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Projects Shed find 51 Suburban

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tetanusshot, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Thanks guys, if you ended up with Suburban specific spare parts let me know. Looking for some interior window garnish mouldings and debating original seats or not.

    Progress has been painfully slow on my end. I am keeping it at a friend's shop 30 miles away. He'll be doing some heavy lifting on the project so things will kick into gear soon enough! My current task is teardown. The problem is the "custom" interior that's in it and held in by no less than 2000 screws. Maybe 2,000,000. Dunno.
  2. A few updated pics. My buddy Albro finished the inferior/interior demolition. Fresh battery, a little squirt of Marvel Mystery Oil to soak the cylinders and the old yet-to-be-determined small block Chevy ran again today for the first time in who knows how long. That's good. The bad? Major cowl and floor rust.


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  3. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1389909268.437544.jpg

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  4. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1389909300.564960.jpg

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  5. Whoa


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  6. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
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    TV antenna, my old Dodge conversion van had a twin to that one.

    Not a bad looking burb Tetnussshot. Some of the usual rust in the usual AD truck spots but that isn't that hard of a fix.
  7. Mr48chev
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    I do have the inside window moldings stashed away from a burb that i drug home years ago that basically fell apart as we hauled it home. I think I have most of the sheet metal for the window openings too as i was going to use some of it on a project and didn't if you have a piece hacked up. I'd be in for an interesting trade if you need any of it.
  8. Yes sir! Send me a pm- Thanks!

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  9. The motor is apparently fine! Need a rebuild on the carb, new oil pan. We have decided to pull the motor for freshening and better access to the cowl and lower firewall which need major work.

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  10. motoandy
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    from MB, SC

    There is a silver lining under it all!!!! Looks like you have an opportunity to get some needed parts as well. Love the HAMB and the relationships it creates.
  11. volvobrynk
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    from Denmark

    Nice looking surburban!

    I've never seen a surburban IRL, does the come with two rows of seats? How do you acces the rear and does a rear seat fold flat with the floor?

    I hope to see some nice progress, because it's a beautiful car.

    Is the Jimmy version also a named suburban, or are they safaris or something else.
    Or is this just a proof of me being slow?
  12. Two rows of seats- the middle seat is offset to the driver's side and is a two passenger seat. The rear is full width and is a three passenger. Up front, there is a jump seat on the passenger side that allows access to the back. Looking for a pic to post. Anyone got one?
  13. I remember those things when they were new!!! Still love them..good luck. Tim
  14. is that a old tv antenna on top? whooa
  15. Yes it is. First thing to come off. Two bays down a guy has a r^t rod- that's where we put it! ;)
  16. Geargoyle Curtis
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    Geargoyle Curtis

    There was one of these panels that was parked next to an old gas station through my years as a kid. I dreamed of owning that thing for years. Probably around 12 years old, I took a notepad and coloring pens with me on one of our family vacations. I drew the panel multiple times, each time a different color. I still have the drawings and still want one of those panels.
  17. That is a cool ride I can't wait to get a ride in it Still like that wing Hope you let me know when you take it off.
  18. post one here Curtis! I drew a lot as a kid too.. Mostly Marvel Super heroes and WWII scenes.

    That wing is all yours. Free pick-a-part just for you. While your at it, remove the "custom"roll pan! :D
  19. Good thing you cant smell that thing on the HAMB. Between the stale gas and rat piss/shit it was BAD!!!
  20. ...smells like...Victory.

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  21. Here is a better look at the cowl and floor rot. This week I'll order new floor pans, rockers and front floor supports. Then inner, outer, and center cowl patch panels for both sides.

    Thinking of naming the truck Lazarus.

    Thanks to MotoAndy for the engine stand he is letting us borrow!


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  22. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1390865906.289533.jpg

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  23. holy shit man that's intense, must've cost a fortune.

    about the earlier mention of the spray painted grille, it actually DOES preserve the chrome beautifully. I restore vintage bicycles, and one time one came in with red spray painted wheels. I gently removed the paint, revealing BEAUTIFUL chrome. it looked factory fresh.

    so hit that grille with some paint thinner and fine steel wool. you may be surprised by what you find.
  24. Thanks for the tip. Upon further inspection, the grille will work for a patina'd ride. Don't know the direction of the build yet other than fixing all this darn rot. Originally I was wanting to run it bare steel, but I live 50 feet from saltwater and wisdom has prevailed

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  25. You didnt mention that a previous owner used liquid nails to install the custom OSB floor boards.:eek:
  26. Jim, Spoke with previous owner yesterday and gave him an update + he is looking for some more parts. But told him to hold the tubes of liquid nails. ;) Albro originally wanted to remove the body but all three layers of cowl are rotted on both sides + floor so it's a full front floor replacement + cowls before that can happen. She'd fold up like a tent otherwise! This is by far the worst turd I've ever bought.
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  27. haha yeah bare metal near salt water is never a good idea, unless you clearcoat it. but still I wouldn't take that chance anyway.

    anyway good luck cutting out the rot and removing the gayness, it's gonna be a great ride no matter what you do with it

    (except putting house speakers, wings, and a limo antenna on it):D
  28. Wait, that's not traditional? :D
  29. Project update- the motor/trans has been pulled. The motor appears to be a 70s 305. Unless the motor fairies drop a 283 or 327 in my lap I think I'll stay with this good running little sbc and bolt a few goodies to it.

    The floor patch panels came in and the cowl panels are on order next week. Let the rust busting begin.


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  30. lower cowls for both sides are in as well as both rockers. Floors are next. Still chasing parts while my buddy gets the bloody knuckles. Hopefully I'll get some hands on soon!


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