Milner's view on The Beach Boys. Entertaining to look at.........
  21. Shawn F.
    Joined: Mar 14, 2005
    Posts: 590

    Shawn F.

    Thanks but the last post was no help or contained no photo...
  22. 1959cac
    Joined: Nov 22, 2008
    Posts: 287


    You get the picture....just an East Coast .02.
  23. Billybobdad
    Joined: Mar 12, 2008
    Posts: 915


    You hit it on the head with the San Onofre pic's. Those are the real surf wagons (as I remeber them) in the pic's i.e. VW vans, cheapo wagons, old bread trucks, hand me down cars, etc. Surfers did not generally put much time into their rides.....they were surfing! Although that 55 wagon looks like it could have belonged to a surfer who lived in say...Riverside:D
  24. 59 brook
    Joined: Jun 12, 2005
    Posts: 1,017

    59 brook

    if you know bob can you ask him to call jeff at 954 298 0951. Tell him the guy with the 59 chevy wants to buy the tail light housings thanks
  25. Cyclone Kevin
    Joined: Apr 15, 2002
    Posts: 3,960

    Cyclone Kevin
    Alliance Vendor

    I've got an original 34 Woody Surf-Mobile.It really did surf duty in the 60's-90's
    Infact it still has a board on the roof. a Con from Santa Monica.(Hometown when I was born). 2EB86641-81AE-467C-A0E3-6CB7D96F3893.png DD64002B-50FF-4CFE-8781-D0B8C8A39FBB.png
    My sis has her own version, which I have to make roadworthy again It's a 65 Falcon originally a Robt. H. Loud Ford-Pasadena car. 200 ci originall a 3spd now a 2sp auto.
    I still have all of the original stuff, bit it to has done surf duty as well as raising a family duty.
    Lastly Bro and Sis own a late model = 91 Trooper with surf and water polo stickers all over the back windows w/surf racks and The Long Board Grotto-Leucadia logo on rt rear window. Modern Surf wagon.

    My Bro Bob surfed in the 60's/70s/80s/90s and ocassionally the milleneum up/down the coast and mosty said that things like Panels and 50's Ford,Chevy and Dodge wagons w/a mattress in the back and black spray painted windows were what the surfers were roaming the coast in.

    Dig all kinds of panels-wagons, show some more.
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  26. hemi
    Joined: Jul 11, 2001
    Posts: 1,961


    I never get the whole no-surfer surfer car thing. I see them in Ohio, Indiana, in New York... surf boards on the roof... no surfable beach for miles.... I dunno.

    But here's some inspiration so this reply won't be a total bust:

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  27. creepyjackalope
    Joined: Apr 4, 2007
    Posts: 560


    The only board mine carries has a set of Indy's and Kryptonic 70's......

    This is one of the coolest I have ever seen -
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  28. eddie1
    Joined: Jul 27, 2006
    Posts: 558


    One of my favorities. Could only be Tom the Tire Guy's woodie.
  29. DrJ
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
    Posts: 9,422


    That's good for memories...
    Across the street Hoyt Axton playing at the Golden Bear.
    That's right at the Huntington Beach Pier.
    The Comedian Pat Paulson usta go up and do an extra routine when Hoyt was to drunk to stand up.
    I usta date the Golden Bear's Hostess back in the '60's.
    She's a natural redhead... :cool:
    Those were the days..
    Pat Paulson and his Stag Party for president!

    Izzat guy on the running board Del Austin?

  30. any body got some pics from the beach movies, frankie and annette in a t-touring. muscle beach party ?? . thanks dermott.

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