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Projects Smallest transmission ever?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by slim tempo, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. little trans 001.JPG little trans 002.JPG little trans 003.JPG little trans 004.JPG Ive got one similar in a home brew mini car. its got a 4 bolt top cover with a shifter. and another relatively small trans that I think is from some kinda pre war chevy.
  2. seb fontana
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    seb fontana
    from ct

    Crosley...Main case about 6" long.. PIC_1003.JPG
  3. dan31
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    Ya, it is, but once he said it's free it started to shine like a diamond in a goats ass.
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  4. rudestude
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    Well ...when , or if ,you ever make it into Oregon I'm pretty sure it will be still for how dirty it is I'm sure the fact that the car spent it's entire life , until I got it six or so years ago and before that it was parked for 20 years , on a farm and the only road to town was about 8 miles one way of rough gravel who ever it was that was looking up goats asses for transmissions or diamonds your going to be disappointed .... Because I'm not going to clean it up for no or other wise....well cash talks....hell for the right amount I might put it in a goats ass.....butt your going to have to pay out the ass to see me pull it back out.......anyways ..... Happy Holidays...

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  5. Hell. Put it in an envelope, and lick a stamp. Looks like mailing a Coke can. Almost free.
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  6. Ned Ludd
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    Ned Ludd

    Morris Minor smooth-case gearbox. Random internet pic – not mine. It's a bit lanky with the remote shift and integral bellhousing, but if you disregard those it's tiny. Despite the apparent metallic finish the case seems to be made out of a sort of aerated plaster of Paris. I only needed 37bhp to break mine. It normally lives under a bolt-on gearbox cover in the front footwell intended purportedly to keep road grime out of the interior, but actually to protect gearbox cases against mildly-disapproving facial expressions, which have been known to break them.

    Later ribbed cases were stronger, but that isn't saying much.
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