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History SUNDAY SUNDAY at Aquasco Speedway

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by schwinn1, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Surely someone has some stories, pictures, memorabilia, time cards or other neat stuff from Aquasco.
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  2. Here's one, Don. Don't recognize the car. Maybe someone has some info.
  3. Don't know anything about the cars, but it is a very cool action shot. Thanks for posting it.
  4. alphabet soup
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    alphabet soup

    Don, I will ask. I have some friends that raced there on a regular basics. One of them was there the first summer and still has the car he raced. Will let you know. Gene.
  5. ..............Thanks a bunch. Pictures of the car would be very cool and ask him if he has any stories from back in the day that he might like to relate to us here.
  6. That Willys appears to be right at launch pulling front wheels?!
  7. .................Nice camera work, whoever took that shot.
  8. ........Yep.:D HalesKiddMatch (1).jpg 66308.jpg
  9. 0ldracer
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    Here is one from 1962. A young Gene Altizer winning A/Gas class and the Little Eliminator. Happened alot back then!
  10. Altizer's '31/'32 Plymouth eventually became Bill Kaufman's hot rod.
  11. Great Pic and story
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  12. I have enjoyed this site before. Thanks for bringing this up. COOL STUFF!:cool:
  13. How many folks remember Wilbert and Rufus Upholstery Shop? If I recall it was on Bladensburg Rd. N.E., Washington, D.C. a few blocks off of New York Ave. It was the place to go for many years.
  14. bump in case some have missed it:)
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  15. Might be before my time. I know the area but can't place the shop. How about Martin and Boyd's shop on Rhode Island Ave. NE? They re-arched leaf springs and made drive shafts etc.
  16. ............I remember Martin and Boyd's, never had the occasion to use them, but it was the place to go for that kind of work for years. I took the leaf springs out of the '40 many years ago to (I believe) R&R near Peace Cross to have bushings pressed in. Someone had put parallel leaf springs in the back many years ago, likely in the late 60's-early 70's, replacing the transverse spring that would have been there originally. The bushings were shot and the spring was slapping the hanger on hard acceleration. The guy who did the work told me that the springs were from a tri-five Chevy. I had no idea of their source.
  17. Are you talking about R&S Springs off Kenilworth ave.?
    R&S is a crazy place to see. Crap every where, people working on all manner of projects from small to huge. My first thought was what a cluster! They do great work though and I have been back several times. I was told that they have ties back to Martin and Boyd and became the go to place when they closed.
  18. Yeah, that's it, R&S............I knew there was an "R" in there. It was probably 25 years ago that I was there with my springs.

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