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Projects Show me your trailers and modifications!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Boneyard51, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. I think Tex Smith and Hot Rod Mechanix magazine did a write up on that type of hauler. Intriguing idea.
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  2. Joe Blow
    Joined: Oct 29, 2016
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    Joe Blow

    Just a regular car hauler with a grain truck type tarp canopy. Weighs about 1500 lbs. and pulls like a dream. DSC_0536.JPG
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  3. dana barlow
    Joined: May 30, 2006
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    dana barlow
    from Miami Fla.
    1. Y-blocks

    I built my trailer out of stuff I could find back in late 1960's,for race car. WW2 temp runway ramping is main runners an other scrap steel,some "C" beam to make axle with cut Ford front spindles welded on ends of "C". Been racing for a lot of years. Some of them in the early 1980s, was parked at the race track next to racers who ran drugs with unlimted $$$$$$ to race with. This looked a little funny,my low buck rig ,10 year old station wagon pulling a home made trailer an home made late modal mod race car,right next to a tractor trailer loaded with brand new race cars from Howe Racing.
    The guy parked next to me most often was a nice guy,had $$$$$$ to burn from his drug running an loved. to show off what ever new thing he just got. Like gold plated jack stands an other things. He really was like a kid in a candy store when it came to his race car an was having a ton of fun.
    Just as a joke one time,I told him I was going to get a hot dog,did he want one?,by the way don't steal any of the gold plated holes off my trailer,I have them all counted., Took him about a min.+ thinking about that,to get the joke. LOL both of us. 45.jpg 001.JPG
    This is what gold plating the hole centers looks like,LOL,, Still tow with my trailer,but mostly just hot rods now. I keep the holes high polished,in case you've never seen gold holes before !!!
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  4. Boneyard51
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    Hauled a race car many miles on a trailer just like that back in 1979! It was all we had, back then! Borrowed it off my cousin!

  5. We made aWe made a few trailers back in the day to finance the race cars, mobile home axles, recap car tires, minimal wiring. No surge brake or electric brake. But at $600 each we made some $$ on them. Almost everything was salvaged.
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  6. My brother raced with a guy that used an old lube rack for a trailer, welded axles right to the bottom, so it was technically a dolly.. this is what he told cops who stopped him. Ugly and WIDE... they were on the way to the track and had to take evasive action to avoid a line of stopped cars, took that thing between a telephone pole and the guide wire... must have cleared it by scant inches. It was cut up for scrap not long after... heavy and impossible to maneuver very easily.
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  7. pitalplace
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    I attached my ramps and can pull a bolt and the pipe slides out so the ramps can be removed. This is before paint and new floor. I also welded a receiver on the front for my winch.

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  8. Inked Monkey
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    Inked Monkey

    I have been looking for a vintage trailer to haul my RPU to events like the Hill Climb and Dirt Drags. Last year my father-in-law finds this. Story was it was built a LONG time ago to haul around a small homemade bulldozer. It was given to the township to scrap. Once I saw pictures, I had to have it. Check out the dual 36 Ford axles cut in half and welded in! All 4 spindles are there with the wide five wheels. Even came with a spare! I just bought some tires for it and plan to use the crap out of it behind my 52 gmc. Still need to give it a lube job, check bearings and wire some lights.Colorado here I come.






    Ramps fold down


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