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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Why? It would be more trouble than its worth. Pickup chassis for those trucks aren't that hard to find. They made a billion of em'.
  2. low budget
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    low budget
    from Central Ky

    Why not? Not necessarily talking about just this truck but any big truck, using what you have , just because you can, etc. etc. A lot of builds change axles, sub frame , etc anyway. I know these frames are usually bigger but just saying one could....if you are gonna start with a pickup frame why not start with the whole pickup truck?
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  3. Slow down
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    Slow down

    [​IMG]checked engine number today it’s a 270 It’s a shame I’m in the middle of nowhere, no one wants it around here, and shipping up here is huge

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  4. as a general rule a big truck cab is usually in a lot better cond and more likely to be rust free than a pickup. I have a AD GMC big truck in my hoard the bumper and front portion of the frame will weigh more than a entire pickup frame. the grille and fenders are larger. Its common to mount a AD cab on a s10 frame and get a better suspension much easier than trying to use a big truck frame.
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  5. low budget
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    low budget
    from Central Ky

    Yeah, I knew about the fenders and stuff....and knew the frame would be bigger on most maybe.......I had a opportunity to try and buy a 36 international harvester dump truck years ago, and thought about doing that but the old cab and stuff was really just too rusty. It was like this one only it was sitting in the woods and in pretty rough shape.
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  6. Not a V8-60 car. The 85 mounts sit on top of the crossmember, the 60 mounts are on ears that extend back behind the crossmember. Somebody had a late flathead in that '40 and welded up risers to support the late flathead mounts.
  7. Thanks for that, always good to learn new stuff.:) JW
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  8. BSL409
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  9. Deuces
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    Those^^^^^still have air in the tires......
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  10. Olds Tinman
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    Olds Tinman
    from W.N.Y

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  11. dartracer
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    5862B196-1662-436E-B593-60FEFCA18924.jpeg 5862B196-1662-436E-B593-60FEFCA18924.jpeg 1F1FBABE-4578-4B81-BE41-AAB27FB0EB56.jpeg 5862B196-1662-436E-B593-60FEFCA18924.jpeg 1F1FBABE-4578-4B81-BE41-AAB27FB0EB56.jpeg 71DDDF50-1099-41C6-BABF-01301812A009.jpeg CD34934F-42E2-4F63-AC35-FBC127DF6EBA.jpeg D6EFA06D-84F9-4515-8BB5-9D95438A3796.jpeg Couple I ran across in Utah.
  12. [​IMG]

    Are those a new style of louver? Awful small ones....;)
  13. Torkwrench
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    Although the wood framing is rotted, the sheet metal looks good. Hope that the local "R*T R*D" guys didn't buy it.
  14. Torkwrench
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    Too bad that you're so far away. I just bought a 302 short block and am looking for 270 / 302 parts.

    Harmonic balancer, water pump, stick flywheel, etc.
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  15. Another drive by( through the window sighting.) Looks like an old Caddy ambulance? 20181211_063033.jpeg

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  17. Ford School Bus, probably '48-'52 1948 Ford School bus rotting 1.JPG 1948 Ford Schoolbus rotting 2.jpeg
  18. My good friend Jerry Bowers, built this one. It was in the same condition. I posted this to show that you can save, and Hot Rod about anything. {IT'S BEEN ALOT OF FUN!!} Ron....... 20171020_143453.jpg 20171020_145732.jpg 20170818_081616.jpg
  19. lewk
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    from Mt

    5DC707BC-19A7-4964-8C53-8C9DAC73A8DD.jpeg CFC0B61F-38F9-4DC3-8AB8-1E868A65A2AC.jpeg D2ED0CC8-D640-4628-BB23-67077618B65D.jpeg 9E4CDAA8-CD22-4BBA-9AF8-CE95E1975070.jpeg 065CD5AC-66C4-4C18-A42A-004E1F90CAEC.jpeg B4864E05-8622-48F7-A308-BF11A69B9DC1.jpeg 98FB4CE6-DAD6-42BD-B87D-B8F55E5BA46D.jpeg ‘35 Ford log truck with a Merc motor.
  20. Rusty Heaps
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    Rusty Heaps

    Those may be owned by . I've passed by there several times. Approximately 10 years ago I stopped and talked to an elderly gentleman who owned them and would sell. I believe he passed away and now the aforementioned sells parts online
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  21. Dyce
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    This has been rotting away in outside storage for a very long time.

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  22. Thats enough for me to think of things that are illegal. But I have the willpower to resist....:(
  23. 1961 Cadillac Miller Meteor (M&M) I believe. The Ghostbuster guys could use a few parts for their 1959s. Here in Lubbock Tx one fellow changed quarter panels and front clip to make a 1959 out of his 1960. Turned out pretty good.
  24. This old Ford truck, or what's left of it is sitting and rotting in a cow pasture. 20190817_174036.jpeg

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  25. Chrisbcritter
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    '61 hearse all right; I really like those single taillights. Might look good on a '52-'56 Ford...
  26. Maverick Daddy
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    Maverick Daddy

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  27. Hamtown Al
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    Hamtown Al
    Member Emeritus
    1. Virginia HAMB(ers)

    Took pictures of this prize today.
    IMG_5087.JPG IMG_5088.JPG I looked at it in the past. It has a Mercruiser 6 in it.:eek: Note split exhaust out the side.;):D

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