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Shoebox pic request

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by evilkazeevil, May 30, 2011.

  1. I got a 49 Caddy too. I considered tge front bumper of it. It a rough four door but great parts car that I sont mind cutting up for whatever I may need from it. Thanks for the info. By the way that Bass Chevy is one of the most badass customs I've ever seen.
  2. RG49MERC
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  3. For me, THIS is the one they are all judged by.......


    Although, pulling off a coupe chop with posts takes even more talent....and I think Geeman's is one of the nicest.

    Slag Kustom on here did a killer one many years ago...

    Not Caddy, Chevy...


    I know of one with Caddys, but I don't have a pic.
  4. I know that car. Not the one I was thinking of, however I think it is badass as well
  5. Maybe the Caddy on ewas like burnt orange actually. I know I seen one, just can't remember where it was. My girlfriends papaw is a long time hotrod builder around here. He told me he remembers seeind one years ago also, but don't know where or if he ever seen a pic of it. Gotta be a pic out there somewhere. If I don't find one oh well, I will mock it up and see how it looks.

  6. Dude, what happened to your ride? What caused the fire? Was it wrecked then burnt? I am assuming yes by the assend, unless that was one very hot fire. Sorry man, I can't imagine
  7. sdbcivic
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    from West Ga.

    :eek:you suck! jk.....i always liked the sedans better because i thought the top of the coupes were out of proportion to the body. i have to admit yours looks killer! the stance has a lot to do with it too. would love to see more of your car, curious about the suspension setup too!
  8. smarg
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    Coupes are way cooler than the sedans.

    Get your head checked. :D
  9. Brain is going 90 miles a minute on this build and I am still in't he parts gathering stage. Got to looking at it again today and started thinking about the 49 Caddy grill and front bumper with overrider. Kinda feelin that aproach a little. Anyone seen it done on a shoebox? I am dead set on a mixture of Caddy and Ford on this build. It will be powered by a 331 Caddy mill with lots of cool go fast parts, have custom Caddy dash, etc. I have both complete caddys to scavage parts from, the 55 and the 49. Let me get some input from you guys. This is going to be meant to be a sleek, shiny paint custom. Those 49 grills scream class. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some pics ip of both my 49 shorbox and the two Caddys. Also looking for dash suggestions. I have access to 37, 49, 55, 56, 57, & a bunch of 60's Caddy dashes, plus 39 & 40 Lasalle dashes. I really dig the 40 Lasalle a lot, bit not sure about gauges in that dash. Opinions? Input? My mind is on fire right now. I want to start thi build with a solid laid out plan....decissions, decissions!

  10. I used to always like the sedans better, but if the chop is just right, it has to be perfect, I think the coupes are where its at. My girlfriends grandpa, Edgar Nethercutt, cut this car and he is a great builder and the proportions are dead on. He actually cut it for anogher Hamber several years ago, and it was traded several times and an old guy I know ended up with it and stuck it in the back of a box truck where it has been quite a while. I finally convinced him to sell it to me.
  11. Hello, hello, there anybody in there...just nod if you can hear there anyone at home.... FOr real, somebody has to have some pics of shoeboxes with either 55 or 49 Caddy front end treatment........HELP!!!!!
  12. coop ED
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    coop ED

    I like Geeman's or Greg's coupe, nice chop and stance. I have seen the green one a few times, it was just at santa maria. Last I saw there was a flat black shoebox for sale a few years ago with the caddy dagmar's you are talking about. It was for sale in Cali I believe. Wish I had more for you. Good luck with your's.
  13. Chopp'd49
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    Didn't Rod and Custom do a story where there was a shoe with caddy dagmar's being fitted about three years ago?
  14. Chopd49, I see you are from WV. Ever get over around Huntington? If you ever need anything I got mad shoebox parts.
  15. Chopp'd49
    Joined: Feb 20, 2011
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    evilkazeevil - thanks man! lookin to sell to get into a model a roadster or coupe...

    I do need to pick up a 51 grille top bar and some other stuff.

    I believe that it was Street Rodder that did a tech article or had some shop scene's of a green 51 convert or hardtop that had dagmar cad bumpers... It was green and white with maybe buick sidetrim?
  16. I will do some looking for a 51 top bar and see what I got. I know I have a complete 51 grille, but I gotta find I just sold a super clean 31 model A Coupe, wish I woulda known you was lookin.
  17. slick a&t
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    slick a&t

    Here's a couple with the Cadillac dagmars.

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  18. Yeah, Rusk had pmed me a link to a pic of that car. I guess thats the same basic idea I invisioned but with completely different execution. I plan to mold the mody lime around the dagmars and sink them in about half way so they dont stick out so much and then roll the body out around them so that they look like they belong there. I also plan to shorten them a bit and maybe just a smooth straight bar between them, possibly part of an old Willys grill I have, for a more smooth less busy look
  19. Jalopy Joker
    Joined: Sep 3, 2006
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    Jalopy Joker

    wow, '51 with Caddy stuff looks like you would need a stronger front suspension to hold frontend up-yep, evilkazeevil your major work planned to make proportions look right sounds much better. I found that a '51 plymouth grill sets in '51 Ford opening real good, but cross bars bend too deep and limits radiator room. so, likely end up with '54 or so Buick grill.
  20. Maybe you could rework the cross bars???? Not real familiar with the design on them Plymouths so not real sure. I also like the look of tge 50 Chrysler grill which looks a lot like a 49 Caddy grill. The thing about that black car is that it looks To me Cadillac means classy, which is the look I am going for. When this car is done it'll be a gift for my lady and not being classy is not an option.
  21. [​IMG]

    This has to be the most clean use of Cadillac dagmars I have ever seen. Used here on a modified 49 Cadillac with parts of the stock 49 Cadillac grill. Dont know much about the car or the builder, just found the pics on google.
  22. Here is few of mine. It's 18 years old now but still a great and reliable car.Geeman knows this car well. I can't wait to park them both beside each other some day. TBJ

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  23. I am at a huge public pool full of young women in bikinis and thats tne sweetest thing I've seen all day!
  24. Royalshifter
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    from California

    TBJ your shoebox always kicks my ass....period perfect.
  25. Shoeze sets the bar. Both John and the car were a HUGE influence while putting it together.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2011
  26. Hey Greg how's the truck coming. Just about to put the 35 on the road...
  27. Rags To Richs
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    Rags To Richs


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  28. Should be interesting if your going the complete sled. At least your not going stock bodied with a chop.

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