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Sneaky bearings for '32 spindles? Neal(inCA)?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Kevin Lee, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. Kevin Lee
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    Kevin Lee
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    Unless this is something I dreamed up and thought about so much that it became some sort of fabricated memory... I would swear I've seen an image of some sneaky flat roller bearings slipped in between the bottom of a dropped axle and a '32 spindle. And I'm all but convinced it was on NealinCA's RPU.

    I continue to collect, test fit, and assemble for "the" car and this has been driving me crazy for the better part of a week.

    Have searched off and on over the past few days and found several pics of Neal's car and chassis... but have not found the particular image yet.
  2. TexasSpeed
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    I recall Neal talking about how using deuce spindles drops the car half an inch because of the bearing location. Whether the style of bearing was a topic in the discussion, I don't know... But it was on his deuce Fordor.

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  3. TexasSpeed
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  4. NealinCA
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  5. 2muchstuff
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    from Eastern KS


    Richard Lacy, Early V8 Garage, sells the kingpin kit for the upper bearing eliminator. It contains the thrust washer that goes between the bottom axle boss and spindle to fit 32-34 (probably 35/36 also) spindles to axles without the upper bearing used with the mechanical brake kingpin setup. I ordered one of Richard's kits with the thrust washer to allow me to fit the '39? deep dish lincoln backing plates to '32 spindles. The deep dish are a bolt on to 32/24 spindles.

    I can get some pics, or if you're bored come on out and I'll show you the setup.

  6. Jimmy2car
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    from No. Cal

    I also have that kit that Richard Lacy sells. It really makes for a neat setup on my 32 with the Lincoln backing plates
  7. Gasserfreak
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    from Yuma, AZ

    Same way I did my 34 a couple years ago. Pictures of the frontend in the thread in my signature. Post #35. The bearing is on top of the spindle up to 1936 as stated previously.


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  8. Hey Chris, are the '46-'48 deep dish the same pattern (spindle) as well? All my stuff is still buried from the move but now you've got me curious!
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    KEVIN, I'm assuming you are using a later king pin (37-41) in an early spindle combination (A-36). While this bearing sounds like the next new invention since canned milk, its not a good idea. They are very small and are actually a light duty $6.00 thrust roller bearing. I use these in the race car and they have a limited duty life, they easily plug with dirt and are subject to rusting if not cleaned constantly. Yes they seem to work when clean but I am very well sure that within a short period of time they plug up with road dirt grit and grease as well as rust from water, thus turn to junk on a street car. This is one of the applications where the performance of a stock upper bearing set up is better than the "hot rod version". Yes I know it fits and some people use them but I dont think it is an effective substitute.

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