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Hot Rods Southeast Gasser, Father and Son H/Gas build

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 37dodge, Dec 18, 2020.

  1. So, my son Enzo, who is now 14, wanted for us to build a gasser. We were running a Flathead front engine dragster out in Colorado with the VDRA before moving to North Carolina last year, and had sold it prior to leaving. I guess I did something right because he has an huge appreciation for vintage cars and vintage drag cars in particular.
    After seeing the amount of drag strips out here we got to talking about building a gasser to take out once in a while to some of the vintage events in this region. I knew about the Southeast Gasser Association and loved what they were doing. I looked up the rules and thought we could surely fit in there somewhere. I searched the internet for a likely candidate to base our build on, and came across a recent build just for the SEGA, but it was offered as a roller or turnkey. My son wanted us to build an engine together so I thought this might just work out. The car I was looking at was a 1958 Morris Minor built by HAMBer (SouthCross2631) Mike Coger out of Tennessee. He had built an awesome little chassis for this car and I knew at first glance, this was it! He and I stuck a deal for the car as a roller and made plans to pick it up.
    Of course the weather was shitty and raining, but we had a mission. We arrived at Mike's house in the pouring rain and got a sneak peak at the front end of the Minor poking out from the one car garage. Enzo screamed, Oh YES, I LOVE IT!
    Mike and his wife Cathy are the nicest of people, real genuine people. He talked me through what he had done to the car and all the important stuff I should know. We talked about his past racing experiences, old cars and the like. We loaded up the Minor on our U haul trailer and bid farewell. I stopped a few miles down the road to check the tie downs and also get another look at our new project. It really was a great moment for my boy and I to be bringing home such a cool machine. DSCF3584.JPG DSCF3586.JPG DSCF3589.JPG thumbnail_20200118_115634.jpg thumbnail_20200118_120222.jpg thumbnail_20200118_140036.jpg thumbnail_20200118_211743.jpg
  2. Awesome man! I'm jealous lol. What's your plan to power that little beast? And Mike Coger has been nothing but great to me. He's a good one :D
  3. AHotRod
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    Fantastic News! I follow the SEGA since the beginning and are friends with allot of the drivers and teams on Facebook.
    Let the journey begin !
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  4. 51504bat
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    Great start. Sounds like both you and your son are lucky guys. I'll be watching your progress. Keep us posted and of course with lots of pictures. We love pictures.:cool:
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  5. caper
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    from Cape Cod

    Great start
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  6. wvenfield
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    I'm sure you got a good car. It's also good to see SEGA growing.
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  7. I’m assuming the boss (your wife) knows about this.

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  8. dirty old man
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    dirty old man
    Member Emeritus

    Mike seems to be a nice guy for sure, never met him face to face,, but have followed his work on that car and the Comet wagon. Also have discussed stuff over the phone with him about Ford toploader 4 speeds.
    Looks to me like you got the body situation well in hand. Your thread title mentions H Gas, what are your engine plans?
  9. So when we got it home we started to make it ours by sanding off the old lettering on the truck lid and the doors. Our plan from early on was to put in a flathead Ford V8 and a 4 speed. That is one of the requirements of running a SEGA car, has to be a stick shift. After some research of what combo to use, I decided on using a Muncie because I already had it, and it would handle the HP and RPM levels of our motor. thumbnail_20200126_144852.jpg thumbnail_20200126_145736.jpg thumbnail_20200816_112755.jpg thumbnail_20200816_170849.jpg
  10. Dick Stevens
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    Dick Stevens

    Looks like a fun father/son project! I'll be watching your progress and cheering you on.
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  11. Butch M
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    Butch M

    thats going to be fun
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  12. loudbang
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    Good car to start with. Going to be interesting to see how a flathead makes out in SEGA. :)
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  13. Countn'Carbs
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    from CO

    Awesome Project!! We race a bit with the VDRA here in Colorado and was surprised to read that in your intro to this. Very Cool build you guys have going on. I'll be following with great interest and pulling for you guys!!
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  14. You will have a unique combo for sure! What does the compatition look like in H/gas?
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  15. Hello there, I looked at your K88 and didn't see that dragster in the group before, Very Nice!
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  16. Brand Apart
    Joined: Jan 22, 2011
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    Brand Apart
    from Roswell GA

    As a SEGA spectator I am looking forward to more H GAS CARS, that being said I didn't see any participating in the 4 races I attended in 2020. I'm assuming you checked with Quain to be sure this class is not defunct.

    Hope to see you out there in 2021
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  17. There are only a few cars in the group now that I know of and looking to grow it a bit more. There are a few new ones being built now, so hopefully it does get bigger for the class.
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  18. Took apart the Muncie to do an assessment and it wasn't too bad, needed the usual rebuild stuff like synchros, bearings, bushings and gaskets. The reverse gear was a little chewed up so got another one of those. thumbnail_20201101_170635.jpg thumbnail_20201101_170635.jpg thumbnail_20201211_215226.jpg thumbnail_20201213_122004.jpg thumbnail_20201220_165702.jpg thumbnail_20201220_165708.jpg thumbnail_20201220_181221.jpg
  19. These are from a while ago, but we started doing the mock up to see how the flathead would fit in there and where to put the motor mounts. It does sit in there nicely. thumbnail_20200321_170055 (1).jpg thumbnail_20200321_170109.jpg thumbnail_20200321_173220.jpg thumbnail_20200321_184402.jpg thumbnail_20200321_185710.jpg
  20. 41rodderz
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    from Oregon

  21. Great work guy’s.
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  22. AccurateMike
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  23. Had some rear end work to do on it. Took out the set of 6.00 gears and gave them back to Mike Coger for his SEGA Super Stock Comet wagon build. I bought a set of 5.14 gears at a swap meet and put those in. When we were fitting the pinion assembly into the case, found that the pinion gear had 10 thou runout and would bind after bolting in. So, out that gearset came and Mike sent me his old 5.29. During the gear swap, I found one of the pre-load adjusters had broken and also replaced the nodular iron 1350 pinion yoke with a forged one so the pinion nut would thread in all the way with the big bearings. Everything is set up and now back in the car. thumbnail_20201108_174318 (1).jpg thumbnail_20201114_125452 (1).jpg thumbnail_20201230_203728.jpg thumbnail_20210105_194440.jpg thumbnail_20210106_191739.jpg thumbnail_20210117_141355.jpg thumbnail_20210117_141415.jpg .
  24. Tman
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    Cool project
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  25. Matt55folife
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    This is awsome! Enjoy every minute of it! Glad to see a flathead run with sega!!!! Hope to see yall there this coming season!

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  26. AHotRod
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  27. The engine is in the machine shop and of course the block is cracked in the usual spots. Got two cracks from the bowls to the cylinders. Upon close inspection, it was repaired before, but now going to sleeve the block and pin the deck. No leaks showed up on a pressure test, but I want to be sure. Hopefully I can get the block back soon, race season is right around the corner.

    Attached Files:

  28. Got our intake and carbs, 3 Stromberg 97s and an Offy intake. Needed to do some port matching on the intake, which my son Enzo was thrilled to do. Let the aluminum fly! thumbnail_20200706_181021.jpg thumbnail_20200706_181826.jpg thumbnail_20200706_181838.jpg
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  29. catdad49
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    This should be a fun, Little combination! Welcome to the SEGA Family, do not be afraid to ask questions of any of the members , Quain included. Great to see a young person getting their hands dirty, Carp.
  30. edcodesign
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