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Stromburg question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by qmdv, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    The top three are small number 97's, The bottom five are large number 97's.

    The middle one does not have a number on it. It does say 1 1/32 on it whereas the 97's say 31/32. Any idea what it is.

  2. onekoolkat1950
    Joined: Mar 23, 2008
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  3. That would be a 48 or a 81, to late at night here to get involved any deeper.
  4. I thought that the 81 came on the V-60 Ford and was a bit smaller than the 97.

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  5. ol fueler
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    ol fueler

    It means it is a complete mistake -- you should get rid of it as soon as possible --- send it to me right away!! --, I will take care of it!
  6. J'st Wandering
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    J'st Wandering

    It is a 48.

  7. cs39ford
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    1 1/32 thats means its a 48 31/32 means its a 97 thats the vent. size in the small circle cast in center section of carb
  8. What car did the 48 come on.

  9. J'st Wandering
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    J'st Wandering

    Late in the production of the '34s til around '36s. In '36 came the 97's.
  10. Shaggy
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    from Sultan, WA

    So simply put 31/32=.97" 13/16=.81" and 1 1/16= 48??? i've been told it was named after the jet size that was put in them, kinda dumb....
  11. Stromberg produced the 1 1/32 venturi carburetor from 1934-1936, the 35 & 36's are marked "48", coinciding with the Ford part # prefix for 1935.
  12. uncle max
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    uncle max

    Could also be a model 40... the precursor to the 48.
    Jet size is coincidental, if it's a 48.
  13. carbking
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    Stromberg made a number of different EE-1 carburetors for Ford.

    Ford's part number prefix for 1934 was 40 (see the above post by Uncle Max). The Ford part number for the carb might have been 40-9510-D Venturi 1 1/32.

    The prefix for the 1935 and 1936 models was 48. Venturi 1 1/32.

    Neither the 40 or the 48 have large markings like the later 97 and 81.

    The so-called model 97 (it was actually a model EE-1 made for Ford, with a 97 on the side) came out in 1937. Ford parts prefix for the passenger 85 HP was 67 (67-9510-A). The venturi was 31/32 or 0.96875 rounded to 97.

    The so-called model 81 (it was actually a model EE-7/8, Stromberg used the number following the model to designate the S.A.E. flange size) came out in 1937 on the 60 HP engine. Ford's early part prefix was SE (carb was SE-9510). Venturi size was 13/16 or 0.8125 rounded to 81). The SE parts prefix was changed to 52, the revised 81 becoming 52-9510, which in turn was superceded by 52-9510-B.

    After Ford began using Holleys in 1939, Stromberg did NOT discontinue producing model EE-1 carbs for Ford engines. These were sold as after market rather than directly to Ford. At least 6 different EE-1 carbs were produced, most with the 31/32 venturi, but some with the 1 1/32. These were produced at least through the mid-1950'sO

    One example would be the Stromberg EE-1 sales 380272 code 2-25B which was sold aftermarket to replace the Holley 8BA. This carb had the 31/32 venturi. The 2-25B marking was stamped (not a raised number like the 97) on the airhorn.


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