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State inspection

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ice man, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Ice man
    Joined: Mar 12, 2008
    Posts: 984

    Ice man

    I am originally from Pgh, Pa. Back when I was starting to drive, inspection was 4 times a yr, and VERY strict. Now I live in the Islands and the inspection is WOW, lights-do they work, horn, wiper-it has to move, emergency brake-does it hold. Thats it, We have mountains here, no concern for brakes, front end, tires, unless the cord is visible. I don't even go to inspection any more, make a call, he gets the papers and comes back that night with every thing, collects a fee and its done. In 03 we move to Sarasota, Fla. and I had my Roadster shipped to Ft.Lauderdale. When I picked it up I was informed that when I got to Sarasota, my car would need a thorough inspection including emmisions. ( I had two Smittys and no cad converts) And I said OK. I had already checked with the locals Mountys in Sarasota. He said (man we ain't got no inspection in Sarasota). That was easy. Later when driving down the hiway, I was DRIVING, and was pulled over, I was definately speeding (we have a 20 mile speed limit on the Island) he approached my car and said Sir. I don't recogonize your license plate. I said O Its from the Virgin Islands, OK thank you Sir and drove away. I loved Florida. Any one else got an inspection story. Lets hear it. Iceman
  2. Weasel
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    No inspections for passenger vehicles in 'safety conscious nanny state' CA except for smog. You can drive a dangerous piece of cobbled together junk that is falling apart and kill or maim someone, but whatever you do not pollute.:confused:
  3. timothale
    Joined: Feb 3, 2007
    Posts: 234


    I was working in Calif a few years ago and bought an 84 mustang 5.0 HO from a wrecking yard with replacement hood, fender,and door the right color. when I got it done I took it to get the smog check and they seemed to be taking forever, then I saw they kept sniffing the mustang when they brought in other cars. It must have been running real clean.
  4. There was one local station that I knew of that would do that. All you had to do is drop off your registration and a nominal fee payment and pick it up later, go home and slap on the sticker.

    They eventually got busted with a $1000 fine and a suspension for a couple of months. This was around 1982 or so before they started all the camera crap and the direct link to Albany.


  5. mj40's
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    Idaho had a safety inspection program back in the 60's. It was dropped and now it is left up to law enforcement to do an inspection during a traffic stop. Personally I think the program did some good. Too many daily drivers out there with bald tires and major safety issues today. Most rodders I know are pretty conscious about building their cars for durability and safety. Now if we could get the GP to do the same. But just my .02!
  6. JohnShaft
    Joined: Nov 12, 2008
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    from Tejas

    Gawd, every time I get a ticket it's for expired inspection.

    Down in south Texas it used to be that as long as you passed a decent safety inspection (ya know the usual lights, signals, tires, brakes, wipers, etc) you were good to go. Then the most populated counties got the lovely opportunity to have to pass emissions as well. My truck always seems to be just a few points off on one or the other chemical and fail, no matter how well I keep it in tune. And I go to a guy who I KNOW keeps fairly clean filters on his machine. I hate smog inspection.

    And the bummer is, as far as I know, the surrounding counties still only have to pass safety.

    And no, you can't get a p.o. box in one county and declare that your address. It's been tried. :(
  7. TagMan
    Joined: Dec 12, 2002
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    My son-in-law moved from NYS, where a yearly inspection is required, to Kentucky a couple of years ago. When he went to register his car, the gal at the DMV told him the car had to be inspected. He asked where he had to take it and the gal said she'd do it. She walked out to the parking lot, made sure he didn't have any cracks in the windshield and that was that! The only inspection necessary for as long as he owns that car.

    I love Kentucky!!!
  8. Back in 1975, when I was living in Los Angeles, late, late one night, I just got on the Hollywood Freeway from the the Four-Level, when all of a sudden, from my right, came a '59 Cadillac coupe, all windows blown out (including the windshield), and sparks flying from the dragging exhaust. The driver must have been totally plastered, as it veered across all four lanes, and then right, kind of settling in the number 3 lane (second from right). I backed off immediately to stay away from this wreck.

    I currently live in New Mexico, where we only have smog inspection in one county (Bernalillo), and no state safety inspection. Like Cali, you drive what you have, so like that night in 1975, I see some interesting wrecks on the road. It's also quite common to see cars with tags that expired two or three years ago.

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