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Art & Inspiration So here's the thing...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by boldventure, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. boldventure
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    delete this whole thread please.!
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2013
  2. Let me see if I got this: You want to go out of your way to help a kid enjoy the old car hobby and you think some do gooder might think there is something wrong with that?

    I think its a sad commentary on our society that we live in today that you even have to think about it might being perceived as inappropriate to mentor a kid in Hot Rodding 101. Thats my 2¢

    Big Brothers is along the same lines as what you are thinking. Perhaps going through Big Brothers is a good starting place for you.
  3. Kinky6
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    I can understand your interest in wanting to share this "old car stuff" with the younger generation. So few high schools have auto shop programs that could connect you with interested students.

    You might contact your local scouting council and ask if they'd like a mentor for an automotive related merit badge. You shouldn't be surprised if some of these guys are interested in stuff that is a lot newer ( late models, hybrids, electric ), but you may find that one in 10 or 20 that just goes nuts over older cars.

    Several years ago, driving my '39 Chevy through the campus where I worked, came around a bend along some intermural fields, and I pass this little guy walking along, he's about 10 or 11 years old. His jaw dropped in this silly "wow" face as I came by. Obviously, he had never seen a car that old rolling by before. Meet a kid like that, and he'll be happy to go to car shows and cruise-ins with you, after his mom says its O.K.

    Despite all the ugly news stories out there, not every interaction between an older adult and a youngster has to have a negative connotation, but you do have to conduct yourself in a manner that is above reproach in dealing with anyone's kids.

    Good luck, Kinky6 :cool:
  4. Ebbsspeed
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    From what's been in the news lately, that would raise some eyebrows around here.

    The suggestions about a scout group or Big Brothers are good ones.

  5. Rattle Trap
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    Rattle Trap

    I have a buddy that is a big brother. He takes the kid to all kinds of stuff. Deep sea fishing, Baseball games, Target shooting, Car shows. It's great for the kid as he has no other father figure. The kid was a little screwed up at first and has come a long way since the two years when it all began. Kids need a father figure to help shape their personality. I think it's great for both involved. I always wanted to build a car with my Sons. Now as they have grown up it has turned into me helping them with car repairs. Which is fine with me as long as I get to spend time with them.
  6. Special Ed
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    Special Ed

    My personal experience with Big Brothers were single mom's looking for a babysitter for their kid.
    Previous attempts at mentoring were unsuccessful, too. Maybe it's just me ... :confused:
  7. trollst
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    You really want to help a kid out? Turn him into the kind we are? Try fostering, give the poor kid a home in a hot rod family, we did it with three different kids. Changed their and our lives forever.
  8. 63comet
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    Local Big Bro/Big Sis here is not just babysitting. They are crazy strict on who they accept into the program from both sides. My girl worked for them as a match specialist before she went back to school. It was pretty rough what some of those kids have been through, she brought home lots of baggage from that gig.
  9. I don't know about your references and I hope to goodness that you are not into little boys. I am sure that you are not.

    I do understand "todays climate" as I am a middle aged white dude. I dont go around kids at all even if I am with the wife. About 5 years ago I took my grand kids to the local pool, and I was in the shallow end walking along when this little kid swam up to me and started talking. His mom ran to the edge of the pool and shouted at him, "Get away from the nasty old man!!!" Major buzz kill.

    Just be careful friend, make sure that who's ever kid you snag isn't going to cause you any problems on down the road.


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