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Art & Inspiration Sitting and Rotting.............picture thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Royalshifter, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. My dad in the mid 80's rented out half of his shop because construction
    got slow. To a guy that made all the fiberglass kits for the bugs and I have seen stranger things than this one.
  2. wvenfield
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    They were quite popular in the 70's.
  3. 15220912_4X.jpg 15232302_2X.jpg 19975151_1X.jpg 22283980_2X.jpg 25099632_1X.jpg thCA7WND2D.jpg Some of the cars our county STOLE out of peoples yards, and deemed as Abandoned or trash.
  4. Slopok
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    As stated earlier that was pretty common in the 70's. There was also a kit to make them look like a 32 Ford. It was called the Vord and was actually pretty neat looking.
  5. [QUOTaverick Daddy, post: 10856070, member: 68361"] View attachment 2841294 View attachment 2841295 View attachment 2841296 View attachment 2841297 View attachment 2841298 View attachment 2841299 Some of the cars our county STOLE out of peoples yards, and deemed as Abandoned or trash.[/QUOTE]

    The county I grew up in if a car wasn't registered you would be given a ticket. So when it was time buy a house I moved to the next county over in the country with the farmers and they keep everthing and run the town. So I have never had a problem. Can't live by the yuppies they worry about other people's yards. All that vintage steel being crushed is really pissing me off:mad:
  6. Thats what happened here, and I've seen cars that still had body tools, and fresh parts in them. Shame, that one group can make rules for the other, but not vise versee. To quote a great man, "If you mind your own buisness, you won't have time to mind everyone else's" :)
  7. One sits down the road from my house!
  8. That's a bunch of worthless people you have on the county board.
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  9. Maverickdaddy, sounds like you need to get all the people of like minds in your area to mount a campaign to replace the politicians with more car friendly people.
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  10. This is before, and after, on a bike trail in Utah, called Bobslead, Look at what they used for a ramp! big.jpg IMG_2360-0.jpg Some people just don't get it!
  11. I think we took a wrong turn! :) abandoned_truck.jpg
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  12. 33 Fordor
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    33 Fordor
    from Missouri

    Got a pic of it? I've seen the '37 and '40 Ford looking ones before, but never the '32.
  13. 33 Fordor
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    33 Fordor
    from Missouri

    So I went Google searching for the 32 Volkswagen, and found this!!! WTF? 32 volkswagen 1.jpg 32 volkswagen.jpg
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  14. Angry Frenchman
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    Angry Frenchman

  15. clem
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    There are guys on here that could save that VW ! Seriously though, - who would do that to a VW ?
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  16. I believe there are those out there that would make the person(s) that did this to that 5W very sorry for there actions.
    Why did I have to see that:( JW
  17. Chrisbcritter
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  18. I will try to get you one, Give me some time.
  19. My eyes are getting a hammering today.:eek: JW
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  20. Some of these SHOULD be sitting and rotting....
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  21. Barn Hunter
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    Barn Hunter

  22. In Southern Manitoba- some of this is gone now. 100_2102.JPG 100_2112.JPG 100_2113.JPG 100_2114.JPG 100_2116.JPG 100_2117.JPG 100_2118.JPG
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  23. More Southern Manitoba 100_2121.JPG 100_2122.JPG 100_2123.JPG 100_2124.JPG 100_2125.JPG
  24. Southern Manitoba Tin! 100_2149.JPG 100_2150.JPG 100_2151.JPG 100_2152.JPG 100_2153.JPG
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  25. Vintage Tin Southern Manitoba Style! 100_2159.JPG 100_2160.JPG 100_2161.JPG 100_2167.JPG 100_2168.JPG 100_0910.JPG Sorry about the Firebird it slipped in by accident.

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  26. More Manitoba Tin 100_0445.JPG 100_0446.JPG 100_0447.JPG 100_0448.JPG 100_0449.JPG 100_0450.JPG

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  27. and more....... 100_0452.JPG 100_0453.JPG 100_0454.JPG 100_0455.JPG 100_0456.JPG 100_0457.JPG 100_0458.JPG

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  28. and more....................... 100_0461.JPG 100_0462.JPG 100_0463.JPG 100_0464.JPG 100_0465.JPG 100_0466.JPG

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