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Sid Chavers Bop-Top

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hb32, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I picked up a used Bop top this weekend for my car and need the installation instructions:confused: . I can figure out how it all goes together but, had some questions regarding the mounting tabs behind the doors as in height off the body for the top attach bolts. Also, curious about the big gap between the front of the wood header and windshield frame and lack of rubber seal. Guess they are suppose to come with a video and instructions. The top passed from the original owner through his friend and then I aquired it:D :D :D . The original decided to lean the windshield back, the next decided to go with chopped original bows and I was lucky to get it very reasonably priced. Any help greatly appreciated:eek: . Thanks, HB32
  2. i've installed a bop-top and the written instructions were kinda poor , but the video that came with it was ok.

    the most important part that it has to be fitted to the car..each car is a liitle diferrent in windsheild post angle , windshield height , distance from the top of windsheild to the mounting tabs , some parts come extra long to trim...the header being one of them
  3. Loosely placed on the car it looks pretty good and the only thing that I will have to do is relocate the mouning tabs back about 1 1/2 inches or so. I had another top fitted and by the time I aquired and had the material fitted, the Bop Top was cheaper by a longshot. Does the top of your windshield frame butt up against the the edge of the header or is there some sort of seal there? HB32
  4. Anybody else using one on their car... am I the only one??

  5. Dirty2
    Joined: Jun 13, 2004
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    Dirty31 bought 1 at a swap meet and called Sid . He was pretty much a jerk. Dirty31 has it almost figured it out.
  6. are you sure you have the right top for your car? it's available for several windshield types and also stock hieght or chopped windsheild.

    you shouldn't have to relocate the body tabs . it sounds like you may need to shortern the upper side tubes and pull the top material over the header and reattach. the come with the top material unattached to the header and must be trimmed to fit. you must fit the top to the car , and if it had been on another car , i can see that it would be a problem fitting it to a different one.

    i think relocating the tabs back 1-1/2" wpuld put the top back too far behind the cockpit.

    the header goes right on top of the windsheikd frame with no seal

    you should get the instructions and video

    do you have pictures you can post?
  7. jaysberman
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    ON mine I had to mount the top on the tabs and then cut the front tubes to length. The header bar on mine sits on top of the window frame. There is enough over hang that I do not get wet driving in a pouring rain.
  8. I have no guarantee that the tabs are in the right position now as I have never been able to get a exact measurement for location. Also, with the Harwood body and it`s 2 inch longer doors it seems to add some confusion into the matter:confused: . After sizing it up, if I reposition the tabs to a dimension 2 1/2 inches aft of the dooor and move the windshield posts slightly more upright, everything should line up:D . Just curious if anyone has the instructions or video that came with theirs when they bought it. HB32
  9. oiler
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    why do ya care what the original instructions are?
    If you can move your tabs and make it work, thats all you need
    I figured the answers you got on Canadian Rodder were more than adequate
  10. OK, not to sound straight up IGNANT, but what is a Bop-Top? Is it a universal Carson style top?
  11. Expensive folding top for roadsters,,,fold up type and stick in the trunk,,,,,probably the reason I still don't have a top for mine,,,and I'm kinda cheap! HRP
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  12. Just looking for more opinions and covering all options. The info I got on Canadian Rodder was excellent and not trying to minimze, but the more advice I can get will weed out any inconsistencies. HB32
  13. Oh-Kay... I know what's going on now. I've seen these in the mags.

  14. $2,495.00 plus tax and shipping,,,,,:eek: HRP
  15. Great leaping catfish!!! That's a big chunck o'change. Too rich for me, plus I don't have a roadster.
  16. Mine was approximately half that, which worked out cheaper then putting fabric on the one I had. $2495.00 plus taxes and shipping was way out of my comfort zone and the wife would have made it uncomfortable also :eek: :eek: :(
  17. joeybsyc
    Joined: Nov 8, 2006
    Posts: 803

    from PA

    I'm kicking around buying one of these myself... They are indeed WAY expensive, but compared to all the other tops available for deuce roadsters, they just look the best. My question is about the body tabs... i see another manufacturer sells a thread-in thing that can be removed when the top isn't in use... I don't see these offered from Sid Chavers, and was wondering if they'd work with a bop top. Some pics of mounting setups would be great if anyone has one of these tops.

    BTW, if anyone has a used black one they'd like to sell, my e mail is
  18. gillgonzalez
    Joined: Oct 9, 2005
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    from San Diego

  19. I have one of these on my roadster. The video was good and in about 3 hours, an 18 pack and three guys we had it done. I know when you order one they want to know what body you are using and if the windshield is chopped. I probably still have my video around somewhere. PM me if you need it and I will try to find it and send it to you. I am not far from you if you live in Blaine WA.
  20. thewildturkey46
    Joined: Dec 4, 2005
    Posts: 746

    from Rice, MN

    I think I have my video in the shop I will let you know, you can have it if it is still there.It is a great top. No seal to the windshield frame, leaks very little in pouring rain. PM me if I can help any more, if I have the video I will PM you
  21. joeybsyc
    Joined: Nov 8, 2006
    Posts: 803

    from PA

    Those are OK too, but don't look as good as a Bop Top... less "curve" to the top of it, and the forward angle of the top (looking at the side) doesn't nail the "look" as well as a Sid Chavers... of course this is just my opinion...
  22. Thanks for the offer. I also had another HAMB`r offer his and have accepted but if something screws up I will pm you. hb32
  23. I agree with you joey, I also like the fact that the Bop Top doesn`t contact the body or have snaps on the body. I think that I have all the geometry figured out just need to find the time to get it done :eek: .
  24. I received the video this evening in my mail and can`t thank thewildturkey46 enough :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D . How did people build a car before the net??? Thanks, HB32
  25. joeybsyc
    Joined: Nov 8, 2006
    Posts: 803

    from PA

    hiboyroadsterboy let me borrow his video, (need to get it back to him soon) and agree with you, its amazing the amount of help and long distance knowledge you can gain through the internet...the video is pretty informative too, and doesn't look like too bad of a job, even for someone inexperienced with that sort of thing. I'm planning to order up a top from Sid within the next 2 weeks... if anyone has ever installed the tabs on their body and can post some pics or some advice, I'd love to hear from you... I'm thinking about buying the flush mount/removable ones that Time Machines sells, but have yet to see a good picture of what they actually comprise of and how they install. I'd like to be able to remove the tabs when the top is off for a clean look from a side profile.
  26. Hotrodstitcher
    Joined: Mar 16, 2010
    Posts: 27


    Hey guys Sid here, I know this is an old thread but I just want to let you guys know I'd be glad to anwser any question you have on our tops or upholstery. Call anytime...408 980-9081...Sid
  27. xlt
    Joined: Mar 15, 2010
    Posts: 18


    I know this is an old thread but I had a question about my Bop Top and called Sid for advice. Could not of been more helpful, gave advice over the phone and also offered to look at it in person if I came by the shop. Nice man to do business with, just thought I would add my 2 cents.
  28. HotRodderDaughter
    Joined: Oct 21, 2011
    Posts: 108

    from San Diego

    If you ever have any questions reguarding a top, Sid would be more than happy to help. His number is 408-980-1478. Also, if you need the directions or video, let me know and I can have them sent to you. Thanks! XO

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