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Motion Pictures South Australian Drag Racing Footage

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ryan, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. and why the white lab coat...?

    I've watched the video's a few times now, each time picking up neat details that make me appreciate the innocense and hot rodding 'purity', I don't particualy understand a number of things, but am stoked that everywhere I look people appear to be enjoying the events of the moment, even the guys in the lab coats...:)
  2. goetzcr
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    Ah, I've been smooth jazzed! I love how we see the progression of the red roadster. I also like that it's not just cars going down a strip. There are lots of crowd and people shots that show the scene much more.
  3. jimbob
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    You told me it was from your private collection!
  4. sat back and watched this last night right through. the channeled 34 coupes were my stand outs in the crowd of innovative contraptions.
  5. autobilly
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    How about this?
    Remember the white coated Goal Umpires at the Footy back in the day? Also, back then grey "dust coats" were popular workshop attire. Mix the two and you get scientific looking Drag Officials.
    Not to mention that white clothing was often the choice of the "race crowd".

  6. Gday
    If you check out my cars ( not mine ) facebook page you will see some of the cars in the video, that we as a small group of nostalgia nuts here in Adelaide run at Whyalla

    ShesAce -Munster -Turtle and soon to be on the track again Outlaw

    (Munster is the later version)
  7. voxnut
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    from sacramento

    Great footage! Sounds like the same guy the Jackson Brothers use for their videos! (ugh!)

    I never understood why drag vid folks don't try to go for music that fits the vibe of the period that the footage is from. It seems to always be either tired, cliche, Rockabilly crud mated to drag footage from the 60's, or "elevator biz jazz" like this. How about at least some generic instro surf kind of music for the early 60's footage, some buzzy garage or R&B for the mid-60's stuff, and so on?
  8. Undataker56
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    from Australia

    The 54 Pontiac in my avatar is actually the one that was swaped for The Outlaw. I purchased it from Rod in Adelaide who has an upgraded version of the original Outlaw which is sitting in his front yard (under a tree). Because I fried the engine on the way home, about 40 miles from Rod's place, I went back to his home bar for beers and watched all his old footage of The Outlaw. He's a good bloke. Was pretty hard for him to let that car go and from what I gathered, there may be regrets. Good footage.
  9. yep i know that story , i was after it myself every time i popped in to see Rod he wasn't there . i left an offer and my ph number but never heard back . i was way off with my offer of 5 grand . but i was lucky enough to get hold of Lenny Leonards little digger .. previous owner builder ( 1975) Ron Matthews from Whyalla
  10. The red bucket won top roadster at the '65 or '66 Adelaide Hot Rod Show. Love seeing the 'Spirit of Australia' footage in episode 8. A little B4 my time- would like to hear any info on how they managed to put on a show at A.I.R with this rocket powered car.
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  11. ken1939
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    from Pittsburgh

  12. ken1939
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    from Pittsburgh

    Also had to comment on the bloke in the open front rear engine dragster, lot of stones to drive a car with no front on it! Did like the Glenn Miller American Patrol Interpretation song on one of the videos and in Parts 7 and 8 got to see some of the undisputed kings of drag at that time as well! Who doesnt know the Munster car?!

    Cool stuff, when is it available on DVD?
  13. Great footage! and listening to it made me want to go have Sunday Brunch. ;)
  14. rooman
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    I missed the Gawler sprints era but was there from the first event at Brooksfield and actually raced there in stock eliminator. Brooksfield was the beginning of my journalistic career and I covered the action at Adelaide International Raceway from its inception. Lots of memories for me in those videos--Craig Price's T bucket, the "Ponty powered Pre", the Munster etc. The flathead powered #23 dragster had to be Russell Parker as that was his number for years. The modified style coupes running at the drags in one sequence were what we called "stock rods" at the local speedways. I can't remember if the #24 was Phil Herreen or Paul Gustafason (? sp) but we watched those guys run Friday nights at Rowley Park in summer and drag raced on Sundays at Brooksfield. Their appearance at the drags was part of an effort to expand the drag racing audience.

  15. Phil Stevens
    Joined: Mar 24, 2002
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    Phil Stevens

    everyone dressed a lot more formally back then, Eddie Thomas even wore a tie
    when driving his rail
  16. I have a great full colour photo of that very roadster at home and I treasure it a lot. In fact, I scanned it and sent it to Larry O'Toole for submission to his great book "Australia's Hot Rod Heritage", I think that is the name for the book.

    So impressed was Larry, he went and made it the full front and rear cover photo! I can not scan and post a picture of it as I Am currently in Fresno Ca. Could some one possibly scan and post a copy, as it would be good to see it on this this thread! -H.R.D-
  17. Part 5 / 4.09 min Russell Parker lives nearby and recently popped over to check out my S/D Dragster

    his latter rail Cobra he sold to Ron Matthews in Whyalla , after Cobras use by date it was stripped and some of the components are in my S/D Dragster


    Part 6 / 1.18 min John Howell .

    before i posted the videos on youtube i gave John a copy

    he is still a local and ran the local mechanical repairs Twowell till he recently retired and sold Midnight mts

    he is still the local RAA call out guy


    A.I.R video

    The Taperoo service station guys / Munster - Shes Ace ..... Peter Hines and Chris Parry are part of our Nostalgia days at Whyalla


    Peter leaning against Munster and Chris leaning on the door of Shes Ace

    And the Turtle is also still on the scene here in SA . Dave Worden helps out the new owner Chris Mineards ( MY pic from Whyalla )


    I spoke to Dwayne Warner today .. owner of the old Outlaw it will be on the track soon and join us at Whyalla

    the original owner driver Brian Hutchesson owns a motel in Quorn SA
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  19. HemiIn34
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    Thanks to all that have put the videos up, a friend told me they were here.
    A lot of the blokes still catch up with each other. Dad, Russell Parker, catches up with many of the racers about once a year. It's just an excuse for drinks I think!
  20. HemiIn34
    Joined: Jul 11, 2011
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    I reckon they'd wear a lab coat as a joke - from what I've heard they were a bunch of scally-wags. Still are - just a bit older :D

    At AIR they'd be given the keys and asked to lock up behind themselves! They'd get drunk in the back of an enclosed car trailer and then someone would close up the trailer - with human cargo and hop in the tow car and take people on a 'mystery tour' within the grounds! Funny stuff. :D
  21. 1st
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    Hi all- I'm an Adelaide boy a bit late to the party.........

    The videos have gone from you-tube- is there a fresh link to them please?


  22. hisso88
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    ye i regitered ! to look at the brooksfield drag movies but cant get to see them yet, i was there competing with a 34 ford coupe i could send some pics of it there.
  23. I got nothing but private??
  24. khead47
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    ^^^^^me too! I click on a video, and get "private" What's up?
  25. Jimbo17
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    Some times it's a good thing to look at how far drag racing has come over the years.

    Thanks for posting the vintage memories.

  26. GeezersP15
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    from N.E. PA

    Guessing we need to know a "secret handshake" or codeword to view these videos?:(
  27. No workee for me either......says private.
  28. I was lucky enough to buy the Outlaw wreck off Dwayne the purple wreck was the early 70's Outlaw as in the pic below .. i rebuilt it 60's - 70's period correct so it wont pass ANDRA tech but i have ran it at Bairnsdale a private strip in Vic

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