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Projects So I bought a International L120.............

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by kuztomklaus, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. On my Bonneville and beyond birthday trip, we bought a IH L120 truck from Junior in PA. The truck just arrived 2 weeks ago thank to JSM shipping. My wife is going to get this
    truck as her new driver! Bye bye boring Saab!
    Reconnecting with the birthday Panel and the IH truck, after the trip across the Atlantic.

    We had to use the Panel truck to push the IH into the garage since the wheels were kinda stuck!

    Here she is testing out her new truck! She looks happy so far!

    Now we'll need someone to steer us in the right direction for IH parts and where to by work manuals and stuff like that!

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  2. redtracker
    Joined: Aug 30, 2010
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  3. kingpins
    Joined: Apr 27, 2009
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    i get alot of tune up parts and misc. parts from
    there is a IH forum that has a list of vendors
    good luck. there awesome trucks. i drive mine every day.
  4. flynbrian48
    Joined: Mar 10, 2008
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    Cool truck, but the barn, with exposed beams and brickwork, is awsome!

  5. truckdude1
    Joined: Jan 26, 2009
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    Good luck with the IH, you'll find they are very well made and "have a lot of iron in them". This is what mine ended up looking like.

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  6. 1952henry
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    Most likely has the Silver Diamond 220 engine and either a Warner Gear T9 non synchro 4sp or a WG T98 4sp with syncho. That full floating corporate IHC rearend either has a 4:11.1 or 4:57.1 ratio.
  7. lawman
    Joined: Sep 19, 2006
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    Nice project to start on. Tom (Tired Old Man)
  8. captainjunk#2
    Joined: Mar 13, 2008
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    what a cool ole truck , and much cooler than a saab lol , would look nice in a dark purple or orange color , post some build pictures as you freshen it up please
  9. studemisfit
    Joined: Jul 21, 2010
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    awesome truck. ive been kinda looking for one but when i have the money none to be found and when im broke i find killer deals on them. good luck and i envy that your wife would even think of dailying that.
  10. really good trucks , well built. repro parts aren't as common as a ford or chevy but the stuff is still out there. hows the tailgate? they are hard to find. good luck . it's cool.
  11. Cool. Do you have a thread on that there AD panel truck?
  12. Yeah it's a nice truck I agree!
    Studemisfit She's not only gonna drive it, she's gonna fix it too.
    Truckdude1 Nice truck you got there! 1957?
    Kingpins Thanks for the hints. We'll look into that!
    tp33anda3rd The tailgate is a little dented, but other than that good.
    Captainjunk#2 I think she's stuck on steelblue, but not metalic and cream.

    We'll keep you posted

  13. [​IMG]

    She's hard at work removing the 4 tail lights. They're later going to be restored and rewired and converted to 12v with with a harness from Rebel wire.

    Talking about 12 volt conversion! Do anyone of you clever folks know about doing a positive to negative ground conversion? What to do with the starter, and the gas/voltage gauges?
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  14. Anyone that can help me with this Binder problem??
  15. i have converted my diamond t that had 6 volt positive ground to 12 volt neg ground. i was able to hook up the starter to the 12 volt neg ground battery without any internal modifications. i bench tested it to make sure, but it will rotate the correct way no matter the polarity. i suggest bench testing yours before you go very far with it.
    good luck
  16. Thanks mcgyver! I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  17. autobodyed
    Joined: Mar 5, 2008
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    from shelton ct

    nice truck. good luck with it. i was able to find some misc. parts on ebay, along with books and manuels. alot of guys selling stuff there will give you some leads on hard to find parts. all you gotta do is ask. here's a pic of my 50.

  18. Now that's a cool Truck! Is that also a L120? I thing I need to pick your brain with that one!!
  19. oberg
    Joined: Mar 1, 2010
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    kuztomklaus - I have a '52 L-120 that I just got started on (*just* got the puppy running again!). They are amazing vehicles, very nice to work on so far, really love the way they look. Mine is currently stock, but I will start looking into modernizing the suspension, drivetrain, interior at some point. Good luck on you/your wife's project!

  20. sweet check mine out!
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  21. tjmercury
    Joined: Oct 22, 2010
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    Love the old binders, the bodies are almost bullet-proof!
  22. Thanks for all the input you guys! We're off to the garage now! let you know the progress tonight!
  23. Back from the garage, and we got quite a bit done today!
    Both the running boards are off and for some reason the right one was welded to the holder for the spare!
    There she is working like a horse to lift the bed off! I had to take the pics to show you guys!
    Inspecting the frame!
    Pouring the, I don't know how old, gas out! It definitely smelled strange!
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  24. [​IMG]

    As said before, I'm a newbie when it comes to IH knowledge, but am I right in assuming that I have to take the axles out, pull the bearings and take the hubs of to get to the brake shoes?

    Cuz it doesn't seem like it's possible to just pull the brake drums of, like you do in regular cases with 1/2 ton trucks an cars!

    Can someone educate me!

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  25. fat141
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    TUFF TRUCK MATE:cool::cool:
  26. J'st Wandering
    Joined: Jan 28, 2004
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    J'st Wandering

  27. Thanks Neal That was what I thought!

  28. pool
    Joined: Jun 24, 2005
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    Ya got to be careful with a binders are a disease. It all starts with a truck then a refrigerator then shotgun heck if they made it I want it! My old pile has been on here before but here it is again. Pool.

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  29. [​IMG]

    anybody have a pic of what the rear frame cross member is supposed to look like? This one looks like somebody tried to pull a house with it!

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