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Features "Snoopy" Model A Hot Rod Survivor

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Denns1989, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. XERB
    Joined: Aug 8, 2012
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    Fantastic tale, many thanks for sharing, totally captivating read!
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  2. I will use the first part of your quote as a summary of what the general concensus was... okay play with the tire size a bit, not a permanent un reversable change :) Thanks I appreciate the input from everyone, in some ways I don't feel I have the right to make changes, I really don't want to mess with this cars vibe, so I'm being caucious & sincerly appreciate the feedback.

    On the note of the fan shroud - one of the first things the 1st builder & 2nd owner said to me in almost exact words "what the hell is that over the fan !!??" So I assume the 3rd owner had some reason to put it on, but the original owner said it always ran cool - maybe the 3rd owner was concerned about the open fan & belts for safety ? The original builder said "please tell me your taking that off!!" my reply was as soon as the weekend comes - it's off on friday night !! & it was - it looks so much better now.
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  3. fantastic! great job on the preservation!
    i love the early '60's hot rods!
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  4. Peanut 1959
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    Peanut 1959

    Though I think the larger tires look "better," I'm not sure that is what this car needs. Each era/region/builder brings a unique sensibility to a rod/custom. Sometimes the language of those build details remain in favor for generations, and others are lost to time.

    In a nutshell, is vote to confirm that the car's current tire size is original to the build. If that is true, I'd keep that tire size intact when you purchase new rubber. This thing is a rolling museum, after all.
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  5. Your car bud. Can always tube the old tires, if ya' wanna' keep "the originals" Common practice not too long ago. You just have to buy correct tubes for the wheel, and clean up the the wheel stem area maybe. Having said that, old tires....with tubes have to be driven accordingly. Tires made it this long....tubes would keep them around even longer.

    Bunch of old school wheels and caps around for whatever you choose.......changing it well, I can think of a hundred different combinations of vintage mags/spokes, etc...too. I wish the problem was mine to ponder. Let's see........two cents here, maybe two cents there, and a little more bla bla bla here........
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  6. 3wLarry
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    Member Emeritus
    from Owasso, Ok

    patiently waiting.....(copyrighted :p)
    for you to put larger bias ply tires with the exact same size whitewalls as original on the original wheels. The original owner could probably only afford the smaller tires back will look so much better. And please don't leave rust on the hubcaps, or any other place on this little car. Get a bucket of hot water and CLR and clean off all the rust. You washed years of dirt off, now wash years of rust off. The car deserves it. :cool:
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  7. Weezy1930
    Joined: Nov 21, 2013
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    from OHIO

    This comment completely shows why your car is so important! It documents what really happened back in the day and answers as well as poses questions about the era and what Joe-Bag-of-Doughnuts was really doing back in his garage. We now can just look at that car of yours and see how at least one guy really did it. Granted it is just one guy's personal build, but we know for a fact that he was using only what was available to him during that era both parts-wise and trend-wise.

    The eras magazines show one side of the story, but a real home built car tells the rest. If you alter the car, we lose our history. Luckily you seem to be very intent on preserving this car. For that you are to be commended.

    As far as your tires, at the very least keep it period correct. But to really show how your car was "done in the day" keep it as it was. That will keep folks both talking and asking, and you could tell them "this car is 100% how it was really done." Just my opinion. Tires won't ruin the car.;) You're doing good by Snoopy so far. Keep it up!
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  8. 56shoebox
    Joined: Sep 14, 2011
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    Off topic, sort of, but what's the history behind your garage decor? Wall paper and aqua paint??? Was that a formal dance studio or something?

    I love the car and vote for big and littles on the tires.
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  9. Normant93
    Joined: Apr 23, 2009
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    It looks WAY better with the bigger rear tires, creates the perfect stance, the rake also seems to take away some of the height of the un-chopped top. As someone else suggested, I'd put the original wheel/tire/caps away (you can always take them out for shows) and replace them with new wheels and caps in the same style but wider for the rear. The size of the 235's looks about perfect for the back. I'd consider going with a smaller diameter tire for the front, one with a circumference that better matches that of the cycle fenders.
    if you plan on driving it as much as you say, swapping in modern wheels/tires will make it much safer while preserving the originals.
    And by the way, congratulations on such an incredible find, you are one lucky (and deserving) guy!
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  10. Ha ha - nope not a former night club :) the bottom is different colours applied with a sponge, just so to would hide dirt better, the top border is a tire pattern off my buddy's plow truck :)
  11. Here is a shot of my 9 month old daughter checking out Snoopy for the first time last weekend, she will be going for lots of cruises as the years go by !

  12. She's a doll!
    I would be a Grandpa to her anytime!
    This thread is beyoud awesome!
    Great story, great family, great respect for tradition, great everything.
    You are a credit to your generation, and give the future great hope.
    Bet you never thought this thread would go so far!!!
  13. Koolman
    Joined: Feb 1, 2005
    Posts: 308


    Great time capsule and great story.
    You are doing the right thing and preserving history.
    I love your integrity!
    Keep posting.
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  14. this story just keeps getting better!!
    I personally like the original tires a tad better but probably cause the rims don't match and its throwin me off. honestly whatever you do with tires youll forget about soon after anyway.
    honestly id clean the paint up, but keep a little patina here and there, just to remind you and other people its a vintage hot rod and not some fake. I do the same with my vintage guitars, clean up the paint, but leave scratches and grime here and there, it adds a whole lot of character and makes it look truly vintage.
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  15. 31pickemup
    Joined: Apr 9, 2006
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    It's yours now. You're just adding to the history. Tire change is fine. I'd go with big and little's for the A. You never know the previous owner might have wanted it that way but just couldn't afford it at the time? I'd go 7-7.50 in the rear and 5.00 in the front. I like a tad bigger front tire
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  16. Super Streak
    Joined: Nov 22, 2011
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    Super Streak
    from Florida

    Great story, I like the fact you want to keep it as close to the way it was built as possible. The one thing I would change is with out question is the tires. Why take a risk on wrecking the car, or getting injured because of an old tire failing when you're driving down the road at highway speed.
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  17. volvobrynk
    Joined: Jan 30, 2011
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    from Denmark

    Okay, you been right so far, on not changing a thing!
    But this is a little polit wake up call, :).

    If you think deep and hard, would you take that lil' beauty out in a car that would be; unsafe at every speed! Pun intended.

    I would'nt do it, with my own daughter! This is by no means an unsafe machine, as long at averythibg is adjusted to specs, and all safety measures is up to standard! At least of it's day/era, I don't mean; install a rollcage, 6 point harness, ABS, ride around with a HANS device or helmet.

    Safety pieces include:, tires/rims/tubes, brakes, vipers and lights.
    NEVER cut down on safety!!!!!!!!

    But the right way around would be, ask the build for advice, on look/style/size.
    Tell the widow, it was a mandatory safety call. She will undestand.

    This is only a nightmare senario, but at 40 or 50 Mph one tire explodes/implodes/turn to dust in traffic, and the car is totaled!
    I can not Think this through, with out being sad/miserable, and brings tears to my eyes.

    Please don't take the tires for granded.
    Woodbutcher end all his posted with:

    Good luck. Be safe. Have fun.
    And where wise man.

    I know this goes against the, dont change a thing-policy.
    But think about it.

    If I'm dis-respectful PM me, and I delete this post!!

    It's such a rare piece of history!!!

    Edit: I type too slow.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2014
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  18. peter schmidt
    Joined: Aug 26, 2007
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    peter schmidt
    from maryland

    I'd save the current wheels and tires and put them in the corner and run big and Littles and full wheel covers on steelies this car just seems like it would fit with them to me. Jut my opinion but you know the saying.. opinions are like A holes everyone's got one. It's one killer car you got there no chop channeled flattie tuck and roll and bobbed fenders pure awsome
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  19. NoSurf
    Joined: Jul 26, 2002
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    Awesome. Congrats!
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  20. Weezy1930
    Joined: Nov 21, 2013
    Posts: 117

    from OHIO

  21. Ohh God Yes I'm replacing those tires !!
    I must not have explained that properly, I meant the same size tires, not the actual original tires - ha ha I'm nervous putting air in them let alone drive on them !!
    I plan on replacing rubbers on suspension parts, any links/tie rods that are worn, new brake hardware, shoes, new brake flex lines, steel brake lines, new wheel cylinders, new master cylinder & new tires at the minimum, then new exhaust, rad hoses, thermostat's, wires, plugs, fuel pump, water pumps, carb rebuild, starter & gen rebuild, go thru all the wiring etc. I will start with that & then have it operational enough to know if I have to go deeper, but brakes & steering will be all gone thru I promise !
  22. ha ha love it - Reminded me of my first meeting with the original builder, I show up at his door, I shake his hand & introduce myself, he replies "I don't like you because you own my old hot rod & won't sell it to me (he had already asked on the phone), but we will see how our visit - goes... you want a beer?" an hour & half later when I'm ready to leave, he say's with a twinkle in his eye "I still don't like you (he tried to buy it again from me), but you seem to have your head screwed on right & you have the right vision for the car, so I like that", I shook his hand & said "if I was you, I wouldn't like me either" we then agreed to get together for a trip to my shop to see Snoopy & have dinner near end of September.
  23. Weezy1930
    Joined: Nov 21, 2013
    Posts: 117

    from OHIO

    I don't think anyone here would fault you at all either for correcting an obvious build error if you were to find something really wonky with the engineering of the suspension or drivetrain or whatnot. Judging from your thoughtful posts you get it.;)
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  24. volvobrynk
    Joined: Jan 30, 2011
    Posts: 3,588

    from Denmark

    OMG. You was starting to scare, but I'm calm again. My appologies.

    This makes me so happy!

    It might be because of the video, with you, sounding all sad about washing original 1970 dirt off. ;-)

    But there is no shame in asking the owner, about tire advice. He might tell you he tried big'n'little, and had issues or his 'hood/crew/club/friends/older brothers ran there cars like that, because of So and So.
    Then you have your answer.
    But big'n'little is almost never a bad idder. And it's still reverseable.

    A guy I knew way back when, used to say; Even though I put alot in to building this motor, I'm gonna drive it so much, I need to do it again! Worn out, over broken.
    So at some point you end up changing the tires again, and then you can do something else. Red Line, www, black walls or cheater slicks, all are possible, but the car will tell if it's a good fit.
  25. Yamagrant
    Joined: Jul 26, 2013
    Posts: 30


    Subscribed, Great story. Thanks.
  26. RodNoc
    Joined: Mar 15, 2009
    Posts: 92


    What an awesome story! I'm glad to hear our hot rodding world still has "buried" treasure waiting to be discovered.
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  27. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
    Posts: 3,199

    Runnin shine

    I think that some Snoopy T-shirts might sell a fair bit on here. That may fund some of the freshening up.

    "Listen Mr... It ain't broke if I can't fix it"
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  28. Yea we need shirts!!! Cool idea.
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  29. Robert Crosse
    Joined: Sep 10, 2014
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    Robert Crosse
    from WNY

    That's 3....
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  30. Sage
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    Not to bust anyone's bubble(s)...but can you say copyright infringement?
    Might want to think about contacting Chuck Schultz' estate before such a venture.

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