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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Schreibs
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  2. ratrodcentral
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    3-2015-29 41 olds 001.JPG Todays Find 1941 Oldsmobile.
    Bought this today. It has been sitting for years. I am going to part it out.
    Anybody need a straight 8?

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  3. hammered30
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    from west aus

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  5. BRAINS!
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    from Lee, NH

    Was helping my bro in law disassemble a barn today that he is reclaiming the lumber from and the guy has this sitting in front of his other building which is also on the verge of falling down. It's a dually with a flatty in it. My guess is 37 or 38? ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1427675483.874933.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1427675580.744677.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1427675620.833267.jpg
  6. looks more like a 48 to me. but i am ignorant.
  7. BRAINS!
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    from Lee, NH

    Right on. I was just guessing. I'll ask if it's for sale next time I'm there if anyone is interested. I spotted the radiator and a few other things sitting around. Guy is pretty old so I doubt he's actually gonna do anything with it
  8. mastergun1980
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    from Alva OK

    Looks like a 42-47.. you can see where the weird out of place fenders sit on the 40 41 lines
  9. Definitely not a 48 and I agree on 42-47. Hope you can get it. JW
  10. Cmac79
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  11. ^^^^ Cool pic, we need some words on this one !!JW:)
  12. 032915140922.jpg
    032915132449.jpg They are making this into a police car, as a sign for there restaraunt. Some people.
  13. ratrodcentral
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    4-2015-1 ice cream truck 001.JPG Todays find. Bought this 1954 Chevy ice cream truck without the V8 engine today. It was getting close when it was put outside temporary to do another project. Still sat there almost 20 years later.
    327, Mustang 2 front and Jag rear. All the outer panels and doors for the box are with it.
    I will be listing it for sale complete, just ice cream box box or without the box when I get it home in about a week.

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  14. windsurf88
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    A few from the junk yard, all returning to the earth.
    IMG_0813.JPG IMG_0815.JPG IMG_0817.JPG IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0823.JPG IMG_0833.JPG
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  15. No idea, what or where, but this would make a cool streetrod! img183.jpg
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  16. Looks like a WWII Canadian Chevrolet Gun Tractor- someone will want it!!!
  17. bajones238
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    from SC

  18. windsurf88
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    Yup, from last fall I hadn't been there in 8 years or so. Their pretty picked out at this point.
  19. chrisp
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    A 28 or 29 model A and a Euro 32 Ford behind rusting in peace in Oradour sur Glane, a village razed by the nazis where they slaughtered 645 civilians on june 10 1945
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  20. Agree on the barn truck being '42-'47. The one with the jail bar grille. Ford built the same truck all of those years. '42-'44 got the 81T or 99T engines, '45-'47 got the 59A engine (yes, they made a limited number of trucks for the civilian market during the war)--there is a '44 gasoline tanker in Cartersville. GA . Of course, engines could be and often were swapped out, so the serial number is only reliable way to tell the model year of a Jailbar.
  21. Those '41 Olds taillights would look good on just about any late '20s-early '30s coupe or roadster.
  22. 011915165308.jpg 040715124316.jpg 040715124356.jpg Been there for two years that I know of, $500. car for $3500.00 Been watchin Barrett Jackson I recon.
  23. KRB52
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    from Conneticut

    ^^^"I know what I got, blah, blah blah..." Actually, around my parts, that would be considered a pretty good price for a car in that condition; a bargain if it is running.
  24. The dark spots on the hood are rust holes. they match the floors and the lower rear body pretty well.
  25. chevy57dude
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    ^ That 1st gen 'Vette needs an intervention!
    And a straight axle, injected 301, Halibrands, Moon tank and heavy, heavy flake.
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  26. thCAUM6UPG.jpg sent to me in an e-mail
  27. 16442091-standard.jpg 16442092-standard.jpg Sent to me in an e-mail
  28. thCA08VXMM.jpg Another e-mail...
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