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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Porkshop.I think I saw them on the site Barn finds. Bruce.
  2. triman62
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  3. porkshop
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    from Clovis Ca

  4. Latigo
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    image.jpg image.jpg I frequently walk by these two rigs just down the road. Finally remembered to take my phone with me for a picture. The truck is a Chevy and that's a Dodge 3 window hiding in the trees.
  5. scotts52
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    ^^Wouldn't mind having that Dodge^^
  6. Barn Hunter
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    Barn Hunter

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  8. James426
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    Not in a field or a barn, but right in the driveway of a house about a mile from me. Asked about it and was told I could have it for $7,500 with title. I thought it was just a shell, and thought it was a decent deal and said yes. Then he started pulling all of the parts out of the rafters above the garage. The convertible top, interior, rechromed bumpers and grille, doors, glass, hood, decklid, windshield and frame, everything but the engine and trans. He even gave me a couple of pics of when he first got it 35 plus years ago. It was still wearing the same Keystone mags from the 1980's photos. Pretty cool

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  9. Yes folks are very fond of telling other folks what they ought to do. I get a lot of that unsoliticed sort of advice. The fact is the only person who has the right to decide what ought to be done with anything is the person who actually owns the item in question.
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  10. gonmad
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    Now I might be reading some comments wrong, but I’m Not sure why several of y’all got your panties in a wad over my comment?? Heck all I said was what 90% of us have heard from people when we ask if something is for sale that is “sitting and rotting”. I never said ANYTHING about judging them on it or not having that “right” to do what they want with it. Heck it’s theirs to do with what they want.
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  11. WOW!!!:eek: James that's a dream find! The price, the condition, the car, a { C1 -VETTE . } But the best thing for me is. I wouldn't feel bad about making a mean cool, Street & Drag Hot Rod with Her. Sorry, I building it in my head, and I cant stop! ha ha. I'm seeing a SBC blown with a straight axle, pie crust slicks on Keystones etc. etc. etc. lol ;) Seriously just make it yours. But keep us posted. CONGRATS!!!:) Ron....
  12. just suck!
  13. bowie
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    James426 : Man what a score! Congrats.
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  14. Dang! even my dreams aren't that good. :)

  15. All of the ones that Ron Funkhouser posted are amazing finds, but I'd really like to get my hands on that '38 Ford panel!
  16. Ron ,...thanks fer those pics, I like em all specially the 36 Chev p.u.
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  17. rudestude
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    This one is up setting for me ... mainly because it is my own brother.......he bought the car some 20 years ago was the family second car then he started using it to kind of advertise for his business, a 50's style ice cream shop and his antique business, then things got busy day brakes went out car was heading down his drive way in reverse with his utility trailer behind it jack knifed banged up the quarter panel...then one by one his new Coker wide whites started coming apart to busy for repairs I guess so it was parked.....under trees ...widows partly open...then he had to move across town and I went to help and found the old faithful Buick looking like gets crazy some times and you got to do what you got to do to survive and some things get shoved aside..... I no I have had some shit going on in my life lately that I'm dealing with.....but I haven't let this happen.... I'm working on getting a guy that's going to help get the Buick back into shape again soon....hang in there little brother....[​IMG] before then now[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. I vote fix the Buick!!!! Bruce. 002.JPG
  19. rudestude
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    It's getting worked on...thanks for the vote Bruce!... I like the brother bought one not to long after he got the 4dr. He ended up giving to me was red / white solid car I started working it over put a duel four intake on it dropped the nose a bit was setting it up to tow a 1939 ChrisCraft I was restoring got out of the boat deal and sold the wagon before I got it finished brother did get the Buick cleaned up a bit and used it in his daughter's wedding a couple months ago it's going to get the body work done and the mechanicals in order then fresh paint...he has been bombing around the red Chevy for now.....

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  20. rudestude
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    This is one I showed years back..."The Panty Dropper" I hear it's sitting and rotting now....[​IMG][​IMG]

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  21. rudestude
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    I found this one in my home town sitting and rotting...bought it found out it was sold from the Chevy garage in town to a guy that lived there also the car still had the dealer installed seat covers on it used it for my work car for awhile then traded it for a 48 Austin I was 19 at the time...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]my second car I owned when I was 16 was a 48 Buick 2dr. Torpedo body had the factory twin carbed straight eight

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  22. My post wasn't directly aimed at you. And I certainly don't give what others think or do free rent in my head. I simply enjoy collecting and letting them set and rot. Its like this I buy that stuff because I like it. And if someone else wants to buy something from Me they need to have a large enough wad of money that I would like better. Its a private collection and I can enjoy it without doing anything to or with it. There was a post here about a guy that wanted to buy a cyl head and tried to lowball the seller. and the sellers son hit it with a sledge and broke it into. And them stated it could be bought for the lowball price. Well a guy called and wanted a 55 chevy 235 head with a certain casting number. I had one on a engine in a 55. I told him $75 and I would only guarantee that it wasn't cracked. He said get it off consider it sold. Well I took it off and He came a few days later. And Right away he started nitpicking and that it needed valves and guides and stuff. And he could only pay $50. And I was thinking about the story. and there was a short piece of 90 pound rail road track laying close. So I put one end on the rail and smacked it right in the center with a sledge hammer. And then I said it now a $50 head. The look on the guys face was just the icing on the cake. He was red faced and mad. But did not say a word just went to his truck and drove off. Every time I see that piece of rail I smile.
  23. rudestude
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    I just ....well first off what a guy does with his own stuff is his business and nobody else's if someone wants to collect stuff and appreciate it for him self and destroy it if he pleases to prove a point???in his own mind maybe and if it makes you feel good about yourself then go for it...what's your thing ....who wins ...of course the person telling the story about how he fixed that guy ya I destroyed my own stuff to show him's your right the stuff was just sitting going to waste any way.. I know a guy that does this been friends for years he goes to swap meets sells hub caps he is always telling the story about the guy that was wanting to buy a hub cap ask how much he told him a price guy offers a lower price he lays the cap on the ground stomp's on it then says OK now it's a ,what ever the guy offered, price...guy walks off with out cap goes gets one some place else life goes on friend has a cap now worth nothing....but he has that story to tell and brag about so in his mind he wins....what? I don't really personally if I wanted to tell stories about my life's events I would feel better about stories of life's events where I wasn't being a ass .....that's my opinion goes on....but now I'm probably the ass in someone's next story... I don't care life goes on ...

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  24. RMR&C
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    from NW Montana

    I have a couple old farm trucks sitting and rotting.....they belonged to my dad and I drove them and rode with him as a kid. Great memories. I will never sell them for any price. Hope to get them going again in the future. So I respect a persons right to do WHATEVER they want to with THEIR vehicles.
    Don't really see any point in destroying stuff because of lowballers though......just tell them to get lost.
  25. RUDESTUDE.That was the 1st old car I bought when I moved here to East T . some 20 years ago.Guy had it sitting under his car port for years.I asked him to pour some gas down the carb ,which he did and she roared to life for about 30 seconds.That sealed the deal and I bought her. I had to replace all the rubber parts, carb and fuel pump from sitting and have the gas tank flushed out. otherwise she ran great with the straight 8 and auto trans. I repainted her a metallic green{she was already green} with a white top.It was a nice car.Sorry I don't have any pictures of her that was before I joined the H.A.M.B. Bruce.
  26. wvenfield
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    I guess this is sitting and rotted. It was left as a complete car. A friend found this in the middle of nowhere in the hills of WV. No roads anywhere close. It would be interesting to know the story. Obviously there had to have once been a road in the area. I believe a 58 Olds Convertible. A nice car to just leave and rot.

  27. treb11
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    Feller is Robert Earl Keen.

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  28. Fortunateson
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    The Chrysler badge is still visible on the grille shell. At first I thought it was a Whippet as well. Blow up image...
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  29. A good rule of thumb is to never argue with Keiser (31Dodger) about old'll lose every time
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