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Spray gun questions, warning, I'm a newbie.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by sideways_403, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    I picked up this spray gun from the tip, spent about a day cleaning it up, now you can actually tell it's a spray gun! :D Anyway, I've never sprayed before and I don't really know what any of the knobs on the gun do, I can guess what they do but I wouldn't know when I should adjust them.

    And yes, I did do a search but I couldn't find much. ;)

    So, here's the gun, could you please tell me what the numbered knobs do?


    What pressure regulator should I have? Or wont I need one?

    I think I've found some where that I can get different sized tips from, I'l probably just buy a different gun for any other sizes I'l need though. It's got a 2mm tip on it now.

    I'm going to paint the house with it, then I'l try a car, should be..... ermmm.... Fun. :cool:

    One more question. How do you clean the gun when you're finished with it?



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  2. thebronc4019
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    from New Jersey

    1 Controls the air pressure

    2 Controls the volume of paint being sprayed through the tip

    3 Controls the size of the spray pattern

    You should run a pressure regulator. As far as what pressure to spray at depends on the viscosity of the paint.

    I only spray automotive paint with my guns and always use lacquer thinner to clean them. Run some lacquer thinner through the gun. Take the tip off of the front of the gun and submerse it in thinner. Take an a brush and brush the needle and the area around it. For a more thorough cleaning you can take the gun apart and clean pieces individually.
  3. you should be able to un screw the needle knob all the way, it may pop off because there should be a spring in it. then pull the trigger and pull the needle out. you can see what size needle you have and then see what tip size you have.

    Im not a great painter, but with those numbers someone here can tell you what psi and what type of paint to shoot through it.

    definatly put a regulator on it.
  4. Ob1
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    2mm might be good for house paint and auto primer, not so for auto base and clear.

    You'd probably do better on your auto work with a cheap HVLP gun.

  5. missed that you put up tip size. pop the needle out to find the needle size
  6. Buff
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  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'l measure the needle tomorrow.

    I'm looking at getting a HVLP gun, I found a place that has second hand Iwata ect for pretty cheap.



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