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Signal switch help

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by smokindave, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. smokindave
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    I am rewiring my 51 Poncho, and I am wanting to keep my stock turn signal switch, but this is my first go around with wiring up a switch like this. There are 6 wires in the switch and I am not exactly sure how which one is which. When I did an ohm test, I get 2 wires with resistance (when pushing down on the switch) and resistance in 2 of the top wires (when pushing up on the switch), I am just not sure which one of the two would go to the "left rear" wire in the bundle. Here are some pics

  2. F&J
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    I don't know and can't tell from the pic, if your car/switch ran the same rear filament for brake and signal. Some cars had a brake filament seperate from the rear signal'

    6 wires could be combined brake/sig

    so, with switch in middle, you should have 3 wires with continuity with each other. (brake IN, rt brake OUT, L brake OUT)

    when you turn the switch to rt , then you should have cont. on 3 wires (rt front OUT, rt rear OUT which should be one of the 3 wires in the brake test above, and signal flasher INput) Fronts also feed the dash indicator arrows.

    same for switch to L; 3 wires. 1 input, 2 out.
  3. d2_willys
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    from Kansas

    To expand on the above:

    When doing the switch middle test, make note of the three wires. Then when doing the L/R test, there will be another wire (aside from these) that will be for the flasher input. The two remaining wires are the front l/r signal wires.

    What I am trying to say is to note each wire as you do the tests.

    When doing the brake test, start in the middle position noting the 3 wires. Then using the same three wires, turn switch to LEFT and then go back to the three wires and see which two still have continuity. (The wire with NO contiuity will be the Left turn/brake signal wire) Then noting those two wires turn the switch to RIGHT and see which of the two wires has continuity with the left turn/brake signal wire. This will be the brake light feed wire. MAKE NOTE OF THIS WIRE! The other wire that has NO continuity is the RIGHT turn/brake signal wire.

    Now to the flasher wiring:

    Put switch in LEFT and measure the three remaining wires for continuity, noting the two that do. Now measure each of the two wires to left turn/brake signal wire till continuity is reached. This wire is the flasher input. The other wire that has continuity is the front left turn. The remaining wire is the RIGHT front turn signal.

    Sounds confusing but the main thing is to find the flasher and brake feeds. After that you will be able to wire till correct.

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