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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BuckeyeBuicks, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. ............I believe it was a '39. Nose up, gasser stance? Sounds like the '39 of Gary Manley and yes it is well traveled and yes, he is a real deal life-long hot-rodder.:D
  2. RT468
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    With the punched out grill and my lack of knowledge of the differences between the 39 and 40 that was probably the car. My mind gravitated to it being a 40. Either way,last time I saw that car I had my youngest child with me and I showed him that car as my earliest impression of what a classic was. My father sold his 40 coupe and a 30 Bantam Roadster with a Hilborn injected DZ 302 in a muffler moly chassis to a cabinet maker to pay tuition bills for myself and my sister. Not sure which one of us was more enamored by the car myself or my offspring. But,if I had my chance I'd do a version almost identical to it. It's an iconic car in my mind.
  3. RT468
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    I think last time I posted about Carlisle it was to say it was my father,myself,and my youngest that went and had that time together. My father,not one for words shared that it wasn't the same after schedules changed and we couldn't go together 2 or 3 times a year. Found that common ground because my own couldn't come with me this time and it just didn't feel right without having him with me. Beyond the plague and whatnot the bonding over rusty parts is a dying sentiment anymore. Although I am noticing the participants are getting much slower ,older and greyer than I still feel as if I have a few more years before I require a scooter to get around. Although going through twice over I am gonna admit my left hip hurt something aweful.
  4. That was him. He is definitely hard core.
  5. dan31
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    Just got back from there, bought some 54' Pontiac belt line trim for my 54' Chevy from Stan's Stainless. Couldn't believe I finally found some good ones.
  6. A/GAS
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    from gore, va

    That maybe my Cpe Glad to hear you had nose bleed 40. Id post a picture of I knew how.

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  7. .....Here's a few, Gary. Most by Scott Myers. TRJ_65_2f (Medium).jpg IMG_7131 (Large).JPG IMG_7122 (Large).JPG IMG_7107 (Large).JPG
  8. Yeah, one of my favorite { HOT RODs too !} :) 2018 to june 2019 007.jpg
  9. Well traveled for sure.:)
  10. I saw this posted in the "old photos" thread and I would bet it is another photo of Gary's car back in the 70's or so, I know he would head to Florida each winter. 3 1 1.jpg

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