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Technical Speedway harness to GM ignition switch?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hell_fish_65, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Im trying to figure out the way to wiring in a GM tilt column mount ignition switch. I have searched, but not found anything that helps clear it up for me. The boxed descriptions in the attachment are how I understand the wiring. Im not sure what "spare ignition" is or what to put there. I can only guess is that the 2 ground connectors are attached on the other side to the body. Would battery power really be spliced from a single cable to 3?

    Speedway diagram....
    Simple Duraspark II digram

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  2. if you look real close in that GM ignition switch you will see that they are marked. use Battery in , S for start , I-1 for ignition only , I-3 for powering the side of the fuse block that is hot only when ignition is on , A for powering the side of fuse block that is on in accessory position.

    when the switch is off you will see that there is no connection between your "ignition" and "spare ignition"

    of the three battery can use one to run power in from battery , then one of the others to power up the part of the fuse block that is hot all the time. like headlights , horn , etc
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  3. squirrel
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    Yeah, but you may not need to do that if you don't have a lot of power robbing accessories on your car.
  4. Power windows, radio and small amp, lighter, gauges, power antenna and dome light. I think that's it. Its a 56 F100 with a 351W and C4. This is my first big wiring job. Im learning a lot, but some of the "simple" things are getting me confused. Ha!

    So spare ignition is for a accessory and not needed?

  5. you only need battery power in to one of those three Battery terminals on the switch

    your "spare ignition" is used to power up stuff that is only on when the ignition is heater fan, turn signals , cruise control . there is no power there when the switch is in the start position. use your "ignition" for only your distributor/ignition system. there IS power there when in start position so your motor will start. as i said , there is no conductivity between the two ignition terminals when the switch is off....that is so your distributor is isolated and you will get no engine run on

    use accessory for stuff that is on when you turn back the switch to radio , etc

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