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Technical Steering column reviews?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Closenough, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. alchemy
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    No. The shaft on old Ford boxes is all one piece from the wheel all the way down through and into the box. No joint in there at all. It might have been into the early 60's when they finally put a joint there so you could remove the column and its shaft from the box.

    Most of the inner shafts of the parts we commonly use are 3/4", and the outer column housing are 1-1/2", so you can switch them around. There are different splines or tapers at the top in various years and applications though. And a myriad of lengths. If you go throwing Merc and Lincoln into the mix you will find different diameters though.

    I used an F-1 box/column in my 32 and wanted a 40 Ford style wheel with a tapered connection. Since my shaft was too long anyway, I just had my machinist buddy chuck it in his lathe and cut the shaft to length at the end, then turn the taper right on it. He cut some new threads, and then a key way with his key way cutter. No welding required. Perfect fit.
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  2. FlatJan
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    ok now I get..need to take a closer look at my steering box ;)
    thanks again
  3. verde742
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    Anybody have a detailed picture of an early Jaguar ? As I recall you pushed a sleeve and it tilted out of the way, or maybe I am dreaming again?:rolleyes: Seemed like it was simple and really neat ???
    ANYBODY ? :)
  4. I run Limeworks- Very nice
  5. For a short model A if you need splined end and an old looking wheel, I've used postal jeeps. Totally bare bones, 4 spoke wheel, horn set up and GM 36 splined at the end.
  6. Gman0046
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    Just don't buy any columns made in China by small children. There have been several threads on that junk coming apart.


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