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Technical Steering box set up advice

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by spillaneswillys, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Any suggestions on aligning this all up? It is about 5.5 to 6 inches side to side. I can adjust the steering column and the box. I bought the tall mount but can cut it down to fit. I need to order the universal joints and rod, what can you guys suggest? Joe (the carpenter)
    I am thinking I would order the parts and fit it up before welding the bracket on.

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  2. nailed31
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    Just an FYI- there will be bump steer with the box placed that far forward. The reason is the unequal length of the geometry. The steering rod (pitman arm to spindle) vs split bone need to have as close to the same lengths and pivot points and both be as close to level as possible. Red neck terms: make the pivot points line up and be square to the ground so can hold on to the wheel and yer beer at the same time!

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  3. I can move it back towards the firewall. It just seems to make the transition to the steering column more difficult. I want to order two joints and a shaft and fit it up from there. Thanks for the advice.
  4. 53 ford
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    53 ford

    Pull a string or use a straight edge from the steering arm at the axle to the ball joint at the end of the radius rod. Aline the ball joint on the pitman arm with the string. Keep the steering sector shaft parallel with the steering column, doesn't matter if it is offset.

  5. Jmountainjr
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    There are two approaches to reduce / eliminate bump steer on a side steer setup. As mentioned above, keeping the drag link and split bone about the same length and the pivot points close together works well. The idea is to keep them rotating in the same arc. You can also do this when they are of unequal length if you keep the pitman arm to drag link connection on the imaginary line that runs from the drag link connection at the spindle arm to the split bone frame connection. Run a string from the spindle steering arm back to the bone pivot point. Play with the steering box fore / aft position and mounting height so that the string passes through the pitman arm drag link connection hole. Many times this does not work out to be a good looking setup due to the length of the pitman being too long and the box needing to be too high.
  6. I have a diagram with the line you guys are talking about. I am more concerned with performance as opposed to appearance. I am planning on cleaning it up with some spider web gussets after all is installed. Thanks for the tips!
  7. dirt t
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    dirt t
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    Just a thought , you might consider Vega type steering.
  8. Jmountainjr
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    "I have a diagram with the line you guys are talking about"
    So you should be able to engineer out any bump steer issues. Just don't under estimate the amount of twisting force placed on the steering box when making your box mount.
  9. Blues4U
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    from So Cal

    My A pickup is set up similar to that, the box is a little closer to the firewall, but not much, and it steers just fine without a hint of bump steer. The installation isn't pretty, I acquired the vehicle with it already done. I talked to some more experienced guys about redoing it to clean it up, and they asked me how it steered. I told them it steered beautiful, and it does; they don't me not to screw with it, leave it alone, so I have. 20161111_134243.jpg 20161111_134341.jpg
  10. hammerd 31
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    hammerd 31

    Back to the string thing. Tie one to each spindle and route them to cab . Pull on the right to go right and pull on the left for left .
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