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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. xxmarcoxx
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  2. 40two
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  4. 40two
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  5. 40two
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  6. 40two
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  7. IMG950175.jpeg Resized_IMG_0173.jpeg Resized_590174133.jpeg
    A buddy of mine scooped up this lil gem a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    Big M Automotive, Williams, CA 2011 13655 (2018_01_21 21_05_00 UTC).jpg 13667 (2018_01_21 21_05_00 UTC).jpg 13671 (2018_01_21 21_05_00 UTC).jpg
  9. ^^^Are they visible from the I-5? I think I've seen a wrecking yard driving through Williams before.
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  10. This is the 32 5 window. Next to the open car.
    Oceanside yard.JPG
  11. want what's behind the Ford truck - Maverick Daddy - is that a 39 Ford ?
  12. Thanks for that, its already been pointed out.... please read all the posts!:) JW
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  13. uncle buck
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    uncle buck

    I see you said they are probably gone now so exactly how old are those pictures?
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  14. j hansen
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    j hansen

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  15. 40two
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    Jepp, J, i made the junkyard pics in July in Sweden, kyrko mosse near tingsryd. except the truck, i found it somewhere in Småland besides the road. a Scania Vabis from i think mid to late 50s.

    Cheers, Carsten
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  16. I took those photos around 1974 or so. Here is the lot today. Sort of a triangle lot. It is between Pacific Coast Highway and the railroad tracks. IMG_5841 (2).JPG There are still vehicles there, but none of the oldies I photographed.
  17. Another older shot. Picture 1202.jpg ...
  18. O
    Here's another old tin woodie. I passed this one a while back. It was on old rt. US -11. It was at a old Motel, that has turn into a used auto parts store. { junkyard} It was pretty rough. So it probably just got crushed. But ya can't save them all. SAD :( 1200.jpg 1196.jpg 1197.jpg 1198.jpg
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  19. greener200
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    While getting hay with the ol man today ,the farmer told us about a truck down the road they just pulled out .Its a 41 but it must be a 3/4 or 1 ton picup because the headlights are outside the fender . Baby is paper thin in some spots 20190929_174913.jpg

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  20. Must have been stored indoors somewhere to look as solid as that.
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  21. IL*66
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    Here's a cool discovery I made the other day while driving down random country roads in east-central Illinois. IMG_20190926_1.jpg

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  22. BJR
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    Now how did they do that? Crane? :eek: I have heard of cars falling through the barn floor, but never up through the roof!:D
  23. Chuck Norris put it up there and dares you to try to take it down!
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  24. KRB52
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    from Conneticut

    "Ran when parked..."
  25. Latigo
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    Just begs the question, WHY!”
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  26. ... got lost in a snowstorm :D...
  27. Bigbangtheory
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    from ohio

  28. For the chickens.
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  29. Packard porn......X3.......if you can see.........stretch..... 20190921_180445.jpg
  30. And if you can believe he has the ambulance market cornered also........ 20190921_180654.jpg

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