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spark plugs,how much difference does the brand make?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rustdodger, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. 1931av8
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    Specifics please! I am still experimenting with plugs on my Fuelie unit. Finding that AC 43's run the best so far and have not had the success that I know is possible with Autolites. What Autolites are you running on your 57?
  2. Ball and Chain
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    Ball and Chain
    from Nor Cal

    These days ... NGK makes GM plugs, on newer vehicles AC plugs out of AC boxes will say NGK right on them. I run NGK in everything, hemi, flathead, chevy 6, daily driver chevy truck, dirt bike, jet ski, motorcycle.
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    I like Autolites in everything, at least I used to. I tried every brand of plug available in my sleds and race car. NGK in the sleds was fine. A good tune and they hold up. NGK in the racer? JUNK! They fouled on the 2nd time trial. I was running Autolite 24s and got the NGK crossover number (don't recall it) and I could truely feel the difference at idle. I put the old Als in it and the ET/MPH came right back. I'd clean em every 3-4 weeks and keep goin. I had an MSD in a standard HEI with an Accell Supercoil on top. Real low dollar ignition parts and could maintain a .045 gap, even tried the ol side gap trick without fail. DIdn't notice any improvement with the side gap so I didn't bother with it. My sled likes a side gapped plug though. Really snappy but the 1st time a fouling situation happens they'll be toast. Still fun.
  4. RatBone
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  5. Dale Fairfax
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    Dale Fairfax
    Member Emeritus

    Many years ago an old mechanic gave me a booklet published by the Ethyl Corporation. I believe it was a guide to analysis and tuneup. In it was a large foldout page listing all the common sparkplugs of the day arrayed on a common chart of heat disapation rate (heat range).What amazed me at the time was the fact that very few, if any, of the equivalent plugs as listed in typical parts house interchange charts were truly equivalent. Nothing on the chart was straight across from it's "equal"-every plug was slightly colder or slightly hotter than its equivalent.

  6. Spark Plug threads are just about as useless as Oil brand threads - Everyone has a good or bad story about every brand.
    Been a user of NGK for many years (since the mid 70's) in everything from stockers to racers and had very good luck. 450+ HP turbo 4 cyl to high compression small block Fords, never a problem. Does that make other brands suck? NO!
    And just because of a bad experience with a brand did you ever stop to think that the plug you were using was not the right one for the application, regardless of what the crossover chart or the self proclaimed expert might have told you?
    These threads usually are just full of entertaining dribble with no facts or reasoning.
  7. The second day I owned my 64 'vette [66 350 hp 327] it fouled the AC plugs. I replaced them with autolites and never had further problems with sparkplugs in that car...ok, ok...I went several steps hotter too. I've since used AC plugs since with no problems. Just shows sometimes a hotter plug will cure fouling problems regardless of the brand.
  8. briggs&strattonChev
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    Welcome back
  9. lostforawhile
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    anyone had cleaner plugs with the MSD boxes? i put a 6-T in the off topic project, it's not running yet, but I figured with the multiple sparks at lower rpms it would help burn off deposits, I know a lot of these new ignition systems with the coil packs fire more then once
  10. I was running standard AC's in my car with the low profile 2 X 4 setup and then switched to the AC rapid fires, it seemed to help. I did try different heat ranges and plug reaches on the standard AC's too but the rapid fires have lasted a year now.
  11. willowbilly3
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    Member Emeritus
    from Sturgis

    My experiences came from many years in the garage business, not just a single good or bad experience. I still like Autolites best because I've had great performance, the QC is good and the numbering system is easy to understand/remember. Not saying there aren't other good plugs, just what worked for me. The only thing carved in stone is Champion is another word for junk, too many bad experiences with them. I have had to replace brand new ones that got washed out and would not fire again.
  12. bcr466
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    I run whatever is on sale as long as it is the correct heat range for what I'm using it for. I have to "read" the plugs to get it right and thereafter if brands are changed check cross reference carefully. As previously mentioned the charts dont (seldom) give you the same plug. Some manuf. try the one number fits all policy.
  13. wombat barf
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    wombat barf
    from oklahoma

    has anyone tried the new E-3 plugs? they look trick but so did splitfires in '93 and those were some fouling machines in my Camaro's 305.
  14. scrap metal 48
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    scrap metal 48

    I'm sure they're all OK but for me, Autolites, period........
  15. seacat95
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    I use to only run AC as I am a Chevy guy, then one day the guy behind the parts counter who has a Gasser says try these Autolites, I will guarantee that you will love them, or I not the store will buy them back. That was 6 years ago and I have only run Autolites since then. I did make a special trip back to thank him. My Dad's non-Hamb friendly truck was fouling plugs frequently, he went to Autolites and no problems since.

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