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Success with a remote brake booster?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Kraz, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Hey there, I just (well last winter) updated my 56 buick with a scarebird disc brake set up,up front and a BTS remote dual master cylinder on the firewall. My issue is pedal pressure as the pedal ratio is probably 1:1. Fyi, after doing all this...learned about pedal ratio (I call it trial and error...error..error).

    Anyone add a remote brake booster? Why do they cost an arm an a leg? Anywhere I can find one under 750?

    The other alternative is getting a universal master and booster with a pedal...but I would have to cut up the car which I was trying to avoid...but if she doesn't stop, she isn't worth a shit.

    Shoot me some advice....I need it!

    Thanks again 56 brake system.jpg
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    We have remote boosters back in stock. I can tell you from personal experience that they work very well. Price is $275.00 each. 860-872-7046
  3. 34toddster
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    from Missouri

    Can you run a remote booster with a dual master?
  4. Have you looked into a hydroboost unit? Runs off power steering pump pressure. They are very compact (about 3" in dia, and 4" long).
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  5. JohnEvans
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    from Phoenix AZ

    With a dual/split MC you need 2 of the remote boosters, 1 for each circut.
  6. exwestracer...I have heard of the hydroboost, but unfortunately I do not have power steering on the car...I am still primitive.

    With the remote booster, I believe I would only run it for the front brakes, which are disc and can leave the rears alone-which are original drums. The booster is added out of the master and before the "Y" to the fronts. I can easily hide it in the back of the drivers side can put a brief case in there!

    What else do I need to think about during the install? Does it pull vaccume from the intake manifold or carb? I run an edelbrock carb so I have more than enough fittings...I think!

    Also, for people who have performed the mod, "How much better does it get?!".

  7. AnimalAin
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    I ran one on my roadster for about 25 years. The setup was very popular and common in the late 70s/early80s. Effective, and not a lick of trouble. Switched to dual master and manual brakes.
  8. Hi!
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    from SoCal

    Ive done and worked on those remote types. The one for the fronts works well, vacum to the intake or carb, KEEP AWAY FROM EXHAUST is very important and tuck it up tight so you dont rip it off going over speed bumps.
    The hydro boost is a very nice way to go if you have power steering and can afford it.
  9. Mr Hi!....hydro boost is out ($$$)...just had a baby girl on Wednesday!
  10. gimpyshotrods
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    You can get a Hydroboost setup, used, from any 1-Ton dually or any Diesel GM product.

    I bought one recently, with all the lines, and the master cylinder, from the local self-service yard, for $90.

    You don't have to have a power steering box on the car to run one. You just need to mount a pump. It will work fine without the box, with one plugged hole.
  11. andyleonard
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    from topanga ca

    We run a small $275 Lockheed booster up behind the left headlight on the front circuit only. Works great. Rebuilt Hydroboost unit is $138 at Pepboys. Rebuilt PS pump is $58. Plus hoses/belts.

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