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History Souped-Up and Hot: Sports Illustrated 1954

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Jive-Bomber, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Souped-Up and Hot: Sports Illustrated 1954


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  2. In 1954 I don't think sports figures were getting 1M dollar contracts, and neither were race car drivers.
    Today America and the World seems to be enamored by millionaire sports players. And so are the advertisers that throw even more money at them.
    In Automobile racing there are those that make some high dollars, and the Forces and Hendricks are followed. But in Land Speed, drivers and teams are getting about the same dollars,,,, none. And no major Advertisers that carry the messages into Sports and General Publications, remember the STP ads?
    At one time Hot Rod Magazine had a 'No Bonneville Stories Allowed' rule because the Board of Directors didn't see any ad dollars coming out of it. But we continue to drive the Black Line (though now is is environmentally correct blue) and hope we will have the money left for fuel and food on the way home.
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  3. ENUF 41
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    ENUF 41

    Very well stated Tony
  4. verde742
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    Gosh, Talk about relating to a subject, I was born to love cars, nuthing but cars and trucks,

    So My accountant who only knows me because of book keeping and taxes, a year ago last December, here comes a two year subscription to Consumers Report. He thinks he did me good. :( He was my accountant for over 40 years.. I really love the job it did for me thru the years.

    Talk about a waste of good trees, never turned a page, if its not cars or trucks, count me out..

    I just could not find the words to Thank him.... he retired in November, and I moved to Az. quite a while ago. He's over 85 yrs old, I hope it relates to old timers affliction.
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  5. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    I see where the "Sarge" Tony Schmacher isn't competeing at the Winter Nationals since he lost the Army sponsorship... Talk about a cheap SOB, in 20 years you've saved up nothing and Daddy won't pay anymore... give me f**kin break.....
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  6. Stogy
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    @Jive-Bomber this could be expanded or connected to discussions here on the state of Hotrod/Custom/Race...not only in the Hamb Defined Period but even the OT evolution of same...

    The Magazines that formerly supported the Hobby, Movement or Lifestyle had the Ole Board meeting, shareholderfest a long long time ago and adjusted things a little...

    Kind of like the Missus saying she doesn't like Roadsters and Chopped Tops...My response is the Site or Magazine caters to a demographic and your statistically accounted for...a concern but a perhaps tolerable percentage

    So in the case of SI it was a change in direction...the same could be said for the Hotrod type zines catering to billet...its all about Pie and Decisions by the Hierarchy of the businesses involved.

    To bad they didn't get you a copy of that 54 edition instead of the yearly sub...;)
  7. Stogy
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    Damn it's tough getting good gifts these days huh?...:D...They should do gift certs instead so you could pick what you want.
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  8. hotrodmano
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    from Norway

    Its interresting to read how language and therms change in perseption with time. We all know..atleast around The Hamb, that a chopped roof is but in the 54 SI issue its explained as "a lowered roof".

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