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Hot Rods Standard transmission question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by firstinsteele, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. spanners
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    Don't forget to factor in the new clutch and pilot bush .While the 'box is out you might as well put new in if available. If it was mine I'd resurface the flywheel too.
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  2. finn
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    Another vote for attempting a rebuild of what you have. It’s got to be cheaper than the unknown used transmission, and the bearings at least won’t be wasted
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  3. All that was done 8000 mi back. Thanks for the thought.

    I will probably do it myself. The reason I was thinking of buying one was to have it ready when the one in the car was pulled, cutting down time. You guys have been helpful. I will attempt to document the process. I imagine it will be awhile [ weeks? ] after the weather cools a bit.


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  4. Boneyard51
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    Amen to waiting for the weather to cool!

  5. I have found that North West Transmission in OH 937-442-2811 has many parts for the older std transmissions. There is an older tech that works there in the afternoons that has been very helpful in the past fwiw. There is also a fellow over on the AACA forum that specializes in all Buick parts who has also been very helpful in the past. Beware however that he does only WU money transfers but he is legit for sure as I have purchased several tranny pieces and parts from him. Dave Tacheny can be reached at 763-427-3460 between 6 and 7 pm. In addition to these contacts there is Olcar Bearing in NC 910-693-3324. George has old bearings and seals, also been great to work with. Lastly, Best Gasket has the 5 and 6 bolt Buick tranny gasket sets available.
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  6. If by saying when the "clutch pedal is released" you mean that the clutch is engaged, then both the clutch gear (input shaft) and the cluster gear should be turning. Unless you've got some really serious problems. . . :eek:
  7. luckythirteenagogo
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    I agree with everyone that has suggested repairing the one you have. Odds are that whatever you buy is going to need some kind of work as well. You might even wind up with one that is worse off than yours. At least you know yours works, maybe not well, but it does work!

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  8. Rusty Heaps
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    Rusty Heaps

    I vote for the rebuild, but you may consider purchasing the other for a spare if the price can be negotiated.
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  9. What you are stating is correct, but in my experience I have found that because there is no load on the cluster gear, the bearing noise of the countershaft most likely will not be noticeable, and if it is, there will be other additional problems.

    To further clarify the situation, I found a youtube video that describes how the gears are selected in a manual transmission.

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