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Customs Some 1959 Ford guy is going to be sad.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by The37Kid, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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    I guess my period correct 1962 build Roadster should have the nine inch out of that '59, so I'll call on it tomorrow. Got to search the HAMB for photos just to know how different it looks. Bob
  2. The '57/early 58s had the 'smooth back' housings, late '58/59 had the 'dimpled' housing (two small dimples), the '57/58 had a drain plug which the '59-up lacked.
  3. Ive owned probably 50 full size fords made between 57 and 64 and every one had the 9 inch rear. No matter what engine & trans they came with. Ive never seen a 57=59 or 59 ford with anything other than a 9 inch rear. And I still have 20 of the pumpkins stored away. Lots of 300 to 1 ratio several 355,s one 370 and one 390. Ive got some later PK chunks that have 325,s
  4. 911 steve
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    911 steve
    from nebraska

    in the early 70's I worked at a Lincoln-Mercury dealer. the 60's Lincoln converts used the same basic system. one cold spring morning a Lincoln convert owner came driving up in a parka with the top down. day before when it was warm, he had the top down & it wouldn't go back up. our electrical man knew him pretty well & told him "anybody dumb enough to buy a Lincoln convert ought to buy 2 of them. one to keep the top up & one to keep the top down"
  5. Yes, I was given a 57 a long time ago and it had a 9" rear in it. I gave the drive train to a guy that was storing it at his house..... I was going to use the doors and stuff to fix up a 57 Ranchero but found they did not fit. The car went to the crusher, man that sucked this car had V8 a/c and was very nice.
  6. You got lucky, the roof closed was drivable. most of them that I have seen over the years the roof was stuck part of the way up or part of the way down depending I guess if you are a half full or half empty type.

    The first one that I remember was when I was little (really little) and the guy came up to the house with the roof partially up and asked the Ol' Man if he could make it go down. I remember asking what was wrong with that car and the Ol' Man said, "its a ford."
  7. toucan
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    from sc

    9 inch for sure. one of the narrowest factory 9 inches made. im a 59 guy and i am sad!
  8. I got a 9 inch out of a 69 ford fairlane. Its the narrowest 9 inch Ive found. Its one inch narrower than my original 55 chevy rearend
  9. big M
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    big M

    All '57-9 Fords came from the factory with a 9" rear. Some were changed out down the road and replaced with miscellaneous rear axles due to the owner's having little money, and a different car in the yard. I have repaired a number of retractable top Fords, they are actually quite simple, just a series of solenoids and switches. Having things clean and properly adjusted, was the main fix.

  10. deucemac
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    Having worked on those for a living, and having become WAY too familiar in the repair and maintenance of the retractable system, They still haven't crushed enough of them. Several years ago while working as a shop foreman at a Ford dealer, a customer came in with an early '60's Lincoln with typical problems associated with the retractable cars. His deck lid would raise ant the package tray would extend or fold back as normal but the system would not go any further. I got called up to help him and he asked if I knew anyone that was familiar with the system. I explained that I had lots of experience but to save my sanity I no longer worked on them. He pled and I refused and I felt a certain satisfaction as he drove off. Nope they never have crushed enough of them for me.
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