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Southern MD life and old cars

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TRAVEZ, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Hello All,

    It appears that I will most likely be relocating to the Baltimore/APG area sometime in the near future with work. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the car "scene" in that neck of the woods. I am hauling along my project car with me. I am at the point of trying desperately to get it road worthy, or at least in the home stretch as I will not have anywhere to work on it immediately when I get there. I am hoping to get a house with a garage or maybe a storage unit.

    On a side note does anyone have any recommendations or guidance on good areas and bad areas in the Baltimore area?


  2. chaos10meter
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    from PA.

    Baltimore has some nice area's North of town.
    95 traffic from Baltimore to APG is a real pain going and coming.
    If your going to work at APG why not move closer to work ,some real nice homes / developments in that area. A lot of them empty I guess because the base thing never took off like they envisioned it would.
    Lot of water/ boating activity in the area.
    Take a drive from Baltimore North/East on old RT 40 up thru North East Md. it will give you an idea of the area. I have a boat up by North East ( Charlestown nice little town) & I can make it to APG in about 10 mins.
    Seems the farther you get from Baltimore the less expensive are the costs.
    You have to like boating and eating blue crabs to fit in.
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  3. There's a fairly active car scene here. The Karb Kings' Mobtown Greaseball show was just last wknd. That's one not to miss next yr. The Jalopyrama takes place in Annapolis Oct. 27th if you are here by then. Both of these are covered here on the HAMB. Do a search for photos. This wknd. is the first Rodder's Journal Rod and Custom Revival @ Pimlico Racecourse. The nearby Burtonsville, Md. Church of the Holy Donut goes year-round in good weather and the Marley Station cruise-nite ( Glen Burnie ) draws upwards of 400 cars on a good Sat. evening. Depends on your resources as to where you chose to locate. Generally the blue-collar neighborhoods tend to be on the East side of town with more upscale homes in the NW quadrant. There are obviously variations to all of those, but that's just a brief overview. Good luck. Join the Maryland HAMB Social Group now to get a headstart on what's going on a around town.............................Don.
  4. Southern MD=Baltimore/APG? I wouldn't consider those the same.

    I live in Baltimore. Recently transitioned from single to Married with kids, and went through the whole house hunting thing about 3 years ago, so I can give you my $.02 on either depending on what your needs are. I also rented garage space for a number of years when I was living downtown, so I can give you some info on that if you consider living some place w/o a garage.

    For what it's worth, i moved from Albuquerque in 2006 too.

    PM me if i can help.

  5. Consider Deleware.

    Just a short hop south to APG plus the standard of living is cheaper.

    Non of the usual rediculous Md taxs in tax free shopping Deleware.:D

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    Thanks for the input guys. Scott you are totally right...APG is not in Baltimore, dont really know why i put that. It looks like we will be heading out that way in the next couple of months. We have been looking into the APG area like Bel Air and Havre De Grace. I have actually looked at DE as well. Is it as close as it looks to APG?
  7. I gotta admit I didn't even know you meant Aberdeen Proving Grounds when I read your post. You may want to look around on the I-95 corridor like White Marsh, Belair, etc. or for sure check out Northern Delaware. There may be some hefty tolls though if you commute daily to and from Del..Just sayin'
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  8. Travez, true, but what I was trying to say is that APG/Baltimore is definitely not what I think most would consider to be southern MD. APG and Baltimore are at least on the same corridor. I'll put it this way: I could see commuting between Aberdeen and Baltimore or anywhere on the corridor in between, but no way would I try to commute b/t what I consider Southern MD and Baltimore.
  9. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
    Member Emeritus

    The whole corridor through Delaware...Aberdeen...Baltimore is pretty short, especially by the standards of western US, but it can be very thoroughly clogged with traffic at times and also has speeding ticket cameras in some parts...I personally would go outward into a more rural area near APG. West to regular rural/small town, east to crab and oyster country. Mmmmmm oysters!
    APG is host once per year to its own lunatic automotive culture...The military vehicle crowd have about the best non-hotrod show on the planet. Those people make hotrodders look sane!
  10. How soon do you expect to be in the area?
  11. 41will
    Joined: Jul 18, 2012
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    from Hanover PA

    Yeah that's not really Southern MD.

    I would stay out of living in true baltimore if you can help it. Nothing against anyone who does live in the city. Just not my idea of a fun time unless it's a have to.

    Car scene in MD and in this part of the country in general has always been big. So I think you'll have no problem with that. And there's like 3 drag tracks in MD if you ever get bored.

    And NSRA show in June is up here in York PA(about an hour north of baldimor) every year. And the KKOA show was here last weekend. And you'll be close to Carlisle and Hershey.. :)

    So again. You'd be in a good area for car culture.
  12. TOE
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    TRAVEZ, once you're out here in the MD/PA area another show you need to go to is the Jalopy Showdown and/or the Jalopy Showdown Drags.

    Like others have said this area has lots going on for a car guy.
  13. TRAVEZ
    Joined: Jan 21, 2005
    Posts: 584


    Thanks again for the input guys! I am still figuring a timeline. Probably in the next couple of months. I think we are leaning towards Bel Air, White Marsh , Havre De Grace area. Stoked to see there is a good car scene. One thing that I noticed looking online is that it seems like there are not a lot of homes with garages. i will probably have to rent some sort of storage unit to put my buick in while I am bringing up to par.
  14. wally426ci
    Joined: Feb 18, 2011
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    This is what I use to search for Houses (which we are doing right now)

    The car scene is pretty good. As with Scott (whom it looks like I live 10 minutes from but have never met) PM me if you need anything. One thing that could help us is if you need good schools (have kids or not). I personally hate the cookie cutter pop-up developments such as Abingdon and most of White Marsh but thats me.

    Also, 95 can suck between 695 and 152.

    I have some choice words to describe almost every mile of Rt.40 so don't cruise that if you want to have a good feeling for Maryland. It's sort of like Vegas without the money.

    Maybe look at Churchville? I believe parts of Havre De Grace get flooded at times when the Dam lets out so make sure elevation isn't a concern......

    I guess I am not a huge fan of Harford County so it's hard to pick good areas around Aberdeen. Think about how far you want to commute. Pretty much the farther you get from APG, the nicer it gets.
  15. hotrodjohnny77
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    I live in Delaware and commutethat way everyday. Very obvious differnce in cost of living for a 20 mile commute. There are tax advantages as well. The only toll is a one way toll, you can actually get a pass for 10$year to avoid the costs. I will warn you though, the areas you mention, Bel Air, Havre de Grace are full of deed restricitons regarding cars and boats. I saw someone mention Charlestown, I work there alot in the boating industry and you can get a lot of house for the money as opposed to Hartford county.

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