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Start 'em young!!!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HemiRambler, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. HemiRambler
    Joined: Aug 26, 2005
    Posts: 4,208


    Needed some help - enticed my son with the "reward" of firing the motor in the driveway - I hope I got him hooked !!!! He was only a little timid priming the motor, but we'll get there!!!

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  2. AstroZombie
    Joined: Jul 17, 2006
    Posts: 1,788


    Well, you coulda called me!!! I always get my daughter involved as well, to me it's a great feeling. I know a guy that is a total ass to his sons if they're in the garage, such ignorance.

    Great pic man, thanks for posting!
  3. hvychvy
    Joined: Jul 21, 2005
    Posts: 1,874


    Nothing better than having your kids interested in what your doing(unless they're helping with bodywork):D

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  4. HemiRambler
    Joined: Aug 26, 2005
    Posts: 4,208


    I gotta say it was a great feeling watching him help me work on the car. I stood back a couple times and just let it soak in - to me it was one of those moments I live for. To treat your kids like an ass in the garage is so beyond ignorance - makes no sense at all!!!!

    BTW same pic I know - I just LOVE it in black & white!!

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  5. smarg
    Joined: Nov 18, 2008
    Posts: 1,069


    Thats pretty cool man.

    Just remember to tell him to stay away from hot pipes or anything of that nature.

    I burn myself all to often.:D
  6. hillbilly4008
    Joined: Feb 13, 2009
    Posts: 2,918

    from Rome NY

    I had my son put a quart of oil in my car today. He'll be 2 on x-mas eve, so he is still small enough to sit under the hood. We call it his car, I think he's put more time behind the wheel than i have
  7. Kelly Burns
    Joined: May 22, 2009
    Posts: 761

    Kelly Burns

  8. Carpe Noctem
    Joined: Jan 20, 2008
    Posts: 95

    Carpe Noctem
    from Las Vegas

    Daughter is 3 1/2 and will hand me tools all night long (wrong ones and even when i'm not asking but hey). Mini gearhead in the making. The car projects are "our projects"
  9. couldnt agree more.:)

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  10. Funny this came up, I just received a pic of my nephew helping my brother in law change the motor in his O/T street machine Commodore. I real happy to see it though, we were all worried about the 'direction' he was taking.

  11. Bullington
    Joined: Feb 27, 2007
    Posts: 302

    1. Northwest HAMBers

    Nice. I just took this today. Henry removing the exhaust manifold on our 354.

  12. Mr 42
    Joined: Mar 27, 2003
    Posts: 1,216

    Mr 42
    from Sweden

    My youngest son gave me a hand here, and his son is giving him a hand. isnt it great when the generations help each other out :)

  13. hotrodjohnny77
    Joined: Jun 1, 2008
    Posts: 264


    Nice pics, I put a spray gun in my daughters hand when she was six and now everytime Im in the garage she is trying to use a spray gun or stealing a spray bomb and painting something.
  14. rustyhood
    Joined: Dec 2, 2009
    Posts: 719


    Yes sir! chips off the old block! Life is good!
  15. big bad john
    Joined: Aug 11, 2010
    Posts: 4,727

    big bad john

    Thank you for the posts......reminds me when my son help me.....Big Bad John
  16. flamed34
    Joined: Dec 30, 2009
    Posts: 733


    A couple of weeks ago, I was wetsanding and buffing a 47 Merc I painted that my father is building. My parents were babysitting their grand-daughter (my niece) and my father decided to let her "help" to wash the wet sanding residue off with a sponge. Several hours later, as I was finishing the buffing, she decided to "help" again - this time with a piece of 180 grit sand paper she picked up somewhere! Fortunately, no real harm done - a little more wet sanding and buffing and all was good!
  17. pcterm2
    Joined: Aug 25, 2009
    Posts: 551


    that is just too cool
  18. greaserzombie
    Joined: Nov 19, 2004
    Posts: 56


    My boy is 2 1/2, and loves helping. He really likes my o/t cummins, because he can go right under it, and "fix it" with "tools". I gave him an old wrench and couple screwdrivers, and other than trying to stick it in an electrical outlet a couple times, he now knows that if anything is broken - "we can fix it"!

    He also loves goin on the hamb with me to "lookathotrods". Love that boy.
  19. lippy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2006
    Posts: 5,594

    from Ks

    Exactly, cherish these times with your little ones, they grow so fast. Lippy:cool:
  20. ems customer service
    Joined: Nov 15, 2006
    Posts: 2,580

    ems customer service

    my girls started at shows when they were months old, car show are just a regular part of summer and the same with cruise nites. they always want to help so every project must include them.

    the oldest just had to loosen some bolts on the carb as we went for a rebuild.

    now the real challaenge is to get them intrested in making parts, they were thrilled when they saw the big tarus cnc mill cutting a new die. and i am getting them more used the press shop. i supposed they will probally make parts for old import tuners car or something like that in 20+ years. they are gonna be the 4th generation in our family to make car parts i hope.

    i probally went overboard with the photos but i got going.

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  21. HemiRambler
    Joined: Aug 26, 2005
    Posts: 4,208


    Well I think I may have to UP my son's allowance this month - with his help yesterday we went out today and ran our best ever ET - TWICE!!! Last year our best was 9.50 - this year our previous best was 9.57 - we then had some gremlins - today we went 9.47 off the trailer and backed it up with a 9.36!!!! Now that it's back to normal I can make some changes!!!! He must have "the touch"!!!
  22. chillywilly
    Joined: Jul 28, 2009
    Posts: 274


    My 3 year old Hudson is garage and car crazy... always helping. He has his own tool box - which is where I find the ones I need. Every day he asks me what we are going to fix. Every time he sees the HAMB on the screen he tells me he has to buy some cars and parts for his shoebox.
    Best feeling ever.
  23. Merge
    Joined: Oct 7, 2004
    Posts: 379


    Here's my son Hudson at 8 months old playing in my 53' before we chopped it. He has a blast playing with the wheel, one of the best feelings in the world to just watch him!

    <a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

    Uploaded with <a target='_blank' href=''></a>
  24. I'm taking my son to his first car show next sunday. He's soo excited to see hot wauds like in daddies books (magazines) I can't wait to build a project with him.
  25. Skankin' Rat Fink
    Joined: Jun 18, 2006
    Posts: 1,584

    Skankin' Rat Fink
    from NYC

    I let my buddy's son "drive" my Pontiac at the last show I went to.



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