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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

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  2. Years ago Art Ruggerio had a Sunoco gas station with a similar Doge wrecker that we used to pick up a Willys sedan. At 50 miles an hour on the highway the engine was flat out screaming, but the wrecker had enough gearing on the low pull a house down.
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  3. I am thinking about 1940 Dodge Ute. 20e8d02677799e5014333025ef12ea1c.jpg
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  4. A big yard that seemed to be well organized.
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  5. Snapped this picture of a Studebaker over the weekend while visiting. It was right out by the road near Tionesta, PA.
    I didn't stop so I don't know if it is for sale or not. Looks like it has been sitting there for quite a while, though.
  6. Spooky
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  7. I’d bet that Stude has no bottom left and is rusted up to the door handles. My dad had a ‘56 that spent its first 6 years in RI and already had serious rust in the floors. He managed to get $50 when he sold it in the early 60’s.
  8. Collinsville Alabama 1680052545043collinsville.jpg
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  9. I actually cut the weeds down 2 weeks ago and found a truck in my backyard. it's my never gonna sell it because I'm gonna fix it up someday

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  10. alphabet soup
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    alphabet soup

    I, by dumb luck happen to know some history that goes with that truck and Gill. I will spill the beans a little later. Gene.
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  11. Fabber McGee
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    Fabber McGee

    Mr. Spooky, I'm not trying to be a wise ass here, but please forget about the artistic shit they taught you in high school photography class and just show us the cars.
  12. Squablow
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    I agree, the yellow car with the bulb painted over is almost certainly a '53 Ford.
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  13. alphabet soup
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    alphabet soup

    Gill had a small two pump station just west of Towson Md. In it he had an A roadster with a full tilt Flathead and no rear. I think it sat like that for about 50 years. Backtrack to the 50's he raced it when Maryland had no tracks. He was towing to Frederick Md, where he and a group of guys were using the Frederick Co. airport for timing events. He said they even raced Don Gartlits there. After the last day he raced there, he came home and pulled the 2spd rear and sold it. The car sat like that until the the film production company, filming "Run Away Bride" around Baltimore Co. Md. wanted to use his station for a couple of scenes. He said no because they wanted the roadster moved. Finally he told them "buy me another rear and I will move it". They did, he moved it and some filming was done. I watched that movie pretty good a couple of times, I'm not sure those scenes ever made it in. Gene.
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  14. Chilton County Alabama 1680052897899chilton.jpg
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  15. Lamar County Alabama 1680052731328Lamarco.jpg
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  16. Phillips
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  17. Dagnabbit, would somebody, I say would somebody please save that Caddy ( rescue that is).
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  18. If this thread were started a few years earlier someone could have spotted my fairlane down in alabama in its barn.
  19. This one, unfortunately, is no longer with us. I got this for free back in 1984 when I bought my 38 club coupe. It sat in this spot at my parent's house for over 10 years before letting my dad sell it for scrap.

    Funny how I thought it was too far gone to fix... lol

  20. impala4speed
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    Sorry sir, but I disagree. I'm diggin' the "artistic shit".
  21. i dig it too, itd be nice if there were both pictures of the cars in full aswell as the artistically styled picture.
  22. in 1984 that car wasnt even 50 yet.
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  23. 1965 Buick Riviera w/optional 425/465 Wildcat engine.
    Special ordered car (2311 made) rarer that a Gran Sport.

    Bought new by Henry W. Wessinger. Heir to Henry Weinhard Brewery. (his great-grandfather). Purchased same year Wessinger inherited company. Parked here in 1979.

    0 1965 Buick Riviera 01.jpg

    0 1965 Buick Riviera 15.jpg

    0 1965 Buick Riviera 19gba.jpg

    0 1965 Buick Riviera 22afba.jpg

    0 1965 Buick Riviera 25.jpg

    0 1965 Buick Riviera 30a.jpg
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  24. Fabber McGee
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    Fabber McGee

    Looks like it found a new home. Congratulations.
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  25. I sent it down the road.
    Not my kind of car but it's being restored.

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