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Customs So...How Many times has this happened to you

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dasheot, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. tfeverfred
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  2. 03GMCSonoma
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    Don't let the bastards grind you down.
  3. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today

    you choose the hills you want to climb, this is the land of the free......
  4. I have a 307 Chevy in Henrietta the '38 Ford pickup. I painted the engine Ford flathead green, put Ford emblems on the valve covers along with emblems that say "Ford Experimental OHV," and made up a cock-and-bull story about the rare Ford experimental OHV engine and how Drake Motor Co. in Rockmart GA got hold of this engine that wasn't supposed to exist and put it in the dealership's shop truck... People have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.
  5. The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats. ;)
  6. I finally got the suspension sorted out on the 'new' Lincoln, so the wife, kids and I went down to the local A & W last week for their end of season cruise-in. We went into the restaurant and sat next to these two old bags who were talking about the cars outside. One recognized the car next to ours as a 56 Chevy and that it had been 'repainted' really nicely. THEN...the one old hen made a comment about the 'Mercury" out there (Lincoln is a 51) and how the flames looked absolutely awful....Wife hears this and was about to clarify things when we both decided discretion was the better part of valor...On the way out the door in a few minutes, she called back to me and said she'd be waiting for me in our 'awful' car....Got 'the look' from the old girls as I walked out, I just smiled....I used to get uptight about the experts and weenies out there, but the "and which car is yours?" usually puts an end to that.
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  7. oldsrocket
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    Seeing this thread was coincidental today. It immediately reminded me of an employee that I have that has an extreme belief in entitlement that I had to have yet another conversation with today. He constantly seeks validation, approval, recognition, and feels jilted enough to constantly complain to me when he doesn't get it......That's why he will never be a leader or anyone that anybody wants to follow.

    It's hard to hear jeers over the beat of your own drum.

    Showing your car implies that you are consenting to allow others to have an opinion about what is being shown. If you don't like the potential outcome of your implied consent, leave it in the garage.

    Not everybody likes "The Monalisa" either.
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  8. Dasheot
    Joined: Jun 19, 2015
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    from Georgia

    Blah blah blah. How bout dont be a dick

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  9. Dasheot
    Joined: Jun 19, 2015
    Posts: 121

    from Georgia

    Let me clarify something for you,
    First I don't need anyone's approval , I don't seek it or ask for it. However when you build anything in this world your proud of its nice to know other appreciate it as well. On the flip side I'm a realist I realize not everyone in the world loves my car, but that doesn't justify shitty behavior.

    Second , obviously you haven't read the whole thread or you would take 2 seconds to understand why it might have bothered my in the way it did, and regardless of my loss I would wager most guys on here would feel the same about there car under normal circumstances

    Third, don't compare me to some shitty employee of yours, I don't have confidence issues nor do I like to just hear myself talk, you don't know me , in short if you agree with the douche that verbalized negative shit about our family car then be a better. Man than him and keep it to yourself.

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  10. oldsrocket
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    Not trying to start a war. Did read the rest of the thread before posting. I like your car. I think it is well done. I wouldn't appologize for the sbc either. In fact i have put sbcs into more than one poncho. Never regretted any of them. My post is an opinion on the situation. Nearly every day I see somebody posting on here all butt-hurt about what somebody said at some random car show. All looking for some conclusionary validation or pat on the back about their point of view.

    My post is a point that if you if you aren't ready to hear what others think, don't give them the opportunity.

    I never compared you to my employee. I said this thread reminded me of my employee. I don't know you. Maybe you really are an independent thinker that just coincidently decided to complain on the internet for the first time today. Beats me, but again, just like taking your car to the show, your post was an invitation of consent for opinion and my opinion was that it reminded me of the situation with my employee.

    Again your car is a very nice car, but I hope developing thicker skin is in the build plans.

    Best of wishes too you and your nice poncho.
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  11. Dasheot
    Joined: Jun 19, 2015
    Posts: 121

    from Georgia

    Ok oldrocket maybe I miss read the intent of your reply, I agree with the thinking of invitation of public opinion with my attendance, As an American I value the difference of opinion we all have and the right to have it. My point in the simplest form is you don't have to be disrespectful is exercising your opinion( your meaning anyone).
    If the man had approached me and asked why I had put a sbc and after I explained why he said well I think it would be better with a poncho motor, I would have said yeah I know one day. It all in the presentation. the way I was raised commands certain standards from me, and I expect the same from others.

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  12. Hombre
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    Crude but sometimes you just feel this way. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssreeed (Medium) (Small).jpg
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  13. raymay
    Joined: Mar 2, 2008
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    In the 70's my Brother and I would not even wear our car club shirts as we searched for needed parts at some of the local auto swap meets. Many of the antique crowd back then went so far as refusing to sell parts to known Street Rod builders.
    I got into a discussion with one of them once about both our 37 Chevy cars. I simply asked him what his car was like when he started and how much his car was worth if he ever decided to sell it. I then showed him pictures of some of the completed and partial projects I had been involved with and sold. After his response of "Holy Crap", our discussion turned more into things like how we did this or that, have we ever seen one of these and I think I might be able to help you with one of those.
    Over the years we stayed friends, enjoyed seeing each other at events and helped each other with resources, parts and information.
  14. Okie Pete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2008
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    Okie Pete

    Its your car /your build . Make it safe and build it to what you like . You cant please anyone but yourself . So get out there in the shop ,get busy build away and then go drive the wheels off it with a big grin on your face.
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  15. I do 1 or 2 cruise nights a week and mostly they are fun. I like the husband-wife spectators, mostly the wives dig the car. I ask her if she wants to try it on for size and maybe sit behind the wheel of the car after. I get a dirty look from hubby now & then unless it goes over his head.
  16. That's like saying that entitled athletes would not have to kneel at pro football games if the national anthem were not played. Your logic is ass backwards.

    Your mother probably told you (and if she did not, then she should have) that if you could not say something nice then don't say anything at all. Simply entering a car show does not give some dildo the right to rag on someones car. It is not a matter of developing a thicker skin but a matter of calling out some dildo when they say stupid stuff.
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  17. v8deuce
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    I went through a terrible time after getting my '34 ford sedan on the road, I have built many cars since that one and always keep my comments to myself because of the comments I received. My brother raced his 90 camaro here in Canada and gm paid to ship it around the country so for the 91 series he could buy a new car or just change the motor motor was cheaper so I got the old one and put it in the car. I thought I would be funny and I painted valve covers with the v8 emblem that ford uses boy did I get static! So I redone them with HO 5.0 then I really had bad comments I couldn't win so I thought to hell with everyone I do what I want and laugh at thier stupid comments

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  18. And you probably paid to put your car in the show so a bunch of non hot rod guys can get in for free, to walk around and criticize.

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  19. oldsrocket
    Joined: Oct 31, 2004
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    No. Your anology makes no sense.....

    In this case the national anthem is the car show. It exists with or without your participation. Your choice to sit or stand is the same as your choice to enter or not enter a car show, and the reaction and opinion of others is their decision based on your decision to sit or stand ....or in this case to enter or not enter the show.

    I like to think that everybody's mom should have told them to pay their taxes and do their fair share, brush their teeth twice a day and change their underwear, but that doesn't happen either.

    People are entitled to the right of free speech and any impacts that come with it, like it or not.

    I'm not advocating the "dildo's" actions (unless you are referring g to me as the dildo, in which case your post would be very ironic). All I'm sayin is that somebody voicing their thoughts is bound to happen and you either take that into consideration and move on with life, or you don't.

    Still like the sbc poncho, btw.
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  20. trollst
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    I only read some of this thread, but, seems to're a little too sensitive. I'm 62, been building cars thirty years, I build what I want, don't give a rats ass what you think or anyone else thinks, and if you express your opinion, it's just exactly that, your opinion.
    My current ride has four cylinder ford power, I like it, even though it has trouble getting out of its own way, sounds anemic, doesn't fry tires or fit two people well. I BUILT IT BECAUSE I LIKE IT.
    Learn not to take others criticism personally, everyone is an expert, difference is....some of us really are experts. DSC06874.JPG
  21. fyrffytr1
    Joined: Dec 20, 2016
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    I found the VIN on my 39 under two inches of grease and dirt on the crossmember, behind the radiator on the driver's side. That's the fuel line in the picture. You do have a very nice looking car and, if you don't mind I might bug you about some ideas for my car.
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  22. Dasheot
    Joined: Jun 19, 2015
    Posts: 121

    from Georgia

    Feel free my friend love to see another 39 Pontiac hit the road

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  23. Mona Lisa is 2 words,...
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  24. Ya but is she smiling or not?

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  25. Atwater Mike
    Joined: May 31, 2002
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    Atwater Mike

    Absolutely stunning BLACK '39! Engine is a great fit, albeit 'lower' in status than the stately Pontiac. :rolleyes:
    I was impressed with the detail overall, the blending of your 'build sheet'.
    From the painted reversed steelies to the excellent finish of the engine.

    My '55 F100 has a SBC, the second one since 1972, when I bought the truck. (it had been stolen and vandalized, engine. 4 speed, and wheels stolen) The P.O. had fitted it with a 327 and Muncie 4 speed in '63, so the poor truck has to really think back to when it had that little 272 Y block!
    Both my 350 SBC's were gifted to me, so I simply planted the first one to 'move the truck around' until I could get to it... then it became my Shop Truck. Wore out that '69 L.T.1, another customer gave me a low mileage Swirl Port that I freshened up, then cammed, Edelbrocked, and 'tuned'. Solid as a rock. (like a 'rock'?)
    The second SBC stayed, because I had to have a truck that was dependable, could tow boats, haul Hemis, be support vehicle at Bonneville, and take me to Eagle Field!
    I am NOT some 'Committed Chevy lover', (although I have a hot rod on '29 Chevy rails...and use SBCs to 'move stuff around'...
    BUT! I hated it when 2 (two) local women said, "Nice truck! Too bad it's not a Chevy!"
    O.K., #1. I considered the longitude/latitude. I.Q. doesn't run abundant hereabouts.
    #2. Opened a door, (and my hood!) "It's a Chevy, it just has Ford clothes on..."
    Made for a good laugh. Cute gals, too. Just 'uninformed'.
    The Grump (Jenkins) said it best: "The valve covers don't know what's under 'em...all the same to them."
  26. I have a SBC in my Ford and it goes like a scalded dog. Eff anyone that doesn't like it. I call it my asshole detector.
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  27. I always view going to a car show as the fun of driving to the show and seeing friends or other cars. Don't go to inflate my head with compliments or for some $2 plastic trophy. Yes it is nice to have someone give nice words about my vehicle, I appreciate that.

    I just brush off the idiots. Especially the ones about when am I going to paint it if in my 49 Ford COE or 52 GMC pickup. Both are just bare rust true sitting outside for 50 years patina finish. I have learned to say "Someday, but I am having too much fun driving it for now to take it apart for paint" That seems to satisfy the idiots.
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  28. Yup, the nimrods who go after the paint thing have zero knowledge of what it takes to paint a car. On the TV car shows it takes 5 minutes! They gloss over the 20 hours of blocking... on a straight car.

    I now tell them I leave it primed because it pisses people off.
  29. Actually freedom of speech is a pipe dream. Free speech only applies if you fit the guidelines, for example you can not call an employee a racial slur and the statute of limitation for that is way longer than the statute of limitations fort child molestation. You can't shout fire in a theater, you can't say bomb in an airport or threaten the president and so on and so forth.

    unfortunately bad mouthing someone's car is not included, but if car people were more like bike people tooth soup would be on the menu. I think we have all spoken out of turn in our lives, some of us more than others (think the beaner here if you don't want to be included in that crowd). Sometimes we get away with it because we do and normally we should not.

    There is nothing that can be done about it other then serving tooth soup, which most of us won't condone. There are snappy comebacks, but they seldom work especially when dealing with someone who isn't smart enough to get it anyway. You learn to live with it I think or you spend your entire life thinking less of yourself than you should.
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  30. Mona Lisa is smirking cuz she just farted.
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